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Main -> Dating -> Woozi's Booty Got Me On Duty . Dating Lucas would include:
  • 16.01.2019
  • by Dunos

Woozi's Booty Got Me On Duty . Dating Lucas would include:

NCT Lucas as Your Boyfriend

Originally posted by imbluesky. Check out the rules. Networks we are in. Posts Boyfriend! Request: Yes. Lucas is the type to start playing hard to get.

Mark Lee was completely and utterly stunning, he always seemed to leave you breathless and feeling as if you were floating in the vast void of space. You pressed a kiss against his nose, watching as it crinkled up.

Apr 18, - Dating Lucas would include: Really lame pick up lines. “Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?” He would constantly be trying to impress you. Has no issue with getting close to you while in public. “Have I told you how cute I think you are?” Kisses you in public when you guys are on a date.

Just how beautiful it is to exist. He nodded, his hand moving a piece of hair out of your eyes.

You kissed his lips again, grateful that you could spend the day in bed. To explain the infinite, with love and wonder.

How rare and beautiful it is that we, as humans, as ourselves, even exist.

Sorry for not updating lately. Posts Hello!

May 5, - Cuddling w/ Lucas • wARMTH • Warmth • He is the warmest person on earth • You could You could either cuddle wearing sweatpants and shirts or wearing nearly nothing and it Which includes intertwining your legs and pulling you into his chest while you just talk about dumb stuff my NCT side blog. Feb 28, - Lucas “Request: Hello Can I request for what's the Yukhei's ideal type? or at dinner date; nonetheless it's still funny as how excited he gets. Feb 28, - Dating Lucas this boy has not left me alone since he was introduced in that vlive, but enjoy this fluffy Originally posted by nctmark (also he would be the type to wear hairbands on his wrist in case you ever needed one).

Request Away! Submit a post Archive. He grinned though, and took your hand.

Dating lucas nct would include

Upon reaching the amusement park, you could see Yukhei get more and more excited. He was such a child but you loved it. He wanted to be that boyfriend and win you a one of the prizes so that was one of the first things you guys did after getting your tickets.

You didn't even have time to object as he was already dragging you toward one of the shooting mini games. It was sad, he didn't win.

So he paid for another try until he got you a prize. Because Yukhei was a man, he wasn't giving up that easily.

Jul 16, - sick gf. JUNGKOOK- dating life in school. Dating jungkook would include. JAEHYUN: younger sister idol. DREAM + LUCAS: getting into an argument. LUCAS: NERVOUS MEETING MEMBERS feat + Haechan. LUCAS: dating would include. Jun 14, - ¦often and lucas knew he was falling. ¦harder. ¦. ¦— he always wanted your attention. ¦and would be super clingy. ¦. ¦— you didn't. Jun 20, - Dating Lucas! •what have i done •first thing's first •he will be your hype man •for a n y t h i ng •like •u could be doodling bc ur bored and lucas.

He had to show you he was the best boyfriend ever even though you already thought that about him. You guys had an amazing time at the park.

Yukhei nearly ate down the whole hotdog stand but it was okay because he shared with you. The whole time, his hand was around your waist or around your shoulder and you did not mind it at all.

Feb 28, - “Hello, could you write boyfriend or dating aus for Jungwoo and Lucas? happened at the NCT dorms, and you can bet who freaked out more. Mar 22, - boyfriend lucas anon asked: 'boyfriend yukhei plsss? big clingy boy; like he'll actually have his arms around you whenever he can. Mar 3, - if you want a chill relationship, you probably shouldn't date Lucas. • he's the type of boyfriend who will run up to you and clinge onto you like a.

They are huge on you, and he loves it, since seeing you with sweaterpaws is so cute. He loves watching movies with you, mostly because he gets to hold you close to him.

Irish Doll

Even if you are just hanging out with them, he gets jealous. He probably has a fear Yuta or Taeyong will steal you away from him, even though they both would never do anything to cause this fear.

He would be ten times worse than usual when you are sick. Talk about flirty, this boy is gonna be the biggest flirt with you, before and after you start dating. Fights with him, would honestly be bad, but at least they would be rare, extremely rare.

Like anything worthy of a fight, has to be a huge issue, and the fight would also be big. Like screaming and throwing things.

He never responds to text also. He prefers face to face conversation or phone calls to texting. Just make him sit there and read the recipe. He wants your attention constantly, so be prepared for him to do stuff like moving your laptop from your lap or removing a book from your hands, so you pay attention to him. He also loves just hearing your voice, and would probably ask you to read to him or something.


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