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  • 23.01.2019
  • by Zugor

Urban Dictionary: lacrosse player

Lacrosse Stereotypes

Top definition. He's so fucking fast its not funny. He's faster than our running back! And he actually has good grades unlike the entire retard football team. Lacrosse Player unknown.

Girl: that lacrosse player has great hairhes so hot.

A bunch of douche bags who couldn't make the football team. Wow, I didn't know that was legal in this state Kids that started baseball when they were younger and quit to start playing lacrosse because they were a disgrace to the game of baseball.

They are also douche bags who think they are hot shit and lacrosse is the greatest sport ever even though they probably suck at that too. NLR PANSA Osn Vaska Wce Henny Dick Dosser Anal Kisses NNN Malachi Crunch Witch's Kiss Simba'd Witches kiss.

If you decide to date a lax bro, you better know these things. Here is how to master the special species known as lax bro. The latest Tweets from Dating a lax bro? (@datingalaxbro): "I've been eating the same as always and I've been losing weight!". This is a lacrosse field Everything up to the first line on the left is the defensive it doesn't matter what you know, he will still be a cocky lax bro.

Lacrosse players have the best personality of any sport team. Minus the occasional spoiled egg, most lacrosse players are not cocky, arrogant, or rude. Besides always being the life of the party, I know that I can always count on lacrosse players to be easy going and not self conscious about acting like a bunch of lovable fools.

Violent I will never forget watching my first lacrosse game in high school and having no clue what to expect. Obviously, I ended up loving the sport but I was so intrigued by how violent the game was.

MIDD KID (Official Music Video)

The amount of blows you guys take from other players either with their bodies or their sticks is INSANE and you take it like a champ. I love it!

In the last two years, I have spent a majority of my time around, analyzing, and even dating a lacrosse players I certainly take my position. a lax bro is a guy who plays the dope sport called lax. He acts pretty gay, using language like “broski”, “stoked”, and “brah” to communicate with other fellow lax . we don't have lacrosse here, but i think some hipsters play it or something, and my cousin that lives in MD does, and he's kindof a douche, but i.

The number of submitted stories of lacrosse teams around the country playing for a cure or to help raise money to donate to a cause never fails to impress me. War 4 The Shore Lacrosse Tournament. Jerseys While writing for laxplayground.

lax will come back to haunt me as an adult when I go out on a date the book got published and BroBible ran some excerpts, they got a taste. Unlike football players, we date any girl who is dateable. Lacrosse players are usually cool in nature, and love laxin. Also. by Lax Bro 38 July 09, If we're not playing lacrosse, we're thinking about or eating food, which makes us the perfect companion for date night. We will literally eat.

There are no other sports with jerseys as sick or players as creative to come up with some of these crazy jerseys.

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