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  • 20.01.2019
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- Dating Dr. Stephen Strange would include:

The Secret Meaning Of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness's Title

Tagged by: locke-writes. I tag: jonedwardbernthal , mrsrafaelbarba , meri47 , this-red-in-my-ledger and anybody else who wants in. Originally posted by milesgmorales. Originally posted by fangirlanimedisney. Originally posted by call-me-nightwing. Originally posted by juiceshampuck. Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs.

Originally posted by supagirl. I tag… locke-writesthis-red-in-my-ledger and whomever else! Favorite Colors: Black, purple, white, and pink! Especially creamy shades of pink and deep shades of purple. So specific and yet searching it has brought me nothing. Last Movie I Watched: I honestly have no clue?? Inspiration for Muse: It depends on the character but even then, I think it just generally pops out of joke ideas.

Specific, I know. Meaning Behind My URL: My lack of confidence in my writing leaves me convinced that the experience of reading them will eventually turn regrettable for most involved. Tagged by locke-writesjust bold your preference and tag the folks at home.

I summon: jonedwardbernthalmrsrafaelbarbaand other dwellers of the void to the forefront! Eddie is a big fan of public transportation and frequently takes buses around town to explore. Not fun.

It vacillates between playing things like 80s pop to swing music to shamisen music to warped audio clips of Ronald Reagan speeches that make him so mad he runs faster than is probably healthy for him.

His number one pet peeve, though? Period actors or actresses wearing makeup.

He once accidentally said that Richard M. Eddie does pottery and has a shed in the backyard where he throws his own teapots and dishware. Eddie gets really uncomfortable when students get crushes on him, and there have been a couple times. It makes him feel really gross and he does his best to dissuade and discourage any of that behavior.

Eddie has a strong stomach and can eat some truly weird, unpalatable things. He likes to have the option of privacy and whether or not he wants to share; having that taken away at all makes him very, very annoyed. Eddie may look like a hipster, but he is the furthest thing from it.

Note: This alternate universe scenario will start out in a world where both Marvel and DC characters live together. This is important because … Well …. Not a chance in Hell that this could go well for either party or anyone not even involved. Lemme break this down:. The lady follows soon after. Tagged By: locke-writes dear god I needed this distraction thank you hard.

I hardly ever have the time or energy to read anymore, but they always tend to be YA fiction when I get the chance. It depends on the character, I suppose, but much of what I think about writing tends to stem from humor or one-not scenes that pop from nowhere.

Mar 23, - Dating Stephen Strange Would Include• Setting that arrogance straight • Sure, he's learned his lessons about how cockiness gets you nowhere  Height?: ?5''' (please, let me have that half inch). Apr 14, - Dating Stephen Strange And Being Tony Stark's Daughter Would Include Requested by @ryleigh-jae: 1. Being Scott McCall's sister and dating. -Him having a hard time training you as he can't help but get turned on whenever you'd both spar, especially as you'd feel like teasing him and mess Doctor Strange flirting with you would include: .. Headcanons for dating Doctor Strange?

But I always had ideas for stories and headcanon, so I would spam send headcanons and oneshots to writing blogs I enjoyed and, to my delight, they tended to enjoy them right back!

Tagging: jonedwardbernthal and anyone who wants in. Posts No requests, please and thank you! Whatcha Say, Whatcha Got? Not as dramatically as before, though. The training regimen can be demanding and for as many taunts he directs at you, he never wants you to feel discouraged or incompetent if he can help it.

Dating Stephen Strange would include…

However, after so much insisting, he agrees. Mainly because you point out how useful it would be for there to be one more sorcerer on his side in the event of a threat He also enjoys the idea of being in the position of teacher. Because on one hand, seeing you encased in something of his own sets a fire of pride and contentment inside of him. Plus, you just look so cute and small engulfed in that thing.

But on another, the Cloak refuses to let go of you some times when Stephen really needs it: There have been more than two occasions when the Cloak is on Stephen, but the end is still wrapped around you. So when Stephen tries sprinting off to fix a problem only magic can hinder, you sometimes get unwillingly dragged along for a couple of feet.

Or a couple of hallways. This is like if Harry Potter lost his wand!

Doctor Strange being sexually attracted to your innocent appearance/personality would include :

Of course, there are completely normal ones like Sweetie or Steph. Strangelove, Stephen Multiple Universe, Dr. Who, Dr. Pooh-Bear he hates this and you can get away with it in the confines of your room or in the studyProf. Just on occasion, though. When you guys do get to leave the Sanctum, you still usually wind up doing something tame.

Your lives as sorcerers-in-training are hectic enough, and a simple coffee or dinner date suits you just fine. Though it weirds you out to no end to see Stephen in his civilian clothes … PDA also being a mixed situation Stephen has never been the most affectionate person throughout his life, preferring to take what he could get within reason by way of his wits.

Him noting that his hands tend to tremble even less when he touches you.

Okay, tell you what: Until we find you one, you can share the Cloak with me. Sound fair? Because based on its actions, it was probably going to be like that anyway. But learning is a process. And a damn difficult one at that. Especially for someone as stubborn as Stephen Strange. Asking your opinion on a complicated matter. Always asking you to be the one to stand next to him in surgery. Sending you to work with others because he thinks they will benefit from your being there, rather than you benefiting from them.

He will seek your companionship at work even if you never become friends outside of it. Despite how hard it is to work for him, it is rewarding. You love your job. And you love that he is teaching you to save lives. Still cocky, intelligent, and a perfectionist, being his apprentice is almost harder than being his resident. More caring. You almost could fall for him because of the way he handles things. Especially when you learn he was willing to be the chew toy of the big and nasty in order to save literal Humanity.

He is strict but kind. Once you prove yourself to him, he will respect you from then on out. He makes friends a little easier now.

Dating doctor strange would include

But the world is on the line so if you fail him in some way you only get that one chance. If you blow it, people could die. The work is rewarding but it is hard. And he will never make it any easier for you. Watching him is like watching a master painter create something amazing. It is awe inspiring.

Marvel Teases Doctor Strange Release Date, Future Avengers Movies & More

Girl, I rewatched Doctor Strange, today, to answer this. It was fun.

May 3, - Doctor Strange having a crush on you would include: (Woooo more prompts -Him finding himself often speaking ill of the men you'd date in a. Apr 18, - Dating Dr. Strange Would Involve • Plenty of sarcasm to go around • Meeting him by being his patient • Continuous flirtation between you and. Apr 30, - dating stephen strange would include(gif not mine) holy shit i love this dude so much aaaA • calling him different nicknames to bother him (mr.

I actually enjoy that movie, despite its problems. Log in Sign up. What if…. Cause I really kinda like the idea that it could have been deliberate. Doctor Strange flirting with you would include : Originally posted by suhomantics Woooo more prompts!

Doctor Strange having a breeding kink would include : Originally posted by lichtblickpink Woooo more prompts! I wonder if he has a Buzzfeed Unsolved about him. And if he does, imagine Peter watching it and losing his mind. Ask shenanigans-and-imagines a question doctor stange doctor strange x reader stephen strange stephen strange x reader doctor strange headcanon stephen strange headcanon marvel mcu.

Stephen Strange teen! Stephen being a Hogwarts student would involve Originally posted by the-strange-anthology House: Ravenclaw Sorting Stephen Strange into one of the four houses of Hogwarts was a no-brainer. It was rather an easy job for the sorting hat actually. He was especially proficient in Defence against the Dark Arts and Potions, which he always got himself an O Outstanding in both subjects.

His outstanding performance in class had helped his house earning a lot of points, which led Ravenclaw getting the House Cup seven years in a row. Not that he injured himself frequently, but he loved learning from Madam Pomfrey, the school matron, when she treated the wounded students. Stephen was the only visitor Madam Pomfrey welcomed in her Hospital Wing because of his wit and tireless passion in healing magic. Sometimes when Madam Pomfrey was too busy, she allowed Stephen to treat one or two individuals.

Treating Thor annoyed Stephen the most. Thor was brought to the Hospital Wing every three days because he was so dumb that he was constantly stabbed by his brother, Loki, in various ways and Stephen had to deal with the same old wound over and over again, like it never came to an end.

To do so, he went insane when preparing N. Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test in his seventh year at Hogwarts. Madam Pomfrey was happy to provide a recommendation letter for him.

Ask writinqss a question marvel doctor strange marvel headcanon doctor strange headcanon original content. Doctor Strange running through the library like a kid in a candy store while singing his own rendition of "What's this?

May 19, - Dating Stephen Strange would include • Being a sorceress long before Stephen arrived at Kamar-Taj • Calling him 'Cheekbones' for obvious. May 11, - Dating Dr. Stephen Strange would include: When you would first meet him, you could not stand his overly inflated ego. You had met him at the. May 5, - @thedreamsmith [MASTER LIST] Dating Stephen Strange would involve: • You meet him before he becomes a super hero, a wizard.

Doctor Strange Useless Headcanon When Stephen is feeling angry or frustrated, he canalizes the anger into his training, building something noble with it, such as new knowledge, stronger spells or martial arts. Ask doctorstrangeaskblog a question doctor strange doctor strange headcanon marvel Anonymous replied. And Stephen always flips through it too, looking for ideas…. Doctor Strange headcanon Even if a surgery went well, Stephen is always scared for post operation meetings with the patient family members.

Doctor Strange: Timeline Headcanon. But, wait, this is my headcanon so no.

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