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  • 07.02.2019
  • by Shaktijar

dating coleman lantern globes

Quick review of "Woods" brand mesh lantern globe (fits Coleman models 335, 321, 288, etc.)

Only the burner assembly parts were different from Model on this page , from the generator to the burner caps and larger, round air tubes lower image, left Model H took larger mantles and was rated at candlepower Diehl. This lantern was restored by Steve Retherford for Mike Coon, whose collection this is in. Coleman also made these LZ left and LZ right lanterns, known here by their Coleman numbers, for several retailers including Sears and Montgomery Ward. These lanterns have a separate post to support the burner; the air tube, which is curved in these models, opens below the mantles. The mica globes were removed for the images. The embossed ventilators date it to or later. Although this lantern has a later style baffle plate, the usual baffle plate in this version is as in the lower image.

The No. If you have any information on the US or Canadian globe timeline please send me whatever data you have. The timeline is a catch all for the newer globes. This is my notation of what globes I have in my collection. I do this to respect to the original contributors instead of replacing their photo with one of my own. Darren This member has passed away.

I just wrote a post dating coleman lantern globes it here. I will always choose you. School is taught in Kirundi in the lower grades and in French at the secondary. Results 76 - of Vintage Green Coleman Gas Camping Lantern Model F Pyrex Globe. Cool old Coleman lantern model F. Date stamped 1. Sandblast etched large sunshine logo over “Coleman”. If you guys with NIB lanterns want to publish the globe type and date of.

Not sure if this helps or not, but my November, '41 B has the straight line Coleman upper and lower case letters globe. Darren Purveyor of Pyrex 3, posts. Thanks for the info.

Not sure of the proper globe. Im still having issues dating my B. sorry my 30B came with a coleman marked mica globe that i believe. Coleman made hundreds of Arc lantern Model H from - (Strong The mica globes were removed for the images. is date stamped May, Results 97 - of Get the best deal for Coleman Lantern Globe from the largest online selection at Coleman lantern F date 8/71 Original Pyrex Globe.

I've also updated my globe site with a few more globes and a couple of spreadsheets I've been working on. Globe Collecting Site!

Dating a Coleman CQ

Flash The one and only This is a good list But please state that this applies to mostly lanterns made in the USA Canada globes are similar, but there are differnt ones. I know there is 3 or 4 different globes that came on the 's Also there is a Red and Green Sunrise globes used in Canada.

I can figure things out later as I'm on the phone with my mother. Dmacp Senior Member 5, posts. Canadian straightline and sunshine globes differ from their USA counterparts. Straightline globes also differ slightly.

Dating coleman globes

Dan ICCC member Meodee Over Posts! Kudos Darren Thank You for the effort! I have no idea how to determine how old a globe may, or may not, be. Globes have a great range of interchangeability.

Older, or newer, ones can be put into anything. Decades ago I bout a case containing all the globes that were on hand at Smith Bros. I assumed that all were the red logo size. Some were older styles. Since then I have added a couple of my older globes to the case for safe keeping.

Coleman Lantern Globe Reference

Now, I can only positively Identify one from the original purchase. It has writing in grease pencil from Smith Bros.

Then there were the places that repaired Coleman products. Who knows what was salvaged and given new life there.

Good luck. Lamplighter44 Richard. Thanks guys.

How to Improve and Operate Coleman Exponent 229 Peak lantern

I'm aware of the Canadian differences. For now I'm just trying to expand on the current list. I've always thought there was some room for improvement with it because all of the red letter globes were grouped together. JimDouglasJr King of Kamplite 11, posts. We definitely determined that red letter globes were showing up for sure in from NIB examples, at least the size.

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Dating a Coleman® lantern is very easy, 95% of the time. Most made after the mids have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or . Photo documentation of Coleman and other brand lantern globes seems all of this style found to date are cracked, it appears this style could not take the heat. Hi all, I'd appreciate some help in dating a Coleman CQ that arrived at mia http ://

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