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  • 05.01.2019
  • by Mamuro

Antique Gilbert Clocks Value & Price Guide -

Gilbert Clock 1908

The clock was 2 feet long, round on top where the face and hands go, skinny middle with flower design on wood and small sqare bottom with glass picture front. You can imagine how shocked I was to be in the Goodwill store watching several people picking up a beautiful Gilbert clock and discarding it like trash! So I grabbed it. I am not a collector, but am impressed by this wonderfull piece of art. On the bottom of the face it is stamped made in the u. On top there is a metal American eagle figure.

Gilbert Clock 1908

Sooth Registered User. Here is a small cottage clock by WM. Winchester, Conn. The movement is a 30 hour "ladder" type with a spring that is mounted outside the backplate. Here is a WM.

Bristol, Conn. It has a very finely numbered dial, and thin elegant hands. I have one other which is for sale, in a rosewood case with a gilded moulding.

That one has a Winchester Conn. Label and an 8 day movement. A couple more. An 11" cottage clock, the Comet. Tran shows one from the catalogue; this one may be some later, but is nicer looking if I may be allowed than the one shown in the catalogue.

Also, a "porcelain," the No. The dial is a replacement, possibly German. Nov 26, 4, 83 Country Flag:. Thought I would pitch in with my one and only Gilbert. It is a miniature walnut gingerbread alarm time piece called the "Cute". The last pic shows it next to a standard sized walnut gingerbread to get a sense of its size and proportions. JPG File size: An interesting clock appeared on ebay last week. Seller has given me permission to use her pictures in our discussion. Name associated with the French Broad River.

Ca: 's. Og shelf clock with Gilbert spring movement" It caught my attention both for the name, and the fact that it is a calendar OG. I thought it interesting even though Gilbert seems to have supplied only the movement.

Calendar OG. Calendar OG2.

Calendar Og3. Calendar OG 4. Calendar OG 5. Calendar OG6. Calendar OG 7. Calendar OG 8.

Richard T. Apr 7, 5, 2 0 Country Flag: Region Flag:. They were cased and labeled in the south. I have this same clock with a Southern Clock Co. It also has a Gilbert movement and a simple calendar.

I have seen a few calendar OGees. There isn't much information on the Southern Clock Co. This has been posted before but I haven't searched for it.

Gilbert Clocks

My clock strikes on a cathedral gong. I'll pull the dial and see what's there since I don't recall It has a slightly different movement, no Geneva stops.

Winstead, Conn USA. Upper right corner front plate has an "H" at an angle. These clocks are original, round dial and all Best, Richard T. I have copied this post from another thread. Southern Clock Co Ogee.

Help dating a Gilbert movement.

Southern Clock Co. Here is an interesting little cottage clock.

wm l gilbert clock with alarm Old Clocks, Antique Clocks, Clock Shop, Ticks. Visit An American drop dial Calendar Clock dating from c, by the William L. Results 1 - 48 of Get the best deal for Gilbert Collectible Shelf & Mantel Clocks L. GILBERT No. PORCELAIN MANTLE CLOCK DATED "" My father found this movement a few years back, fixed it up (somewhat) and put it in his own home made frame. He's gone now, but I would like some help.

Thanks for the information. I had thought wrong i guess that the company had changed names and that when it was called "Wm. I also saw a 41 stamped on the front plate. It was Wm. Then it became the William L.

Dating gilbert clocks

Gilbert Clock Company. Post a picture of your movement showing the stamp on it. Gilbert certainly didn't have a bim-bam strike in the 's, so your movement would have to be period correct for the 's, not the 's. Thanks a bunch Harold right now the movement is not assembled, I am in the middle of figuring out the strike train, a couple of the bars are stumping me but I think i'm close. I will try and get a picture of the plate on here tonight.

Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Gilbert Clocks. William L. Gilbert was one of the foremost clockmakers of 19th-century Connecticut, a state. Though most clock collectors use as the date The Gilbert Manufacturing Company started producing its inexpensive clocks, founder. Antique Gilbert Clocks Price Guide. Price Guide · Pequegnat “Swan” Shelf Clock Pequegnat “Capitol” Shelf Clock Gilbert Walnut “Spokane” Kitchen Clock.

I apreciate the info. Thanks again!

William Gilbert c. paper label 2. William Gilbert c. paper label. William Gilbert c. paper label 2, William Gilbert c. paper label 2. Clocks made by The William L. Gilbert Clock Company. It is dated , with the number on the back. I would love to know the history and value of this gift . Hello I am new to this place and wonderful hobby. I purchased a Gilbert Tambour style Mantle clock and was looking for some info on the.

Thyme Banned. Sep 18, 3, 1 0 metro NY area. I took a couple pictures of the Gilbert but the one I took of the Movement stamp came out all washed out, you could not read the stamp.

Gilbert 2. So, it sounds like the movement is properly stamped for it's time period Tran Duy Ly's Gilbert book doesn't show your case, so can't give you a name to go with the model number. Clock labels name the place of manufacture as either Bristol or Winsted, Connecticut. When identifying Gilbert clocks, look on the back of the clocks.

Gilbert Clock Company. Throughout all its manifestations, the one constant was the name "Gilbert.

See Resource. Over the years, Gilbert created various styles. The company created such diverse clocks as the banjo clock and ornate mantel clocks, as well as small alarm clocks.


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