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  • 03.01.2019
  • by Daim

Bulk Billing for Medical Imaging Services in Perth . Insight Clinical Imaging


Antenatal care is offered following confirmation of pregnancy with a referral from your GP or you can self refer. The highly experienced midwives at PPC can order all pregnancy related tests and ultrasound scans and organise a referral to book into your local hospital. If you would like to continue seeing your GP through your pregnancy, a shared care option is available. The midwives at PPC offer ample opportunity at every appointment to discuss and questions or concerns you may have throughout your pregnancy. They offer continued support and guidance throughout to ensure you feel informed on all aspects of your maternity care. For any complications that may arise during your pregnancy, we can offer access to a specialist GP who will determine whether transfer to hospital care is indicated.

Bulk billing dating scan perth

These fees reflect the costs required to sustain a high quality diagnostic imaging service. SKG Radiology appreciates that there are patients whose financial circumstances limit their ability to meet private fees, and we continue to provide discounted services to enable these patients to access first class imaging services.

We would appreciate full payment of your accounts on the day of examination.

You may then claim back the relevant rebate from Medicare. We encourage you to ask about the costs of your procedure at the time of booking your appointment.

If you require any services by SKG Radiology during a stay in hospital, you will receive a separate account from us.

There is no need to stop your regular medication. Please continue to take as normal.

For most ultrasound examinations you will be required to change into a gown and lie on an examination couch. You will remain covered during your examination except for the area being imaged.

SKG Radiology is a Private Practice with a private billing policy. SKG Radiology bulk bills Commonwealth Government Pension Card and Health Care Card. Bulk billing for Medical Imaging Services in Perth for X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans, Obstetric Ultrasound & General Ultrasound scans, among. services like X-Ray, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Breast Screening, OPG, general Diagnostics Bulk Billed. Required Study with Preferred Date & Time.

In order to obtain optimal images a layer of gel will be applied to the area being imaged so that good contact is made between you and the ultrasound probe. The probe will be placed directly onto the gel and your skin for the duration of the examination. You may also be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds during the scan time.

The scan is completely painless, although pressure may be applied to improve the image quality.

Early Pregnancy Scan | Dating Scan | POGU Perth WA ULTRASOUND BULK BILLED in Your Pregnancy, 12 posts, 11 Feb More results from. Most places will not bulk bill for an NT scan as it is optional. I havent had my NT scan yet, but had a dating scan a few weeks ago. I'm doing shared care. Your examination or scan will be performed by either a Radiologist (a highly for dating purposes and to accurately determine your due date; to ascertain the.

Please tell the sonographer should this become uncomfortable. In some instances a transvaginal scan may be indicated. Transvaginal scans are frequently performed in the first trimester of pregnancy and also in the late stages of pregnancy and at other times to get a close up view of the pelvic organs. The transvaginal scan is performed with an empty bladder, and as a result many patients find it more comfortable. The small sterilised probe, about the same diameter as a thumb, is lubricated with gel before insertion into the vagina.

A protective cover a condom is placed over the transducer each time it is used, so there is no risk of infection.


Please discuss any issues you may have with the sonographer. Ultrasound is a highly valuable diagnostic tool and it is particularly useful during pregnancy because it is completely safe for you and your baby. Some of the useful indications for use during pregnancy include:.

Most ultrasound examinations will be completed within 30 minutes, however, some studies will take longer especially if a transvaginal scan is indicated after an abdominal scan is performed. It is not unusual for the radiologist to come in and speak with you and view the images on the screen.

The radiologist will then interpret all images produced during the examination and the results will be forwarded to your doctor. We can provide you with some still pictures or a CD from your scan should you wish.

We do not provide video tapes of your ultrasound examination. Please note: due to the high demand for ultrasound examinations a cancellation fee will be charged if you do not give at least 24 hours notice for a cancelled appointment.

Pension or health care bulk billing dating scan perth over imaging centres in ballina. For up to a week after birth, we will offer % bulk billed home appointments. Continued care and support would then be offered in our. Insight in innaloo is bulk billing for dating scan as long as you have a referral. My doctor was private at perth radiological and i had to pay so i.

Monday-Friday ampm Service available to Emergency Department patients after hours. Open map.


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