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  • 24.03.2019
  • by Madal

Buescher Band Instrument Company - Wikipedia

Have You Met Miss Jones - 1935 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

I love vintage saxophones that have been lovingly restored to playability, if not to their original patina. Nearly all American, European, and even Japanese saxophones made before are more solid than the average saxophone coming out of China today. Frankly they made things better in those days. And many surviving recordings of swing, jazz, rock, and even orchestral saxophones recorded before were made with those same horns. To start there, please jump to our Evaluating Used Saxophones article. Learning to play saxophone is one thing.

Saxophones[edit] date prior to ; "True Tone, The Buescher Mfg. Co., Elkhart, Ind." with bell/tuning fork logo engraved on bell. The saxophone has undergone countless design changes and Buescher was a former employee after all, and competed with Conn, Martin and King The King Co. has a long and storied history dating back to when. This complete Buescher serial number chart was derived from the data of Albert .. Any Adolphe Sax instrument sold after this date was most likely already.

Many design changes also were enacted during the 20 years of production, leading to inconsistencies across the brand. Even with some imperfect horns in the bunch, the Mark VI is still widely considered the best saxophone ever produced, with many modern manufacturers emulating its design and ergonomics.

The SX90R is available in a shadow nickel-silver, black nickel, gold, or vintage finish, each offering a distinct sound and visual interpretation. The palm keys are adjustable, allowing the player to raise or lower them to their own comfort, a feature unique to Keilwerth.

With a company history dating back as far asthe Yanagisawa Co. Two of their most popular models are the lacquered brassand the lacquered bronzewhich was introduced inboth available for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. The bronze finish typically results in a darker tone, dependent on the player, and both finishes feature beautiful hand engraving.

These horns are known for their effortless playability and comfort in the altissimo register.

The altos seem to have gained much more popularity than the Yanagisawa tenors as is evident by the roster of artists that play the horns, which includes Antonio Hart, Mark Gross, Tia Fuller and Bruce Williams. Released in and available for the full line of saxophones, the Selmer Series III was designed as a versatile horn with improvements in timbre, intonation and flexibility, made possible by the advancing technology. Introduced inthe Selmer Reference is a spin on vintage Selmer designs, but benefiting from modern manufacturing capabilities.

Its rich sound and vintage aesthetic have made it a very popular choice among collegiate and professional jazz saxophonists alike.

Serial Numbers

Across the full manufacturing spectrum, Yamaha makes some of the most consistent and highest-quality new instruments.

They are well engineered and little difference will be found between saxophones of the same line, unlike many of the vintage horns which were produced without such modern technologies. The Custom Z is a brighter horn and designed for jazz players while the Custom EX was designed for the classical saxophonist. Both are incredibly easy to play. While they are beautiful, durable, and consistent instruments some may argue they lack the character and sound qualities of many vintage saxophones.

It should be noted that Yamaha also makes one of the highest quality and affordable student model saxophones on the market, the YAS - The youngest of all the companies on this list, P. Mauriat has been quickly gaining traction since its establishment in Their saxophones are constructed with high quality brass that is hand hammered in the factory providing the player with beautiful tone and projection.

Dating buescher saxophones

It is a wonderfully constructed instrument, boasting rolled tone holes with no soldering resulting in better response and intonation, an enlarged hand shaped bell and a vintage retro look. Maurait horns due to their modern design and construction. Your experiences with a specific saxophone manufacturer may be completely different from that of a colleague.

Photos from kesslermusic. Reverb Articles. Conn M Series. Buescher The Martin. King Super Selmer Paris Mark VI.

In most cases the reason is for the one stated above, but it is always worth checking when buying an instrument. Ask the seller privately for the number and do a search for that instrument. I will be adding more soon, as well as checking for accuracy and updating these with more historical and instrument information.

Buescher True Tone alto sax for sale

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Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, BUESCHER Serial Numbers True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co. Kangaroo Pads on your Buescher? Sigurd Rascher's Saxophone? . Date this "The Buescher" bari mouthpiece · 2 Questions-1)Exact Selmer Buyout Date. Determining your saxophone's age is crucial when evaluating its overall value. Buescher saxophone's are typically marked with a serial.

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Check your saxophone serial numbers with this chart and find out the year of manufacture for Vintage Buescher, Conn, Martin, King & Selmer Serial Numbers. That's why we have a “beginning” date range for our definition of “Vintage,” . A “ Low Pitch” prewar name-brand sax (most likely a Conn, Buescher, Martin, King). Serial Number, Year Manufactured. Model Introduced: True Tone. A fire at the Elkhart, IN Buescher plant in destroyed all prior records. 5, 5, .

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Buescher Band Instrument Company

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