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Main -> Dating -> Lee Jong Suk & Nara's label firmly denies dating rumors . allkpop
  • 27.03.2019
  • by Kajimi

Lee Jong Suk & Nara's label firmly denies dating rumors . allkpop

KPOP Idol secretly dating

Thread IU is considering dating Hermes1. Thread by: Hermes1 , Mar 8, , 1 replies, in forum: The Lounge. Thread Miyoo and Babysoul are dating? Thread by: Hermes1 , Sep 17, , 0 replies, in forum: The Lounge. Thread Another "Dating Scandal"

Thread Miyoo and Babysoul are dating? Thread by: Hermes1Sep 17,0 replies, in forum: The Lounge.

Allkpop dating rumors

Thread Another "Dating Scandal" Thread [Rumor] Black Pink is dating. Thread by: Hermes1May 21,26 replies, in forum: Celebrity Gossip. Thread Is G-Dragon hitting on me???

Thread Hyomin mourns for her virginity. Thread by: Hermes1Jan 5,4 replies, in forum: Celebrity Gossip.

Another dating rumor that's no ones business. Anyone should be able to conduct their personal lives as they see fit without it being spammed. Okay, so I know he's (probs but toally obviously) dating Jooyeon and everything Hyomin's side denies dating rumors involving media group head By elliefilet 6 . Rumors, scandals and more. Apparently JB is dating a JYP staff Sassy_Me, Sep 5, 2. Replies: Views: 35, bunsy: Today at AM. Frolicz.

Celinegirls Trainee. Aren't managers, staffs be together and ate with idols when they have personal schedules, activities?

On September 6th, MLD Entertainment released a statement regarding the recent rumors and photos of Momoland member JooE."We have. Momoland's Nancy updated fans on how she's been doing since dating rumors involving The Boyz' Q broke June 12, Momoland shared. Allkpop forum dating rumors. The point hes an account register now! View conversation middot Pichu Jul Twitter YouTube Instagram Tumblr Google Sitemap.

From this pictures, It doesn't look like a romantic relationship for me. I mean, lol, he has said that he likes older women, so But, I don't care.

Momoland's JooE has been wrapped up in dating rumors following the reveal of photos on online community sites. The photos show glimpses of a person rumored to be JooE linking arms with a tall man. There is also one other photo that shows a side view. One representative from A-Man curtly stated, "The dating rumors are false. As widely known, the two are simply close sunbae-hoobaes.". its possible that if two people are entangled in a dating rumour that is false they tend to start cashing feelings (not all tho but its possible) or.

They could be dating, and if they are, good for her, lmao. And him too, but mostly her, lol. But, yeah, the pictures could go either way.

Here're 6 Kpop Idol Couples That Fans Believed Secretly Dated Each Other In The Past

Sameera96 Trendsetter. Nothing seems romantic about those two. Its sad how even an elder lady is being subjected to dating scandals like this. Idk if it's true but don't look down on ahjummas lel.

Older women are wild in bed. Source: me.

So you'll telling me sasaeng's got mad becuse jb is dating an ugly ladie. Thread Did Hyuna and Edawn change dating scandals?

Thread Why does Red Velvet haven't got into dating "scandal" after all these years? Thread So, is there any video about Jihyo being lazy and not focus during past 7 months? Thread are you the ' approach first girl" or the "ima waiting for proposals girl"?

Thread by: lola11OAug 8,4 replies, in forum: The Lounge. Thread Just imagine


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