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  • 09.01.2019
  • by Nikolrajas

Ric Flair’s daughter engaged to wrestling commentator

Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson call HHH vs Shawn Michaels for the EU Championship

That he somehow has become a power broker in the world of professional wrestling is incidental and accidental. The notion that someone would call the year-old Alabama native such a thing makes him laugh. But it's true. His podcast "Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard" does more than 3 million downloads per month. In October, Thompson is marrying Megan, who just so happens to be Ric Flair's daughter, for crying out loud. What screams wrestling more than the "Nature Boy" calling him son?

Guys are used to bringing in everything in and setting up themselves. Starrcast II ended up costing seven or eight times more than my overhead than Starrcast I.

CT: No. Not Las Vegas again because of the overhead and the flights. Vegas is a fly-in town. We sold more tickets for Starrcast II, but because of the increased overhead with airfare and hotels and other little factors that happen in Vegas, your overhead goes way up.

SN: I watched the event you did with Bruce Prichard and just watching you up there, you appeared to be more relaxed. Was that the case or was it more hectic than you let on compared to Chicago the first time around? This time in Chicago, we will be in a much better spot than we were for the first one.

What you saw with Bruce was on a Sunday morning. At that point, we were pretty much done.

During their time on stage, it was announced that you would be doing a fifth podcast and it would be with Arn. How did it come about to where you are adding another podcast?

We made it a point to talk with each other in person the following week and made the deal right there. CT: Yeah, man. It was established.

He knew the podcast with Bruce is doing well, the one with Bischoff is doing well, and he is lifelong friends with Tony Schiavone. He knew what to expect, so it was relatively smooth, I suppose. SN: What can expect out of this podcast that is different than the ones you are doing right now?

CT: Everything in his career up until now.

Conrad Thompson Says Starrcast II Was A Financial Success, Reveals the rollout date just yet," Thompson said of his planned fifth podcast. Conrad Thompson, an Alabama mortgage broker, went from fan to pro this weekend, one of his biggest achievements to date -- Starrcast. daughter Megan Fliehr is engaged to his pal and wrestling commentator, Conrad Thompson. A wedding date has yet to be announced.

So all that stuff that Bruce missed because he was gone, Arn is there to fill in the blanks for. The idea that we get to do that now is great because everyone will get to hear what they have listened to for years backstage. SN: With the addition of a fifth podcast, people online have wondered how do you have to fit that in along with the other podcasts, doing shows on the road with them, having your mortgage company and having a family? Thompson's first time sitting down with a professional wrestler for more than just a picture and an autograph was with longtime ECW wrestler Shane Douglas.

Thompson and some of his friends put up some money to fund an ECW documentary on Kickstarter inand by pooling their donations together they pledged at a level that rewarded them a visit from an ECW star at their home and a screening of the movie. As it turned out, Douglas stayed well after the movie was over, drinking beer and telling stories.

He apparently enjoyed himself, and Thompson and his friends had a ball. Thompson realized he was onto something. He knew an author and wrestling historian by the name of Mark James, and James was working on a book with Jim Cornette.

Conrad thompson dating

Then we started to figure out who was coming near us and checking their schedules. InFlair was making an appearance in Rome, Georgia.

Sure enough, Thompson and his pals got the Nature Boy on the schedule, too. Flair and Thompson hit it off. They exchanged cell phone numbers, and Thompson started getting calls from the time world champion to hang out.

Conrad Thompson on: where WWE is going wrong

Thompson began traveling with Flair on occasion, including some trips to WWE shows, and naturally began to make some acquaintances backstage -- one of whom was Cody Rhode s. They met a few times, and though Cody left the company shortly thereafter, a bond was forged.

The latest Tweets from Conrad the Mortgage Guy (@HeyHeyItsConrad). I help folks become homeowners and get out of debt. I also co-host @PrichardShow. Conrad Thompson, podcast host and promoter of the Starrcast wrestling fan convention, confirmed during a media conference call on Thursday that the upcoming Starrcast III event from Thursday through Sunday will be the last event of its kind for the foreseeable future. Co-host Conrad Thompson said that the show would be committing to its live dates on tour, but come to the end of March, there are no more.

Thompson also occasionally sat for meals in catering with Michelle Rhodes, the matriarch of the legendary Rhodes family. He became friendly with the entire clan, and even ended up doing Goldust's mortgage. Thompson's move into podcasting happened when CBS approached Flair about doing a show. The former champ had little idea about the medium, and neither did Thompson.

But Flair asked his buddy to come on the first show with him and just ask fan questions. CBS liked their dynamic, and Thompson was on his way. I just didn't know much about it. I was an accidental podcaster.

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Conrad Thompson is kinda annoying Was a big fan, still listen religiously, but he seems to be annoying me more and more. idk what it is just seems to speak. to announce the engagement of my beautiful daughter Megan to my good friend Conrad Thompson! The wedding date wasn't mentioned.

I thought I'd sit in for one week. Ric wasn't scared to talk, obviously he can do that.

He just needed a foil. Through Flair's show, a guest-driven podcast, Thompson met pretty much everyone else in the business. He got acquainted with Bruce Prichard, a partnership that would again change his life, and reconnected with Cody Rhodes.

Flair tired of podcasting, but by that point Thompson had talked Prichard into launching a pilot. Really go deep. I think the show has been successful I'm just a fan. But I also am the target demographic.

If it's not something I'd listen to or be into, I don't do it. I'm the barometer. If I think it will be good, other wrestling fans will think it's good. Thompson proved he was right with the wild success of the podcast with Prichard. A version of the show was even picked up by the WWE Network for a lucrative sum, which Thompson politely passed on discussing.

But he did say Season 2 looked like a strong possibility.

With all of that work and those experiences as a backdrop, fast-forward to January Thompson and Rhodes saw each other at international baggage claim at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. But neither approached. Thompson said Rhodes was incognito, a hoodie pulled down low.

According to Thompson, Rhodes direct-messaged him on Twitter a few weeks later. That's when Thompson went ahead and said he had an idea to build a showcase for podcasts around All In. I told him we'd give him more than our blessing. We'd partner with him and work as a team. They did partner together, but Rhodes and the Young Bucks actually have no financial stake in Starrcast. Conrad is kind of the spiritual talent relations representative of the event.

Thompson said he and Rhodes chatted about 10 times a day every day in the lead-up to Starrcast and All In.

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