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Main -> Dating -> Did Ann bang Kamoshida? - Persona 5 Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs
  • 31.01.2019
  • by Nikonos

Did Ann bang Kamoshida? - Persona 5 Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs

Persona 5: Ann Takamaki (Lovers) Confidant Link 1-10

Ann Takamaki is a playable character from Persona 5. Ann has bright blue eyes and wavy platinum blonde hair styled in bushy pigtails, with parted side bangs on the right side of her face. She accessorizes with a single yellow hair clip above her left ear, as well as small circular earrings on both ears. Her winter school uniform is modified to fit her taste; the standard black blazer over a white varsity-like fullzip hooded sweatshirt, worn long to cover most of her short plaid skirt. Her sweatshirt has a red stripe between two blue stripes at the bottom, an S symbol near the front bottom on one side and a green four-leaf-clover symbol on the back of the hood. She wears red tights and brown boots with yellow laces.

Remember Me. When Suou Akira is arrested for a crime he didn't do and sent to Tokyo for probation, all he wants to do is live as quietly as possible and return to his family in Sumaru City. Of course, things don't work out the way he wants them to.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. What was Ann's relationship with Kamoshida? I know it wasn't sexual, she states so herself, but how far did it go? Did they kiss, or just go on dates, or was the. It makes the Kamoshida stuff seem way to plausible. . We also saw this with Ann's friend who is assaulted because she loses her starting spot on the team ( the Like everyone seems to know they're dating and no one cares about that??.

While palaces were a versatile way of understanding someone's psychology, there is nothing more revealing like having an intimate understanding of what someone thinks of others. For this purpose, cognitive beings populate palaces, but how much effect do they have on a palace ruler at large?

Sexual harassment in ‘Persona 5’ is a big problem — and we need to talk about it

After trying to do the right thing, Shiori Amamiya is charged with assault and forced to move to Tokyo for her probation and attend a new school. All she wants at first is to keep her head down, survive the year, and hope to put back together her ruined life. But visions of a blue room and a mysterious app appearing on her phone lead her to an alternate world where her new school is replaced by a castle ruled by a tyrannical teacher.

And when she's forced into a corner, a power awakens within her that can change everything. Now Shiori -- operating under the code name Joker -- must lead fellow outcasts to steal their teacher's distorted desires and free their school. After Akira and Ryuji get captured by knights in a strange Castle, Ryuji is raped and only Akira can help him overcome being raped. After what Kamoshida did to Shiho, Ann is determined to see him suffer.

In the "real world" of Persona 5, Kamoshida is physically abusive to his In Ann's case, her clone is dressed in a neon cheetah-print bikini and.

But she's not sure what sort of punishment to reserve for herself. Kamoshida is a piece of shit, as usual. Yuuki and Shiho are affected, as usual. The Phantom Thieves decide to fix shit, as usual. The cognitive world allowed a user to do many things. It allowed for one organization to be formed, which benefited off the suffering of others. They used mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns for the sake of their own selfish greed.

Kamoshida is described by Ryuji Sakamoto as a monster and by Ann . He also often asks Ann out for dates which she repeatedly refuses, but upon the second. Kamoshida, being the snake that he is, decides he's going to sexually abuse Shiho in an effort to get to Ann, his "true" prize since he can often. For Persona 5 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Questions regarding Ann and Kamoshida (Very early game.

Another organization also formed, using changes of heart to reform people, and had the goal of helping society. But… Amamiya Ren decided on one different course of action. This caused one of these organizations to never form. This one decision in his life ended up determining the fate of humanity as a whole. User Info: strangecity.

Ann dating kamoshida

I think she goes into detail later on when you rank up her confidence rating. If there is no god then there are no rules. User Info: Heartfang. Kamoshida flat out says that she refused him and he had Shiho take her place.

I thought I could romance everyone so I did Ann because she was the first I hit that .. of the game to let you date Kawakami after the whole Kamoshida incident . Kamoshida wanted to date Ann, Ann went along with it to get Shiho into the team, Kamoshida wanted to take it a step further, Ann rejected. —Ann Takamaki to Suguru Kamoshida, Persona 5 for dates, and she reluctantly makes appearances with him in order to protect her friend.

Common sense is just wisdom with its sleeves rolled up. User Info: ZaenKai. Heartfang posted This, I think was what happened. Although in the ENG version of Persona 5, it never said that Shiho was sexually molested by Kamoshida; there wasn't even so much of a hint or implication. I think I read somewhere that it was more explicitly stated in the JP version that Shiho was molested by Makoshida. For clarity: Mishima: "Suzui Are you leaving? Kamoshida's asking for you He's in the PE faculty office.

I don't know. I have to go.

[PS4] Persona 5 - Investigating Kamoshida / Ann's Awakening

Mishima explained Kamoshida's violent tendencies: Mishima: "Suzui She was called out by Mr. It wasn't just me or Suzui either. He'd nominate someone when he was in a bad mood, and hit them.

Who did you romance?

She didn't make any mistake or anything. Kamoshida seemed really irritated that day. So it must've been worse Verbally abusing students, physically abusing my team, and I am the reason why Shiho Suzui tried to kill herself. However, if you read between the lines a place where dialogue doesn't existthen it becomes clear that Kamoshida molested Shiho Suzui because he was rejected by Ann. Someone really was trying to cover up molestation in the game.

After Kamoshida says that he should kill himself because of what he's done, Ann says, "Don't run, you bastard! Shiho's still alive even after all the things that made her want to die!


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