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  • 22.04.2019
  • by Dit

Daredevil Recap: Date Night

matt and karen kissing in 2x05

Sign in. Cut to Sam Neill, who offers nothing. Watch now. Daredevil is faced with his most dangerous challenge yet. Dating in Hell's Kitchen. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

Murdock agreed, arguing that Reyes was trying to subvert justice and deny Castle a fair trial. Nelson was adamant that they stay away from the case, pointing out that because of Reyes, they had no more clients.

Murdock asked Page if he could speak to Nelson alone, and she left Nelson's office. Page arrives at Metro-General Hospital. Minutes later, Nelson opened the door of his office and asked her to grab her stuff, as they were all going to the hospital to speak to Castle. Once they arrived, they were shocked by how tight security was. On the floor where Castle was being held, they were met by Brett Mahoneywho revealed to them that he had been promoted.

They explained that they wished to offer their legal services to Castle.

Mahoney tried to dissuade them, but eventually took them through a second security check before letting them in to Castle's room. He warned them not to take anything from, or give anything to, Castle. He also told them that he would arrest them if they walked past a line that was taped around Castle's bed. Page took Murdock's hand as they entered Castle's room. She was shocked to see how badly injured he was.

The three tried to convince Castle to let them represent him, but he was reluctant, citing their defending Grotto. They explained to him that the D. He was still not convinced. Ignoring Mahoney's warning, Page rushed at Castle, holding the photo she had removed from his home. She angrily told him that someone was trying to cover up his family's murder, and that the three of them were the only ones who cared. He was surprised that she had been in his home. Murdock managed to pull Page away from Castle moments before Reyes arrived and angrily ordered them out of the room.

Reyes accused Nelson and Murdock of violating legal ethics by visiting Castle without permission from his attorney. Murdock argued that they had a right to pursue Castle as a potential client. When Reyes suggested this was a conflict of interest since the firm also represented Grotto, Nelson pointed out that all records of that case had disappeared from public record. At this moment, Mahoney arrived, informing them that Castle had asked for Nelson and Murdock to be his lawyers from now on.

The three excused themselves to an empty room when they discussed how to go forward with the case.

There was a knock on the door, and a limousine driver informed them that his employer had sent a car service for Murdock. Murdock stammered, explaining that he had forgotten he had scheduled a meeting with the same wealthy potential client who deposited a large sum in their bank account.

Before leaving, he kissed Page, prompting Nelson to ask if they were officially dating. Page responded that they weren't labeling it, and walked Murdock to the elevator bank. They reminisced about their date the previous evening, and since she and Nelson had to go over Castle's files, and Murdock had to meet with the potential client, she suggested they postpone that evening's date to the following evening.

Murdock left. Page returned to Nelson, where they reviewed the Punisher files. They were overwhelmed by the sheer number of charges against him. Although Nelson was very uncomfortable about meeting with a killer, they returned to Castle's room. At first, Frank Castle was quiet and didn't answer Foggy Nelson 's questions. Eventually, he declared that he was guilty, and would only speak with Page alone. Nelson was adamantly against this, but Page agreed.

Once they were alone, she shared with him the Samantha Reyes ' version of the events leading to his family's deaths, which he said was a lie.

He then told her his version of the story, which was that they were enjoying a family outing at the carousel at Central Park when bullets began flying.

He had figured out later that the three groups involved were the Mexican Cartelthe Dogs of Helland the Kitchen Irish. He expressed remorse that his job was to keep his family safe and he failed.

Sensing how upset he was, Page offered to leave, but he asked her to stay. He assured her that during his attack on Grotto at Metro-General Hospitalshe was never in any danger, as he never hurt innocents. He explained to her that he was a scout sniper and that his training included avoiding any collateral damage. He then asked her about his visit to her house.

To her surprise, he wasn't angry, but rather asked her to describe what she saw, because he hadn't been back since the murders. He described the way his children used to play, and Page shared with him that as a child, she played the same way. He thanked her for helping him remember them, and then told her she was free to ask him any questions she wanted. Later, Nelson joined them, and explained that he got the best deal he could: no extradition to Delaware, and a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

He was unable to get the D. Page was upset about this, saying that the criminals in the general population were out for The Punisher 's blood, but Castle assured her that he could take care of himself. Nelson informed Castle that all he had to do was plead guilty, and that he'd never see anyone from Nelson and Murdock again. Page and Foggy Nelson discuss the case. However, when the arraignment was held in Castle's hospital room with Reyes and Judge Cynthia Batzer in attendance, he shocked them all by loudly and angrily declaring that he was not guilty.

The D. Leaving the room, Nelson, still shocked, said he had to get a hold of Matt Murdock to let him know that the case was going to trial. Back at the Nelson and Murdock Law OfficePage lamented on how badly organized the case files were. Murdock and Nelson agreed that the best defense they could give Frank Castle would be to prove that Castle was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was thus not responsible for his actions. Since Murdock would be busy working on an opening statement, Page offered to go the prison to meet with Castle to float the idea past him.

Page promised to be careful and left for the prison. After being screened by security, Page met with Castle. She asked him if he could provide a name for a character witness, someone preferably from his time in the United States Armed Forceswho could speak about what he had been through. Castle realized that they were going to pursue a PTSD defense and would not allow it, saying it was an insult to the veterans who actually did suffer from it.

However, he did provide a character witness: Colonel Ray Schoonoverhis former commanding officer. He and Page then began to look through the files about his family's murder to see if they could find anything that had previously missed.

Page returned to the law offices, to find Nelson working on Castle's defense. She also told him that she and Castle looked at the autopsy report on Castle's family filed by the medical examiner, Doctor Gregory Tepper. According to Castle, the report was a fabrication. Nelson suggested that they cross examine Dr. Tepper and try to get him to admit that he falsified the autopsy report.

The next morning, Page and Foggy Nelson are already at the courthouse, waiting for Matt Murdockwho had called to say he would be late. Page, exasperated by Murdock's recent behavior, asked Nelson what was going on with him. At that point the judge arrived and Reyes made her opening statement.

Daredevil TV series--Episode 4, In the Blood, Wilson asking Vanessa for a date

Murdock still had no arrived, so Page encouraged Nelson to make the statement himself, which he did. Murdock arrived, clearly out of breath, as Nelson finished his statement. In the hallway outside the courtroom, Page and Nelson angrily questioned Murdock about why he was so late. He apologized but gave no reason, instead complimenting Nelson on his opening statement. Page filled him in on Castle's assertion that Tepper had falsified the autopsy report, and Murdock suggested that they cross examine him after he took the stand the following day.

Murdock also suggested that Page catch him up to speed that evening. Nelson reluctantly agreed, still clearly upset that Murdock had let him down. After Nelson returned to the law offices, Murdock told Page that he would make it up to both of them. Page has some dinner with Matt Murdock. That evening, Murdock and Page enjoyed Thai food and wine while they made a plan for Tepper's cross examination.

Murdock suggested that Page consider law school, but she said it was not a good fit. They reminisced about the night they first met, and Page mused aloud how both Murdock and the stranger in black had saved her that night. She then asked Murdock if he believed in what Daredevil did.

He replied that he believed in the law. They then discussed Castle's actions. Murdock believed that Castle clearly broke the law but that he needed help, not punishment. Page said that she wasn't sure if she agreed with what Castle did, but that it was clearly effective. This gave Murdock pause, and he asked her if she really believed that.

Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, doesn't have the best track record when it comes to dating. These are all of his lovers, dead and alive. This post covers Daredevil Season 2: Episode 5 (“Kinbaku”) and Episode 6 (“ Regrets Only”) and is extremely spoilery for those episodes. With Danijela Belovarac, Steven Defendini, Greg Kiledjian, Mark Macaluso. Daredevil is faced with his most dangerous challenge yet. Dating in Hell's Kitchen.

At first she denied it, and then admitted that maybe she did. After an uncomfortable silence, Murdock suggested that they were both tired and should call it a night, promising a real date soon. Page left.

The following morning, at the courthouse, Blake Tower called Gregory Tepper to the stand to go over the autopsy reports of the fifteen members of the Kitchen Irish that Frank Castle had shot. Matt Murdock cross examined him, asking him how many death certificates he had signed.

To everyone's surprise, Tepper asked the judge if he could make a statement.

Page hears Gregory Tepper 's confession. Judge Cynthia Batzer cleared the courtroom, leaving only the prosecution, the defense, the judge, and the witness in attendance.

Pepper admitted that he altered the autopsy reports of the Castle family, because men came to his office and threatened his family if he didn't.

They also demanded he change the records of a John Doe who was killed during the same attack. He then admitted he was telling the truth now, because the night before, a woman with a foreign accent who had her face covered came to his home and demanded that he tel the truth or she would kill him. Pages tries to speak with Matt Murdock. Both the prosecution and the defense accused each other of sending people to threaten the medical examiner.

Over Nelson and Murdock 's objections, the judge ordered all of Tepper's testimony be stricken from the record. Once court was adjourned, Nelson stormed to the men's room, with Murdock following. Page could hear their raised voices yelling from the hallway.

Nelson emerged, enraged, and when she asked what was going on, he told her to ask Murdock. After Murdock entered the hallway, she demanded answers, and was angry when he said it was between him and Nelson. He headed towards the elevator and she left separately, very angry. The next morning, at the courthouse, only Foggy Nelson and Page are present for the defence. When Page asked Nelson why Matt Murdock was not there, he admits that he told him to stay home, adding that he didn't think he'd really do it.

Page encouraged Nelson, telling him that he was a great lawyer and could handle questioning Ray Schoonover himself. Nelson called Schoonover to the stand. Schoonover described Frank Castle as a hero, telling a story of how Castle saved his entire unit, including his commanding officer, against what seemed to be impossible odds. When Samantha Reyes cross examined him, she suggested that since the file was heavily redacted, perhaps not all the story was true.

Schoonover surprised her by telling the courtroom that he knew it was true because he was the commander officer that Castle saved. Page complimented Nelson, assuring him that Murdock could not have handled the cross examination better. Nelson next called Dr. Andrew Leean expert on brain trauma, to describe the damage done to Castle's brain when he was shot in Central Park years ago. Nelson continued to question Dr.

Lee, who suggested that Castle suffered from Extreme Emotional Disturbance. Just then, a young man rose from his seat, loudly yelling that Castle had killed his father. The judge had the man removed and ordered the jury to disregard the outburst. Later, Page visited Castle at prison and asked him to take the stand the next day. He agreed. Outside the courthouse, Page informed Nelson that Castle would testify. Nelson insisted that Murdock be the one to question him.

Page disagreed, but Nelson convinced her to find Murdock and ask him to do it. Page went to Murdock's apartment, where the door was opened by an old man. The man slid open the door to Murdock's bedroom, and Page was shocked to find a woman in Murdock's bed.

He suggested they go someplace to talk, but she pulled away, informing him that Castle would take the stand the following day and that Nelson wanted Murdock to question him.

She rushed off as the old man called out that it was nice to meet her. In the courtroom the next day, the gallery was packed. Page and Foggy Nelson soberly wondered if Matt Murdock would show up. When he did, he tried to speak to Page, but she brushed him off and told him that Nelson wanted to speak with him. Murdock called Frank Castle to the stand. As officers escorted Castle to the stand, Page frowned and told Nelson and Murdock that something wasn't right.

Murdock tried to question Castle, but he was unresponsive, so Murdock asked permission to treat him as a hostile witness. After Murdock made an impassioned plea that the jury remember that Castle was a hero, Castle asked the judge if he could say something. To everyone's surprise, Castle announced that he was glad he killed all those people are vehemently said he would do it again. Page was shocked. He repeatedly yelled that he was guilty. Castle was dragged off, screaming the entire time that he was The Punisherwinning Samantha Reyes the case and ensuring that he would be sent to Ryker's Island as a result of the outburst.

Page speaks with Foggy Nelson. Outside the courthouse, Page expressed her shock to Nelson and Murdock, assuring them that Castle had acted completely differently the day before. Nelson angrily accused Murdock of provoking Castle by bringing up his vigilanteism, but Murdock said he believed someone had gotten to Castle. Nelson angrily told them that he was glad they lost the case and stormed off. Murdock asked to speak to Page but she was furious.

She told him that she didn't care anymore what he was hiding, or if he was an alcoholic like she suspected, and that she was done with him. She told him that the city did need heroes, but he wasn't one of them. She shows him photographs from the Central Park massacre which show, in one shot, a body on the ground, and in the next, the body missing. Page says that there is no death certificate for this man.

Page suggests that looking in to this could help rebuild Nelson and Murdock, but Nelson tells her that there is no more Nelson and Murdock. She tells Nelson that when she went to Murdock's apartment to speak to him about the Castle case, she found a woman in his bed. She tells him that she is tired of being lied to, and suggests that finding out the truth about the Castle case can help her.

Nelson tells her to start thinking of a life outside of Nelson and Murdock. She shows him the photos of the Central Park massacre and has to explain about Dr. Gregory Tepper 's testimony since it was stricken from the record. Ellison suggests that the both of them pay Tepper a visit. Page and Ellison visit Dr.

Tepper, who admits that he made all records of the John Doe from the massacre disappear on orders from men who were threatening him.

Because of a series of numbers inside the man's shoe, he recognized him as an undercover cop. On Urich's desk is a file on Page, which includes a newspaper article about a teenager killed in a car accident.

Page begins crying when she sees it, but Ellison says Urich didn't care about the file and neither did he. They are taken through security individually by Agent Gallagher and then shown in to Reyes' office. Tower would ask for Page, Nelson and Murdock's help in finding the Punisher. Murdock hears a gun being cocked and screams for everyone to get down, knowing Page over and covering her with his own body.

Bullets shoot into the room, wounding Nelson on the arm and killing Reyes. Page and Tower would visit Nelson in the hospital, where they talked about the Punisher which Blake tells them that he leaving town and suggests that they do the same. Page offers to accompany Nelson to the hospital but he assures her that he will be fine. Page reuniting back with Mitchell Ellison. She asserts that Castle did not do the shooting, but Ellison is not convinced.

Page, seeing the chaotic scene, assures Ellison that this is not Castle's style, but Ellison accuses her of being too personally involved in the story to be objective.

Page threating Frank Castle. Page would return to her apartment, where she would find two police officers stand guard outside as she looks for her files on The Punisher.

She hears something and when she calls out to the officers, there is no response. She pulls a. Although he repeatedly tells her that he didn't shoot Reyes, she holds the gun on him, threatening to shoot if he doesn't raise his hands. Suddenly, gunfire erupts, and Castle knocks Page to the ground, shielding her with his own body. He sarcastically asks her if she believes him now before the two escape.

Page interviewed by Brett Mahoney. Page would give a statement to Brett MahoneyShe agrees to police protection, and leaves with two officers. She is met by Murdock, who was worried about her. When she is ready to leave, Murdock wants to go with her, but she tells him that she is not his to protect.

Page talking to Castle about the Blacksmith. Page checks into a hotel room after it is searched and declared safe by the police. Once the police leave to station themselves outside, she leaves for the parking garage. Although she is worried about lying to the police, she leaves with Castle.

Page would meet Castle in a diner, and as he drinks black coffee, they discuss how they might find The Blacksmith. Changing the subject, he compliments her on her choice of gun, and says he's surprised she didn't shoot him. Castle then asks her about Murdock, guessing correctly that she is in love with him.

He points out that a Buick that had been circling the diner had just parked. Page meeting Brett Mahoney after Punisher 's shootout. Karen and Castle would get attacked by men, but he brutally fights them off. He interrogates one of them, viciously beating him until he reveals The Blacksmith's location. Castle kills the men and tells Page to leave and get protective custody.

Page, badly shaken and disgusted by the violence, calls the police. Page learning from Brett Mahoney that Punisher is dead. She is told that there is no way Castle could have survived the blaze. Page questioned by Mitchell Ellison.

Page would return to New York Bulletin to meet with Ellison, who is relieved that she's all right. She claims she no longer has a story to research, considering Castle is dead.

Page is asked leading questions until she reveals her frustration that no one knows about the real Castle, not the vigilante, but the father, husband, and war hero.

Ellison tells her to write that story instead. Page is threaten by Ray Schoonover. In order to research her story, Page visits the home of Ray Schoonover. She asks him about what Castle was like as a man, and he reminisces happily about the time they spent together in the service, telling her about Castle's impressions and how he would sing kids' songs. Schoonover would explain that the man's name is Gosnell, and was loyal to him even after his military service.

Schoonover pulls a gun on her and calmly tells her that Castle murdered Gosnell. Page is ordered by Schoonover to drive. Page is forced into a car my Schoonover. Page realizes it is a message from Castle. Schoonover directs her to drive along a darkened road and to pull over. When she does, a car crashes into the passenger side of her car. Page is crying over the Punisher killing Ray Schoonover.

Page regains consciousness at the scene of the car crash, and sees Castle dragging an injured Schoonover away. Page pleads with him one last time, angrily telling him that if he kills Schoonover, he will be dead to her. Castle would respond that he's already dead before he shut's the door. Page and Turk Barrett kidnapped by the Hand. Page and Barrett arrive at a warehouse.

Before they could enter the warehouse, they were both shot and killed with the Hand's arrows, but fortunately, the second officer was able to give a call out on the radio in time. One of the Hand's men discovered the tracker on Barrett's ankle but the latter claimed that it was a family heirloom while Page attempted to convince them it was nothing to be concerned about.

The men were not easily fooled and proceeded to draw a knife and try to cut slice off Barrett's foot. Page and the other hostages emerge from the building to find Mahoney and a squadron of police waiting for them. Page tells Mahoney that the abduction was just a trap to lure out Daredevil. Mahoney orders lights to be shone on the building. Nelson arrives, and is shocked when Page tells him about the trap set for Daredevil. Page is visited by Mitchell Ellison during the Christmas party.

She still has writer's block. He convinces her to write a story only she can, from her point of view. He gives her a bottle of Scotch and then leaves. Page writes a story about heroes, suggesting that her readers look in the mirror, because all New Yorkers are heroes. Page learn the Murdock is Daredevil. Page was asked by Murdock to meet him at the old Nelson and Murdock Law Office, which she reluctantly agreed to.

Page was waiting for Murdock which he was nervous to tell her and he had something to show her, though Page told him that she did not want whatever it was. But Murdock insisted and eventually pulled out his Daredevil helmet.

Page looked at the new revelation in shock and Murdock revealed that he was Daredevil. Page having dinner with Matt Murdock at Metro Diner. Page met with Matt Murdock after winning the James v.

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Berkowitz case. Both dined at the Metro Dinerwhere each asked about the other's livelihoods and the status of their relationship; Page questioned whether Murdock missed the life as the vigilante, to which he answered that he has moved past it.

Later, they conversed over the court case for her article. Page meeting Foggy at 29th Precinct Police Station. When asked why he had visited, he answered that she could be danger; after elaborating that the people could harm the loved ones of Matthew Murdock, Page expressed her frustration over his actions and the lie prior to the visit.

She, however, joined him and was brought to the 29th Precinct Police Station and was eventually reunited with Foggy Nelson. To be added [31]. Page being reunited back with Frank Castle. Walking home, a bearded man begged for spare change from Page. After gifting him with money, he thanked her by name, to which he revealed to be Frank Castle. She invited him inside her home. Sharing a beer, the two conversed on passed time since their last interaction.

When Castle questioned if she spoke of his existence, Page denied it, saying that she would never compromise him. She also accepted that she would help dig around at the New York Bulletin for any articles or records of a man by the name Microagreeing to communicate through a note in a bouquet of flowers. Page says goodbye to Frank Castle with a hug. Page ventured through boxes of archived newspaper printed by the Bulletin when she is visited by Mitchell Ellisonwhom asked what the reporter was doing.

She answered that she had been exploring for any known articles for a reliable source, keeping their identity secret. Asking Ellison about anything on a man named "Micro," Page was given the answer that he had written and made plans to publish an article on an agent caught leaking top-secret information but had never went public with it.

In disbelief, she asked for the truth, to which he added that the Bulletin had received a personal visit by Carson Wolf and told that publication of the article would hinder his investigation, Ellison waiting for a better story to come forward.

Afterwards, Page was gifted the unpublished article kept in Ellison's office. Page and Frank Castle talking about Micro.

Later that evening, she reunited with Castle by the river. Before she revealed what she had, Page questioned what his plans were for Micro. After a brief tantrum, she gave Castle a slip of paper and disclosed that the man was David Lieberman, former NSA agent whom supposedly died.

As he expressed appreciation for her help, Page then asked when they could meet again, so she could be reassured that he was still alive after his new agenda. Page is questioned by agent Dinah Madani. The day after the incident at the docks, Page was brought in and interrogated by Agent Dinah Madani. The two spoke in confidentiality about the situations that went on through their lives, Madani mentioning Page being set-up for murder, aiding in the arrest of Wilson Fiskher time spent with Nelson and Murdockand became an active reporter for the New York Bulletin.

Page meetin Frank Castle by the bridge. Page would meet with Castle by the bridge. She tries to convince him to allow either her or Madani to expose the criminals he is hunting but he refuses.

Castle does not want Page to become a target like his family. Page and Ellison reading Lewis Wilson 's letter. Page receives a letter from Lewis Wilsonwhich he believes that Page will support him because of her defense of Castle during his trial.

Page shows the manifesto to Ellison, who insists on bringing in the FBI. Wilson wants Page to print the manifesto as a call to arms, and threatens the paper and its staff if they do not.

Page wants to print the letter and a reply, Ellison agrees to print an editorial if the FBI allows it. Page prints her reply to Wilson, calling him a coward and terrorist. During the talk show, Page would get threaten by Wilson.

Karen meeting with Billy Russo. Page is taken hostage by Lewis Wilson. Page met with Senator Stan Ori moments before his approaching speech. The two conversed over their differentiating viewpoints on limiting accesses to firearms. Unexpectedly, both collapsed to the ground, as an explosion blows the door to pieces.

Hearing as the hired security guards are shot dead by Lewis WilsonPage hid behind a turnover chair and discovered her gun was missing, while Ori cowarded over to Page. She soon begged Wilson not to kill the senator when Frank Castle entered the room and quickly disarmed the attacker. Reclaiming her gun, she and Ori darted for the door; Ori, however, pushed Page into Wilson's arms and was taken hostage.

Wilson dragged Page towards the elevator, where three Anvil guards raised their weapons, only for Wilson to reveal he had a suicide vest with a deadman switch, forcing them to let him into the elevator. Lewis Wilson uses Karen as a hostage. Page remained Wilson's hostage as they got off at the hotel basement, where two police officers forced them into the kitchen.

Releasing Page, Wilson then began to pace back and forth, unsure of what to do. After calming himself with a quote from his drill sergeant, Wilson blamed Page for not supporting him when he sent her the letter. In an attempt to get him to stand down, Page agreed that the public deserved to hear his story. Castle then entered the kitchen, forcing Wilson to grab Page and threaten her with the bomb.

While keeping Wilson's attention on him, Castle subtly told Page to pull the white wire, indicating with his head if her fingers got the right wire before confirming if she had her gun in her purse. On Castle's signal, Page pulled the wire before shooting Wilson's right foot, at which Castle pulled her away from the troubled man, who locked himself in the freezer. As Castle struggled to open the door, Page checked outside the kitchen and saw Brett Mahoney with a squad of ESU waiting outside and insisted she and Castle flee.

Castle insisted she leave but she refused to abandon him. He soon got Page out of the way as Wilson committed suicide. To ensure Castle could escape, Page allowed him to take her hostage at gunpoint to hold off the police waiting outside as he headed for the elevator.

There, Page was released, no longer needing to pretend being a hostage, and forced the lift to stop mid-descent, allowing Castle to leave through the emergency exit and find a safe way out of the building. In the aftermath, Page was escorted back to Ori's quarters to be interviewed by Mahoney, where she was intercepted by Madani, who insisted on talking to Page for a minute. Madani, reminding Page of their previous conversation regarding trust, stated that she knew Castle was alive the whole time and didn't tell her.

Page retorted that Madani didn't tell her she knew. Madani then revealed that powerful people want Castle dead and would use this incident as an excuse to hunt him down and kill him. However, if she is to take them down, she needs Castle alive, so she gives Page her card with her contact information so Castle could reach her. Page then said Castle wasn't what everyone believes him to be, give that he saved her life again, to which Madani said was what they had in common. Page then proceed to meet Mahoney, whom had previously interviewed Ori, who claimed that Castle and Wilson were working together and that the Senator ran for help.

Page retorted that Ori was a political opportunist seeking to spin this incident to his advantage, and reminded Mahoney of Castle's character. After recounting what her version of events, Mahoney remarked he might arrest her for aiding and abetting Castle's escape.

Page and Foggy talking about Matt Murdock. Several months after Matt Murdock 's disappearance, Page kept paying for Murdock's rant believing that he would return. Page interviewing Neda Kazemi.

Ellison insists that she needs to keep working on current articles. Neda then told her about the man in the black mask who saved them. Page went to see Nelson at Nelson's Meats and informs Nelson that Murdock is probably alive and still saving people but Nelson not believing her. Ellison tells Page to stay away from this story because she can be biased.

Page does not admit Nadeem's decision and he tells her about FBI agents died during the ambush and proposes to write a story about them. Ellison decides to take the story away from Page but she says that she won't stop to work on this. Upon hearing news reports of Frank Castle being placed in custody, Karen rushed to the hospital to see Castle in an attempt to comfort him. After Karen was pushed away by a despondent Castle, she would help Dinah Madani investigate the corpses of the three women supposedly murdered by Frank.

With Karen being informed of their respective situations, Karen aids in uncuffing Castle, and attempts to reconnect with him only to be rebuffed. Karen Page is a cunning, optimistic woman with a humorous nature and an unshakable loyalty and love for the people closest to her.

However, the series of traumatic events, from being framed for murdering her colleague at the Union Allied Constructionalmost being assassinated in prison and murdering James Wesleyevolves Page into a darker and more driven character, determined to bring those that wronged her to justice.

Though these personal tragedies have affected her greatly, she is first and foremost an extremely kind and caring person and doesn't allow her growing cynicism to affect her ideas or nature. Page's loyalty to her friends can make her act cold and spiteful if she feels hurt or shunned by the people she trusts. Being the only worker of Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock who was not aware that Murdock was Daredevil, she was the only one who was constantly being lied to.

After Nelson and Murdock stopped even speaking with each when Nelson discovered Daredevil's identity, it affected her state greatly, causing her to state that they were a team with Nelson and Murdock and this was not how a team acts.

Due to Nelson not informing her why this was happening, she threatened to punch him in the throat if he claimed the situation was "complicated" and stated that he did not care about her. These traits become more evident when she engaged in a romantic relationship with Murdock.

After a string of ill-concocted lies, his failure to appear at Frank Castle 's trial - effectively causing the firm to shut down, and Page finding a half-naked Elektra in his bed, she assumed the worst, severed all ties with him immediately, claiming he wasn't a hero that could save New York City. She can be viewed as a woman who gets into trouble quite often, from being caught in the crossfire of the Blacksmith framing the Punisher, almost being assassinated by Fisk numerous times, and kidnapped by the HandWesley and Ray Schoonover.

Later the Hand also kidnapped Page and she was rescued by Daredevil before he kissed Page, prompting Nelson to ask if they were officially dating. Dating a daredevil - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Want to meet eligible single . Now that Electra is out of the Daredevil picture and the Punisher has his own show, Season 3 of the Netflix series is taking it back to basics.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A hero lives here on the street. Among us. With us. Always here but rarely recognized. Look in the mirror and see yourself for what you truly are. You're a New Yorker. You're a hero.

Daredevil dating

This is your Hell's Kitchen. Welcome home. Contents [ show ]. I was gonna fix it! You ruined it! Why would you do that? Watch out! I didn't do this! It wasn't me, please, please you have to believe me. I didn't kill him. What the hell?

You can't, you can't take it to the police. You can't trust anyone! The VA kickbacks, toxic runoff, the Teachers Union scandal. Hell, you pretty much brought down the Italian mob back when I was in diapers. Whatever happened to that reporter, Mr.

And a hell of a lot less stupid. They busted the place up. You know I don't care what I signed or how much money they paid me to forget, I don't, and I'm not going to just stick my head in the sand and let it happen to somebody else because I am scared. Which I am, a lot. Somewhere out there there has to be a piece of paper, a witness, the truth. Fisk will get what he deserves, you have to believe that. Wilson just wanted him to stop. It wasn't his fault what he did.

Vistain what did your son do? Urich, I, I think it's my fault what happened to Ben, I pushed him into a story that he didn't want He was a reporter, that's what he lived for, and he passed doing what he loved, what he had to do.

That is a serious upgrade. Look in the mirror and you'll know. Look into your own eyes and tell me you are not heroic, that you have not endured, or suffered or lost the things you care about most. And yet, here you are a survivor of Hell's Kitchen the hottest place anyone's ever known. A place where cowards don't last long. So you must be a hero. We all are. Some more than others, but none of us alone. Some bloody their fists trying to keep the Kitchen safe. Others bloody the streets in the hope they can stop the tide, the crime, the cruelty the disregard for human life all around them.

But this is Hell's Kitchen. Angel or devil, rich or poor, young or old, you live here. You didn't choose this town. It chose you. Because a hero isn't someone who lives above us, keeping us safe.

A hero is not a god or an idea. A hero lives here on the street, among us, with us. You have every right to be angry. I should be. I should be really angry at you. But I watched you fight for me. Twice, actually. You know I dreamed about that? I played it over in my mind again and again, and I keep How can I be this mad at someone who saved my life?

The NYPD is prevailing. I report on it every day, and the crime rate's down. I really think that Daredevil may have made the city a safer place. But right now, the city 's better off without him. Whatever it is you're doing, or Daredevil is doing, I'm not a part of it anymore. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you're a part of Daredevil's world or not, because they may be coming after Matt Murdock's, too. He came to me. For all I know, this guy has something to do with what happened to my family.

I sometimes think that is all life is, we're just I know this city will pull together like it has so many times before. The Bulletin may have printed his words, but we've also given his letter to the FBIbecause we have faith in the institutions that he seeks to destroy. We must not tolerate those who use violence to communicate. This man is not a patriot. He's a coward, a terrorist.

That can't be the only place the problem lies. But you can't give a six-year-old a chainsaw. Karen, the numbers bear it out. The great majority of Americans agree on expanding background checks for all gun sales. Let's not blame the tool. Let's manage the owners. We were trying to patch things up, you know? We were walking to the car, and these two men grabbed my father. They tried to put him into this van to kidnap him. We only got away because the other guy attacked him.

You said there's another guy? He came out of nowhere. He had this black mask over his face. What I give a shit about is Fisk getting out of prison. We have to do something I have to do something about this. So don't tell me to back off, 'cause I won't. Ask him if he's the true owner of a shell company called Vancorp. I just ask better ones than you do. That's how he tricked the FBI into moving him to a hotel.

Got some lifer named Jasper Evans to shank him and then arranged for him to walk out of prison. On the books, Evans is in solitary. In reality, he's been set free. Get him to talk to you. Bulletin publishes the details. Fisk is exposed. And the FBI will be forced to send him back to prison.

So, yeah, you're right. I came to you 'cause I needed something. Saving him from himself. I don't think I can do it anymore. I think I'm done. It's nice to see you again. His duplicity or his death? He died quickly. If you were wondering. Didn't suffer much. You see, Wilson, Matt Murdock isn't the person you should be worried about. I killed Wesley. I shot him seven times. Because the clip ran out. He deserved more. The church has been helping people hide for 2, years.

Hide here. Someone who will flip on Fisk. But unlike Jasper Evanswe keep 'em alive this time. Someone who knows the details of Fisk's criminal operation who has nothing to lose.

No, we find someone who has everything to lose. All right? We've been manipulated by a sociopath who doesn't care about the truth or about who he hurts or about anyone other than himself. Last night, Wilson Fisk tried to have me killed because I know the truth. The man who was wearing the Daredevil suit is not the real Daredevil.

He is an impostor who is helping Wilson Fisk take back control of New York 's criminal underworld. But if we put this out there, it'll make Fisk's life a living hell. Therefore, anything they say is—" "You're telling me this is admissible in court? It's the silver bullet to take down Fisk.

The world has to know. We go back to helping people out of a crappy office, getting paid in chickens? So what do you think?

I killed three women. It doesn't matter what you did. It doesn't change how I feel about you. Look, I know you. You're brave.

You're strong. But you are so goddamn stubborn.

Why is this relevant in Season 3? Rumors surrounding this darker, surly season of Daredevil suggest that the series is adapting the "Born Again" comic book storyline written by the notoriously twisted Frank Miller. In that arc, Karen is a drug addict and leaks Daredevil's true identity to pay for her next hit. While Netflix's investigative journalist version of Karen doesn't seem likely to go down that particular path, it is possible that Matt could be grabbling with his vigilante secret going public in Season 3.

Whether or not Karen has anything to do with it, knowing who knows what and when could prove important. One of the nice things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a precedent set by Iron Man right off the bat, is that the characters don't tend to have secret identities.

These heroes have emotional baggage, that's for sure, but keeping secrets from loved ones isn't even in the overhead compartment. The exceptions to this rule are few and far between, but include characters like Peter Parker and, of course, Matt Murdock.

The tropes that Karen Page has to suffer through as a love interest unaware of who she's actually involved with are well-worn in comic movies and shows in general but rare in Marvel properties. Thankfully, she wasn't kept out of the dark for too long. Did Matt break up with her to "protect" her, as so many heroes do? Yes, but at least he wasn't additionally lying to her.

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