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  • 11.08.2019
  • by Grodal

Swedish Match - Our company

Swedish Match Snus History

Swedish Match is a Swedish tobacco company that manufactures and sells snus image 1 , moist snuff, cigars, chewing tobacco and matches. The company used to sell cigarettes, but decided in to divest its cigarette business to Austria Tabak. Swedish Match's markets for snus, its main product, are Sweden, Norway and the United States US , although the company aspires to become the "global smokefree leader". In Sweden and Norway, the company has been gradually losing market share following the entry of transnational tobacco companies on the Scandinavian snus market. The company's key snus brands are: [8]. Similar to cigarettes, snus brands are available in different price segments, in particular premium and value price categories.

This product aroused great interest and won its first medal.

Swedish Match develops, manufactures, and sells quality products with market- leading brands in the product segments Snus and moist snuff, Other tobacco products and Lights. Making strides toward our vision. CEO comment. In the town of Tidaholm, Swedish Match produces million matches each day. Two per Creating fire has always been crucial to the survival of mankind. It all starts with a tobacco seed. This is the beginning of a process that has been perfected over almost two centuries. Swedish Match unites traditional know-how .

The new safety matches were manufactured in parallel with phosphorus matches in the s and s. Production was still craftsman like. Inthe first automatic match producing machine was designed.

The man responsible for this was engineer Alexander Lagerman. In the s and s, technology developed quickly, and match production switched from handicraft to large-scale industry.

Of course, this success simply invited imitation. The result?

Swedish Match develops, manufactures, and sells quality products with market leading brands in the product segments Snus and moist snuff, Other tobacco. Officially, the cottage industry in match making is defined as any manual of the country however, and India began to import matches from Sweden and Japan. Swedish Match is a Swedish tobacco company that manufactures and sells . EU policy making, also exposed the murky lobbying practices of Swedish Match in.

New match factories. All in all, there have been at least of these factories in Sweden!


Most of them disappeared as quickly as they appeared, but there were enough of them, and gradually the competition became very strong, both on the Swedish and on the export markets. Over time, more and more companies joined forces with one of these groups, and the Swedish match industry was made up of two large blocks. Having a single major group made it easier for the company to resolve the problems in the industry. The biggest problem of all was the shortage of raw materials that prevailed during the First World War.

To ensure that the group was better prepared in the future, it took over a number of industries linked with the manufacture of matches: paper industries, forest and timber industries, print works, mechanical industries, etc.

This formed the foundation for the STAB group. In andErsmark and a colleague directly responded to consumer questions about Swedish Match products and snus use in general. Over a period of eight months, the duo responded to 31 consumer questions, started one thread themselves, and in total posted 56 messages.

Swedish Match AB is a Swedish company based in Stockholm that makes snus, moist snuff, During , STAB's share of the world's matchmaking fell to 20 percent. When the match market declined sharply in the s, STAB looked for .

In addition to being directly active on social media, Swedish Match have engaged in 'influencer marketing' in which the marketing occurs indirectly through key influencers online. Some bloggers received regular free snus samples from Swedish Match and then reviewed the products online, including British blogger Tim Haigh.

Haigh and Swedish Match later became involved in a controversy which saw researchers from the University of Bath receive verbal abuse over a peer-reviewed article which highlighted that snus was being sold illegally across the EU via the Internet, contravening three EU Directives and Swedish national legislation. In Decemberthe Norwegian Parliament approved plain packaging legislation on cigarettes and snus.

Swedish Match sought an injunction from the Oslo County Court to delay the legislation, arguing that the Norwegian government was in breach of the free European Economic Area EEA trade rules and that the intervention plain packaging of snus boxes was not in proportion to the health risks associated with snus. In November the court rejected the Swedish Match claims, ruling that plain packaging was "an evidence-based and internationally recommended measure" adding that it was "a legitimate measure in line with the EEA Agreement".

Insales of snus were banned in Europefollowing an aggressive attempt by the US Smokeless Tobacco Company to introduce smokeless tobacco to several European markets in the mids.

The snus ban severely limits the growth potential of Swedish Match in Europe, and the company has been attempting to lift the snus ban in the last decade using multiple tactics. The two main platforms of the company's opposition to the snus ban are free trade and harm reduction.

History of matches

In a submission to the public consultation that was part of the TPD review, Swedish match claimed that banning snus "denies million smokers in the EU access to a traditional and non-combustible tobacco alternative to their cigarette".

The scandal, besides raising questions about the transparency around EU policy making, also exposed the murky lobbying practices of Swedish Match in its attempts to have the snus ban lifted.

Evidence showed that the company had inappropriately sought access to Dalli in his private sphere in Malta via Gayle Kimberley, a Maltese lobbyist not registered at the EU Transparency Register. In the aftermath of the scandal, Swedish Match publicly lied at several occasions suggesting that Kimberley had met Dalli TWICE, the first time in January and the second time in February when the alleged bribery attempt had supposedly been made.

However, when Hildingsson shared this version of events with the media, Swedish Match had already been informed by OLAF that Kimberley had lied about her presence on this supposed second meeting. That's not a lie". OLAF has denied allegations that it asked Swedish Match to skew the evidence and the Commission has indicated that it will not pursue this any further.

Swedish match making

The case was referred to the European Court of Justice. In its legal challenge, the tobacco company has been supported by the New Nicotine Alliance UK NNAwho requested the Court to make its own submission to provide a "customer perspective on the ban and on the benefits that will follow if the ban is lifted".

Welcome to Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking and Relationship coaching. the ' Match King', headquartered Swedish Match, making matches (in a box). You are . We make Swedish snus from selected tobacco varieties, aroma substances, salts , water and humectants. All ingredients are approved for use in food and. The ability to make fire has always been vital to human life. Yet it was not until the 19th century that the cheap safety match was invented, and a flame could.

Swedish Match also claims a "close relationship between industry and government" in Sweden. A news article in Tobacco Control pointed to Swedish Match as an example of tobacco industry philanthropy, where positive publicity was generated with little upfront community investment.

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