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  • 01.01.2019
  • by Molkree

Finally finished the second BTS fanart series! - just my stuff

Bts Imagine Girlfriend Fanart

The photo is obviously from and older photo shoot, probably from the end of the last year, at least judging by their hair colors. It covers their rise to fame and career , including the power of ARMY. It also talks about K-Pop in general. You probably notice that i say article instead of interview as i believe all the quoted words from the boys are from older interviews. It is still a very good article though, so do read it and tell me what are your thoughts afterwards! BTS — a band made of seven guys who turned around our understanding of music, creativity and love.

Min Yoongior Sugaa pseudonym you probably know, is one of the members of BTSa K-POP group which you could not help but hear about unless you came to us from an alternative reality, where BTS does not exist — in this case we can understand your confusion. Since their debutfrom which only five years have passed, when they were just gentle teenagers, they have become guys who gradually conquer the world.

Over the past few years, they have performed in 16 different countries. More than 11 million people subscribed to their YouTube channel. And in their tweets were liked and retweeted so many times that their account had more engagements than the accounts of Donald Trump and Justin Bieber!

This would have been impressive even for young musicians from Los Angeles or Liverpool. But for BTSit is even more so, as they managed to get through all this obstacles that stood in the way of their global success.

Finally finished the second BTS fanart series! Here's BTS with girlfriend aaaannnd um a couch. Hope you all enjoy it as much as the. J-hope, Bangtan Boys. BTS often refers to A.R.M.Y as their “girlfriend”, but daydreaming fans can't help but wonder what it would be like to really date the members. The Boys Talk Fame, Dating and Their Decision to Speak Themselves! BTS shines bright on the cover of the December issue of Elle Girl Russia. In the .. Beautiful fanart #suga #btsfanart #yoongi #bts #minyoongi #fanart #.

They sing in Korean, a foreign language to all of their international fans. Despite the fact that BTS, like many K-pop bands, are inspired by American rap, they retain their identity and do not chase texts full of aggressive sexuality and self-praise. Their collaboration still turned out cool, without a single hint of something rude or frivolous.

They once again reminded all of us how important it is to move forward, not to sit still, and not to doubt yourself, even if someone is trying to lead you astray. These kids sing about love and openly say that it is necessary to go beyond the limits imposed on us by society, parents and teachers.

The ARMY members are streaming music, filling stadiums, tweeting and retweeting videos, memes, gifs, emojis and love messages. They also share backstage videosvlogs and clips from rehearsals which is one more thing that attracts fans madly. They rehearse a lot, barely have time to sleep. We are under pressure, but it is our choice. I think it makes us really special. K-POP is a musical hybrid, full of synthesizer sounds, incendiary rhythms and eclectic dances, hip-hop, rap and dubstep.

All songs are polished, but the visual part is as important as the auditory: energetic choreography, colorful videos, stylized music costumes and images of young performers. There are strict formulas and rules in the manuals of such agencies that the K-POP groups need to follow.

However, until a certain point, such tricks still did not work. The English market was closed to them. Inwhen Korean rapper Psy became worldwide popular with Gangnam Style this song was the first to overcome 1 billion views on YouTubethe producers of the K-POP groups thought that the right moment finally came. But it was still early. Previously, local music groups that appeared on the world stage had to rewrite their hits into English.

They were listened to by a certain audience. But they won world fame only when they rewrote their hits and began to perform them in English. It would take a huge amount of time and energy for the K-POP stars to do the same, and it seemed unprofitable for the producers to spend so many resources-because the English texts could alienate the main, Korean, audience.


Everything changed in when a small entertainment Agency named Big Hit made its debut with a group of teenage boys, which were called Bangtan Sonyeondan. Or shortly, BTS. That was surely a lot to take in. He nodded and left, looking at his notepad frenetically. This specific entrance seemed to be the central part of the backstage, as most of the people ran around you, entering the passages around you, artists and producers, some of desperate and others relaxed.

Dating Jimin. I will die writing this beacuse of Jimin feelings~. image. Originally posted by jiyoongis. -him looking at you so much. -him smiling at you. -his eyes. Jan 13, Explore CinnamonRoll02's board "BTS girlfriends fanart" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bts, Bts fans and Bts girl.

Watching the scene unfold you was rather pleasant, as finally no one noticed you in their busy lives. You sill felt the shock of learning in a abrupt manner that you had won the nomination.

After all the events that had occurred with your cheating boyfriend this last few days, you had almost forgotten about the nomination, now, learning that you were taking an award home made you feel proud of yourself. As if it would help anything. He had already fucked up, and you had moved on, so?

Keep reading. You saw Leslie Grace, the featured singer sway her hips along the choreography with Super Junior. You turned towards your right, towards Dawon, who was mesmerized by the presentation on the stage.

Was it just for the cameras rolling, or they were really enchanted by the Latin girl singing on stage?. You giggled, guys will always be guys. Dawon snapped from his trance, looking you with a shy smile. Your stomach twitched a little, surprising you. You probably were just nervous due to the award you were competing for. Our opinion only. We are sure they would all be open to all types of girls and this is just a list based on our instincts and snippets of interview information.

Our headcanon universe is based around our OTP version of their girlfriends. Although this is written as reader, we imagine his girlfriend to be Jeong-sun who is a major part of our headcanon universe find out more about the ongoing plot, original characters etc. Our full masterlist can be found here. What perfumes their ideal girlfriends would wear. You will find some references to our headcanon OTP scents within our scenarios.

Originally posted by bts-loveyourselfher. Reiste como respuesta, asintiendo. Everybody and their brother is always talking about Kooks dating though, so there must be some sort of truth behind it.

Neither of them would enter into anything serious unless they had strong feelings. Or at least try. Your teeth chatter as you try to wrap your blankets tighter around you. Tae is facing you on the bed, clearly cold as well, even in sleep.

You scoot yourself closer to him, and nuzzle your nose into his chest, desperate for some of his body warmth. He slips his arms around your waist and shoulders and cradles you into his chest. I really do appreciate it :.

Okay, so I had a lot of fun doing the V one.

Bts dating fanart

Like, probably too much fun. Yay me! His kiss completely woke you up, and when you came up for air, he gave you speckled butterfly kisses all over your face. Second Context.

Which BTS members have girlfriends and who are they?

Could be Jin. Dunno i doubt it though. And lol I think it would be a better guess to assume none are dating. If you met and were able to have a conversation with any of the guys like…I mean why not right?

No one should judge people for being sad. Even if he is the one dating like…. Life is funny and you never know what could happen. I would like to announce that I am adding a new kind of branch to the work I produce : It will be what I think it will be like to date one of the members or multiple members at once and you just send in a name or names of the members you would like me to do and I will do them for you.

It will include what they like about you, how they came to have feelings for you, how they are in bed etc. If someone asks for a member I have already done one for, I will do another with a different take on the member you pick. To those that feel that would be a bit confusing, just think about how you yourself have different sides to your personality etc.

Finally finished the second BTS fanart series! Here's BTS with girlfriend aaaannnd um a couch. Hope you all enjoy it as much as the first. The BTS boys are some of K-pops most sought-after, and plenty of fans would probably give their left leg for a date with any of the members. You're risking world peace”; Museum dates; Cafe dates - Probably take you to all the theme cafes; Music Festival dates; Probably just a walk around the city date.

Keep reading. Hey there! Thank you for sending in the message!! Send in a message anytime! But hey, thank you again for sending in this message! Please keep that in mind when requesting MTLs like these. On the first place would be Taehyung. Being a Capricorn as well you share the same basic ideals, making it easy for you two understand each other without saying much.

Namjoon and Jungkook are Virgos and you would get along due to your shared type of being, rather practical and well-grounded. Actually you would fit better with the Virgos but their height preferences start at cm for Namjoon and cm for Jungkook, which leads me to place Taehyung and his mentioned height preference from - cm higher.

Yoongi would be in the middle, and since he is a Pisces you are relatively compatible since your opossites attract each other because you have a similar depth and you are willing to appreciate it.

The height he mentioned is from - cm, making him the only one whos preference fits perfectly. But since you are only relatively compatible it leads me to rank him down.

Seokjin is a Sagittarius and you will have similar positive aspects with him as with Yoongi but it would be more challening to accept each others differences. Also the height he mentioned before he would prefer starts at cm. You would fixate on too many things other than your relationship, deatching from each other. Adding to that, both of their height preferences are higher than cm. Log in Sign up. Dating Jungkook. Dating Jungkook Would Include Pt. Originally posted by jeonify You decided to write on a song about you personal journey to now and then read them out to each other but you realised Jungkook had started right at the beginning of his life which made you laugh.

Originally posted by btsbee Once you both had written verses each you went into the studio to record it with the help of Jimin and Namjoon. Originally posted by mimibtsghost You put it out for Army to hear on the BTS twitter account and it got such a good reaction you both decided to shoot a video for it and you thought Jungkook should direct it and produce it. Dating Hoseok Would Include. Touching and lots of it. Originally posted by jihope After the ride you all wanted to go on it again because you enjoyed it that much but Jimin opted out and instead held all the bags.

Originally posted by dailyjeons After the ride your asked if Jimin was Ok and he replied with yes although you could still see him visible shaking so you gave him a huge hug to calm him down. BTS imagines. Ask imtaeshook a question ask mo mo replies bts dating bts bangtan sonyeondan.

Is a BTS member dating?


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