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  • 14.05.2019
  • by Kigakinos

Social Match: Cisco's Social Media "Dating" Program - Cisco Blog

Cisco Rosado Is LOCKED UP & Is Dating Teairra Mari #LHHH

This article is a stub. You can help expand the article by adding some information. Please be sure to edit in accordance to our Manual of Style. Francisco "Cisco" Ramon [1] , nicknamed Vibe by Barry Allen , [2] is a mechanical engineering genius and a former meta-human at S. Labs , also formerly serving as the prison guard to their makeshift prison [3]. He came from a Puerto Rican family and provides much-needed comic relief around his stiff workplace. Cisco is also a founding member of Team Flash.

Caitlin Snow introduced herself and intervened in their dispute, offhandedly taunted Hartley at the same time, much to Cisco's appreciation. In order to spite him back, Hartley stated Cisco would not last more than a week at S. Labs, but was proven wrong. Wells, with Wells regarding him as a son. Cisco also becomes close friends with Caitlin and her boyfriend who was also his fellow engineer Ronnie Raymondboth of whom Cisco looked up to and regarded as family.

Sometime after The Hood came to Starling CityCisco tried to find out the true identity of the vigilante, by making a list of people who might be him. Byhis list included people, including Oliver Queen. After the S. Labs particle accelerator was switched on, it worked for a few minutes before it began to malfunction. Cisco was sent down to the core chamber with Ronnie to shut it down. Once they got down there, Ronnie requested that Cisco put the accelerator on lockdown if he wasn't back within two minutes.

He was forced to lock it down, much to his distress and was promptly joined by Caitlin. They were contacted by Ronnie, who told them of his plan to direct the impending explosion upwards rather than out, and so Cisco had to adjust the particle parameters to compensate for the change.

During the particle accelerator's resulting explosion, Ronnie was seemingly killed as the accelerator exploded and produced a blastwave through the city that affected numerous people in Central City and gave them super abilities. Following an accident involving lightning striking him, Barry Allen was put in a coma. After his situation got critical, he was moved to S.

Labs where he was stabilized. The two had inadvertently met sometime before, but were actually introduced as substantial characters came at this time. A little while later, Cisco and Caitlin were asked to pack up a S.

Labs warehouse in Starling Cityfollowing the massive explosion that occurred in Central City. The two were doing an inventory count and discussing the particle accelerator's explosion when they heard movement in the warehouse.

They went to investigate, only to find a security guard standing there.

Cisco assured him that they were almost done, though he just stared them down, creeping him out. Before the man could reply, he spat blood out and dropped to the ground, with Deathstroke appeared having murdered the guard. Though Deathstroke pursued Cisco and Caitlin through the facility intent on killing them they find a gun created by Arthur Lightwho Wells had fired for apparent insanity, which was capable of harming him.

When Deathstroke caught up with them and readied for the kill but Cisco shot him with the gun allowing them to escape, though Deathstroke still escaped with the device he'd come for.

Sometime after, they met Felicity Smoak and John Diggle at the hospital. Felicity asked about Barry's condition, and Caitlin told her how it was still the same.

Cisco quickly blurted out that " Iris " had been visiting him a lot. When Felicity asked who Iris was, Cisco struggled to explain their relationship, causing Felicity to walk off distressed that "Barry's in a coma, he's already moved on".

A little while later, Felicity met the two of them in a lab, with a vial of Mirakurutelling them that she needed their help and that it would be their little secret. Nine months after he was struck by lightning, Barry awoke from his coma to Lady Gaga's Poker Facea song he allegedly liked. He called Dr.

Wells down to lab as quickly as possible, and explained to Barry what had happened, introducing he and Caitlin. The two took a break as Wells showed Barry around S. Labs, explaining in depth what had actually happened. Later, after discovering that he had the ability to run super fast, the team of four headed down to an airfield. He had Barry put on a suit of his creation, which would hold up when he ran fast as well allowed them to monitor his vitals and energy output.

He stood back, holding a radar speed gun, as Barry raced off, knocking over Cisco. He continued to monitor his speed before he tripped over into barrels of water. They headed back to S. Labs where Thawne and Barry discussed the potential for the existence of other people like him, specifically another who had super speed like Barry, though Dr. Wells was certain that Barry was unique. He left to meet Iris. After an encounter with Clyde Mardon 's weather manipulation, he returned to S.

Labs where he was angry at Wells for lying to him in regards to meta-human abilities. Cisco found the idea of controlling the weather cool, but Barry guaranteed that it wasn't cool, as it had caused a murder.

Barry returned later, offering an apology in return for Cisco and Caitlin's help in catching rogue meta-humans. They agreed to help, and Cisco revealed a suit he'd designed for use by firefighters, which he believed would suit Barry's purposes well.

Barry donned the suit and headed out to where they pinpointed Clyde to be. Cisco and Caitlin communicated with Barry, giving support. When Barry began to attempt to unravel it, Cisco stated his belief that Barry could withstand the pressure, which he eventually did.

Labs with a wrongly-healed ankle, after having previously broken it. They decided to re-break it, and Cisco did it as quickly as possible. Following that, Cisco and Caitlin tagged along with Barry to grab some DNA samples from the crime scene at which the strongman had been.

They delved deeper into the closed circus, discovering that its owner had escaped from Belle Reve and killed several people.

Cisco Ramon

Wells also provided some details he knew on Mr. Bliss from having attended the circus previously, and Barry left to find the circus.

Cisco grabbed Barry and Caitlin attempted to drive away, however, their truck was lifted up by Joey Rose, who threw it some distance from the tent. As they crawled from the wreckage, they encountered the snake lady. The lady promised to let them pass, but Caitlin believed it to be a trap. The lady assured her that she was genuine, as they were only compliant to Mr.

Bliss otherwise torture would be inflicted upon them. Before leaving, Caitlin asked what all of it was about, but the woman was only aware that something big was happening. Labs, where Caitlin explained what had happened to Barry and Cisco further explained what the snake lady had told them. Cisco noticed that Mr. Bliss had arrived at a Central City Cougars match, so Dr.

Wells urged that they go down to warn everyone. Having destroyed the work van, they took Cisco's car, which Caitlin found unhygienic and rather small. Iris greeted them and Cisco claimed that they were there for the circus. Cisco directed Barry to a burning building to save people inside. Midway through, Caitlin walked in, causing Cisco to shut the computers off quickly. Caitlin realized what they were doing and after Barry had saved everyone and returned to S.

Cisco explained how he was the "eyes and ears" and Barry was "the feet". He queried Barry about his vitals randomly spiking during their escapade, though the latter claimed to be perfectly fine. After later fainting due to using his super speed, Barry returned to S. Labs, where they monitored him. Wishing to see why he kept fainting, Cisco modified a treadmill to fit Barry's needs. They had him gradually work up his speed while monitoring his vitals, before they noted his glucose levels, causing him to faint.

When he woke up, they explained that he had acute hypoglycemia and he wasn't eating enough to keep up with his accelerated metabolism. Cisco had determined that he needed to eat the equivalent of tacos though figured that it would be different for cheese and guacamole tacos.

The teenagers were tested on a computer game, Is cisco dating mariahlynn on love and hip hop new york; It includes 2 spooky 2-xm generators; How to hook up . Francisco "Cisco" Ramon, nicknamed Vibe by Barry Allen, is a mechanical engineering genius and a former He later began dating Kamilla Hwang. After the. As opposed to create a current rage and who is cisco dating is possible which are services. Cu prietenii dumneavoastra di tis per cent female.

Detective West promptly arrived and Cisco watched on as they argued, Barry claiming that Joe had no control over him. Later, after a run-in with another meta-human, Danton Blackand his many clones, Cisco was annoyed that Barry had gotten blood on the suit, which he'd made. However, Barry reasoned that some of the blood was Black's, leading to Cisco nicknaming him "Captain Clone", though no one seemed to like the name.

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They gathered some more of the blood and Caitlin was able to trigger the replicating process in Danton's cells, making an entirely new clone. They were able to guess that it was acting as a kind of "receiver", hence why it wasn't immediately attacking them. Suggesting that Barry should go after Danton, Cisco presented Barry with a high-calorie protein bar to keep his metabolism in check. When he was in the field, the team provided support as per usual for Barry. Following Danton's ultimate death, they watched it on the news, Cisco expressed that "Multiplex", as he renamed him, couldn't hurt anyone else.

Barry assured that the three of them were always with him, and that really all of them had been struck by lightning, not just Barry, at least in the metaphorical sense. A while later, Cisco alerted Barry to a man with a gun in a getaway car being chased by cops, who Barry sped to and placed in the cop car within a matter of seconds.

Cisco Rosado Is LOCKED UP & Is Dating Teairra Mari #LHHH

The following day, after the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a presumed meta-human, the S. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects.

Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Cisco and Dr. Wells went down to the particle accelerator's core chamber, where Cisco had a hard time being due to the former night's events.

They headed back up, Cisco keen to leave the area. The two of them assisted Barry after he went after the gaseous meta-human, pinpointing his location. Barry soon inhaled some of the man's toxic fumes and was forced to race back to S. Labs, where they extracted the gas for sampling. As Barry woke up, they discussed being able to find the meta-human's identity, whereupon Cisco instead nicknamed him The Mist.

Cisco and Thawne went on to identify the gas, noting that although it was hydrogen cyanide, it had traces of a sedative specifically that used on death row inmates before execution. They identified the meta-human, Kyle Nimbusand his next target, Joe West. As Barry sped to Iron Heights, where Joe was visiting, Cisco offered to help Barry break in, though Barry claimed to have known how to since age Barry eventually beat The Mist, capturing him, and they put him in their makeshift particle accelerator prison.

Caitlin was skeptical that the prison would hold, though Cisco was certain that it would, as it had a super-conductortimes the strength of Earth's magnetic field. As Dr. Wells left, Cisco attempted to apologize for the night of Ronnie's death, however, Caitlin admitted that she was okay, as she was even more proud of Ronnie.

The two headed out to the movies, followed by ice cream. Cisco played table tennis with Barry as Barry was also playing a game of operation with Caitlin and a game of chess with Wells to which Cisco lost. Soon after, they were alerted of a bank robbery by Leonard Snart. Later when Felicity visited the team, he learned that Barry knew who The Arrow was, which he found sweet. Cisco was later yelled at by Wells, who was furious Cisco built the cold gun, a weapon powerful enough to even harm Barry, despite his speed.

Cisco later revealed he built the gun in fear Barry would become a psycho like the other meta-humans. Cisco managed to find a way to track down Snart by using triangulation though Felicity intervened as she managed to track him down in under a minute, as opposed to Cisco who claimed it would take half an hour. When Barry decided to take down Snart by also turning off his communications, Cisco along with Caitlin was told by Felicity that they should help Barry, despite his orders.

Cisco, Caitlin, and Felicity later arrived with the S. Labs vacuum cleaner, claiming to Snart that it was the prototype cold gun, to threaten him to leave. Back at S. Labs, Wells told Cisco never to create such a weapon again.

This article, or specific section, requires cleanup. You can help by contributing. After some time, reporter Mason Bridge began to believe that Wells was hiding something, and confided in Iris West that he suspected Wells had a connection with the murder of Simon Stagg months prior. This information was later relayed to Barry and Team Flashincluding Cisco, although Caitlin and Barry quickly dismissed Bridge's suspicions.

Despite this, after developing a device capable of helping Team Flash stop Mark MardonCisco explored the claim further, having realized that there was no reason the "Man in Yellow" should have escaped the containment field in December. He began running several tests on the field to determine the root cause of its failure while requesting that Caitlin keep Wells at bay.

He eventually realized that the "Man in Yellow" that they saw in December was indeed a holographic image, and the man's encounter with Wells was recorded beforehand.

Just as he arrived at this conclusion, Wells appeared and confronted Cisco, revealing his true identity as Eobard Thawne and the Reverse-Flash.

She has apparently been dating Cisco Rosado, Jr Diamond strawberry dating cisco. Sources tell us that the ex reality star turned entrepreneur is allegedly dating former Love & Hip Hop cast member, Cisco Rosado. Sources tell. Cisco dating girl flash - So talk about, Tv series) Girl's identity (she's Nora time to hit the town with Cisco following his break-up with (Jessica Camacho).

As a terrified and tearful Cisco questioned Thawne on why he murdered Nora Allen in Thawne explained that he was not there to kill Nora. Rather, he was there to kill Barry, and he was from the future, having been trapped in the past for 15 years. When Cisco asked why Thawne helped Barry for so long, Thawne explained that he needed Barry to get faster as a "means to an end.

With Cisco having discovered his secret, Thawne revealed that his only option was to kill Cisco. As he pleaded for his life and claimed that he would be able to help Thawne get to his own time, Thawne disagreed, saying that he was smart but not that smart.

As Cisco tearfully watched Thawne vibrate his hand, the latter revealed that he viewed Cisco as a surrogate son before phasing through Cisco's heart, killing him.

Shortly after Cisco's death, Barry accidentally traveled back in time while trying to prevent Mardon's tsunami from devastating Central City, allowing him to inadvertently prevent the circumstances that led to Cisco's murder.

After some time, reporter Mason Bridge began to believe that Wells was hiding something, but couldn't confide his suspicions in Iris West due to Barry's interference. As such, no information was relayed to Team Flash, and Cisco would never explore the containment field failure. After Barry captured Mardon earlier than the original timeline, Cisco was forced to attend his brother Dante 's birthday party, where he grew bitter after realizing that Dante hadn't changed over the years and he was still considered the better sibling by their parents.

Storming out of the party in exasperation, he went to a nearby bar where he was lured by Lisa Snart under the false pretense of going home with a date, where he encountered her brother, and Team Flash's former foe, Leonard. Leonard demanded that Cisco make heat and cold guns for Mick Rory and himself respectively, to which Cisco refused but later relented after seeing that the two had captured Dante as well.

After developing the two guns, Leonard saw through Cisco's initial deception, noticing that he had tampered with the firing pin. He was then told to make a gun for Lisa as well with gold. After doing so, Cisco continued to be held captive with Dante, upon which the latter revealed that his high-school girlfriend Melinda Tores reciprocated Cisco's crush for her, much to Cisco's shock.

Dante then revealed his own insecurities and how Cisco had the power to pursue his passion while Dante was too afraid to even attempt to do so. Having had enough of his failures, Dante attempted to break free and attack Rory along with Cisco but was stopped by Lisa and Leonard.

Leonard proceeded to demand that Cisco reveal the identity of the Flash in exchange for his and Dante's freedom. Despite his insistence that he didn't know who the Flash was, Cisco eventually gave up Barry's secret identity after Leonard froze Dante's hands, causing him immense pain, and threatened to do much worse.

As promised, Leonard let Dante and Cisco go, with the latter returning to S.

Labs feeling that he betrayed the team. As he tearfully explained the circumstances of his return, Barry explained that it was his fault Cisco was in that position. Despite this, Cisco prepared to pack his belongings and leave Team Flash, feeling that he no longer deserved to be there.

However, Wells pulled him aside, explaining that Cisco was forced to make the most difficult choice between two loved ones and that he didn't make a mistake. Wells explained that Team Flash loved him as well and he himself viewed Cisco as a surrogate son, convincing Cisco to stay. After some time, Barry learned of the "disappearance" of Mason Bridge and, knowing of Bridge's suspicions about Wells in the original timeline, rightfully deduced that he was murdered by Wells and made the connection between Wells and the Reverse-Flash.

Consequently, Cisco began to notice changes in Barry's mood and took his concerns to Joebut Joe, knowing of Barry's distrust, merely told Cisco that Barry's mood was because of their recent meta-human criminals and the Reverse-Flash roaming free. Although Caitlin immediately dismissed the claim, Cisco explained that he was having dreams where Wells revealed his identity as the Reverse-Flash and killed him.

Unbeknownst to Cisco, the "dream" he was having was a trace of the original timeline before it was reset by Barry. Deciding to research Wells further, Joe and Cisco traveled to Starling City where they, with the help of Quentin Lanceinvestigated the crash site where Tess Morgan died.

As Cisco checked the site, he noticed some abnormal activity and dug up a rotting corpse, much to his disgust and shock. They later relocated the body and, with Caitlin and Barry, worked to identify who the body belonged to, before realizing that, to their horror, the DNA matched that of the true Harrison Wells.

Suddenly confused as to who they were working under for so long, Cisco and the rest of Team Flash, with Caitlin now convinced, began working to uncover the truth of the Reverse-Flash.

Cisco dating

Moreover, the program has overseen 8 total Social Match projects so far with 4 projects currently in progress. For the future, we hope that Social Match can continue to assist social managers and SMEs alike get the most out of their social media pursuits while helping employees find others with a common passion for social media.

In an effort to keep conversations fresh, Cisco Blogs closes comments after 60 days. Please visit the Cisco Blogs hub page for the latest content. We look forward to having you be a part of Social Match!

Our team will be in touch if a social media opportunity that might be of interest to you comes up. Program Successes to Date Although the program still has many improvements to make, it has garnered much initial interest and positive feedback from employees. Tags: best practices innovative SMEs social match program social media social media managers subject matter experts.

Jody Leung March 16, at am. Great program for social media enthusiasts! Christy Park March 16, at pm. Hi Jody, Thank you for your interest and support of our program :. Regards, Christy.


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