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  • 02.01.2019
  • by Kara

Pin on Things that make me grin

Melissa Gorga in a Fat Suit - Part 1

Women who showed up looking fatter than their photo had very different experiences. Keep it classy dude. The Huffington Post piece points out that a study has shown that women who date online are afraid of meeting a serial killer and men who date online are afraid of meeting someone fat, that definitely seems to be playing out here. Still there are things to be learned from this. What if someone had makeup on, or a padded push up bra, or shapewear in the picture but not on the date?

No reason to stick around because anyone that would alter their photo with definitely alter everything about them. I would be out of there! I have to say you really hit the nail on the head here. I did see the social experience and I had my own issues with it. For one, I think they were manipulated in a way. I cannot phantom that all the guys were rude to the obese woman, and all the girls were just nice to the obese guy!

That is BS! I think vice versa could of happened to either gender, such as one of the guys could of stuck around and been nice to the girl, and one of the women could of ditched the fat guy.

This social experiment was biases, I dont believe it at all. Moral of the story I know men and woman across the board in America are shallow!

While I understand the data, we just care way too much about looks in this society instead of focusing on real issues.

I also had issues with this one. I thought it was manipulative for sure. Tinder is definitely a superficial app anyway! I think this experiment is dumb. We used to learn as kids that there are nice people and mean people. Wonderful post and responses.

Ok, I think Ive been under my rock too long. I am a big girl, and I met my husband through eHarmony. I posted pictures of myself which were truthful and accurate, though taken at the most flattering angle.

After months of talking, we finally decided to meet in person, and by this time had exchanged more pictures and such, but I was still frightened that he might be turned off by my appearance. I even asked him if he was disappointed. Thankfully, I got a good one. He said that he knew I was big before we started talking, and that I was more radiant and beautiful in person. My husbands weight over the years has got really heavy, and now he is getting to where he wants to be, I just am not sure I could learn about someone online first, I would just need to meet them naturally.

I think it is cruel to make the people overweight or obese to shock the date. How cruel to people who are overweight.

I have so many friends and relatives who are overweight and are beautiful, caring loving giving people and know many skinny women who are the b word.

Online dating can be difficult and awkward. Tinder, one of the most popular online dating apps has made it easy for people to meet their. Recently a site dedicated to "the fine art of picking up girls" decided to see what happens when men and women get dates online using pictures. Tinder Experiment Sends A Woman In A Fat Suit On Dates It may have happened to you before: You show up for a date with someone you.

My husband loves me no matter what. Why is it ok in our society to be prejudiced against fat people? My husband who is normal weight heat everything he wants and eats all night long and never gains weight.

A lot of my heavier friends eat a fraction of what he eats. It is not always their fault. I was not surprised at all by the results. In fact, I thought the men acted just like men.

Online Dating in a Fat Suit

Now that I am visible not heavythe reaction I get from men is astonishing, and shameful really. I write about motherhood, entrepreneurship and empowering women to live their best lives.

Adventures in dating.

Body Shaming Plus Sized Model - Social Experiment 2017

What would you do if your date showed up looking nothing like their picture? October 2, by Tracey. Jana Tolman October 2, at pm. Tracie Everyday October 2, at pm. Shell October 2, at pm. Masshole Mommy October 2, at pm. I think they were unnecessary, too. Way to humiliate people that are truly over weight. Christina Aliperti October 2, at pm. Chrystal Mahan October 2, at pm. Katie Chalk it up to Better Luck October 2, at pm. Shop with Me Mama October 2, at pm.

Pam October 2, at pm. Jinxy and Me October 3, at am. Casa Vilora Interiors October 3, at am.

online dating fat suit What if your date turns out nothing like you had seen of him/ her in pictures when you meet? Would you be disappointed. So, they decided to run a social experiment to test this theory and dressed up an attractive girl in a fat suit to see how some guys using Tinder (a popular dating. Girl Wears A Fat Suit And Goes On A Date - #funny #dating.

LhasaLuma October 3, at am. DeDa Studios October 3, at am.

Maddi'sMommy October 3, at am. Kiwi October 3, at am. Christie C October 3, at pm.

My opinion on the popular Tinder Fat Suit Experiment video. These videos were based on the premise that women's number one fear with online dating is that they'll meet a serial killer. Men, on the other. We all know that the dating app Tinder is about as superficial as online dating gets: you swipe through pics of potential dates and decide.

Krystal Butherus October 3, at pm. Jaredamy October 3, at pm. Lori Gunn October 3, at pm. Chigozirim Brinxs October 4, at am. Christina G. Then the dates happened.

Yes, all the female dates verbally acknowledged that their male date did not look the way they had expected him to look, but the women were WAY COOLER about this unexpected turn of events. This is not disrespect and hate these men have been carrying around since birth.

Dating fat suit

This behavior is learned. We are brainwashing our little boys from the cradle on to believe that the worst possible thing that can happen on a date is for the girl in question to be bigger than expected. The prosthetics and padding worn by both the male and female subject looked pretty obviously fake I was actually surprised that 0 out of the 10 subjects caught on to what was going on and overall was just a sloppy way of portraying what a bigger woman or man looks like.

Particularly how gorgeous and awesome curves and bigger bodies can be. Fat suits, by nature, are cartoonish and distorting devices. And this experiment was designed for the sole purpose of showing how messed up the world is to the plus-sized community in particular, plus-sized women and we already KNOW the world is messed up in this particular way.

Woman challenges Tinder users by wearing fat suit

This experiment seems to sympathize with larger bodies, but I worry that what it really does is disempower this community. I want this community to be empowered on the regular.

So maybe we can start by retiring the dumb-like-whoa fat suit.

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