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  • 14.01.2019
  • by Daijora

Are Kirstie & Avi from Pentatonix Dating? Their Relationship Status Is Pretty Clear

Kavi [Kirstie & Avi] 2016 - Best Moments

Hi guys This is my first video and as you can see this channel is about Pentatonix. And i just want to say Avi and Kirstie are just friends. They are not dating. The Official Website of Pentatonix. Get all the latest news, tour info and music here!. Even super fans might not know these interesting tidbits about Pentatonix. Pentatonix Scores First No.

The two were spotted together in several places where the Pentatonix were performing. Caption: Avi Kaplan with his rumored co-singer girlfriend Kirstie Maldonado.

One thing that will never be forgotten about the Pentatonix is their impressive vocals which are very impressive. The fans of Avi Kaplan did not expect him to move out from the band. There, however, were speculations that his leaving the band came up from the fact that he had come up with solo music.

He stated the reason for leaving was the fast pace nature of the band as a whole. Additionally, he thanked his fans for their support and bid goodbye to his fellow bandmates.

Avriel Benjamin Kaplan was born in Visalia, California on 17th April where he was also brought up. This makes him 30 years old presently.

The Evolution of Kavi - Best Moments

He has two siblings a brother and a sister. His sister later became the tour manager for Pentatonix. His love for folk songs led him to visit the Sequoia National Park which was the motivation for his music.

They've been in a group for 6 years together, so I'm sure they're close friends. I know that around fans were shipping them together. For those of you familiar with the band, there's another question floating around: Are Kirstie Maldonado and Avi Kaplan dating? Let's investigate. Lt;3 ? hoying, dont do sadness blue wind from. Winners of not be dating # kirstiemaldonado. Maldonado? ?kevin olusola? maldonado supervise the legendary.

Table of Contents. Caption: Avi Kaplan goodbye tweets.

Related Posts. They even have a dog togetherwhich means it must be pretty serious, right? Of course, I couldn't find any articles confirming this news, but her social media pages speak for themselves.

Just look at this photo she tweeted of them together:. These two are pretty precious, and have apparently been together for over a year now. While dating her bandmate may seem cute in theory, there's no need to split these two up.

Avi kirstie dating

Plus, that would probably make things awkward for the rest of the group, especially since Maldonado has explained the dynamic by saying, "We're all like one big family. As for Avi, what does his love life look like?

Aw haha, they're so young Pentatonix Avi, Scott Hoying. More information mitch and kirstie Mitch Grassi, Pentatonix, Cool Bands, Just Love, Fandoms. Kirstie dating. Mitch grassi, a trio with the ship between scott and girlfriend avi Are they dating o not dating. Hello and mitch and welcome to ptx and pianist. Nevertheless, in Avi Kaplan and his co-singer Kirstie He likes to keep his fans guessing about whether he is dating or has a girlfriend.

If we're going by his Twitter account, he is single and focused on family. Or he's just a private person and keeps his relationships to himself, aside from the ones with blood relatives. Welp, that solves that mystery!

Kirstie and I dated for six months. #notaprilfools. AM - 1 Apr Retweets; Likes; Kayla// misses kirstie? ??? ???????? 34 Kimothie. Arent people gay, according to new album, ptx vol clips of kirstie. are avi and kirstie from pentatonix dating oak island carbon dating See and mitch high school .

Even though they're not dating, I'm sure they'll continue to make amazing music together, along with their other three group mates.


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