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  • 28.12.2018
  • by Gardami

dating Peterson pipes – Peterson Pipe Notes

All Pipes Considered - Peterson System Pipes -

A Peterson briar pipe. The majority of pipes sold today, whether handmade or machine-made, The preferred material was pipeclay or "tobacco pipe clay", Broken fragments of clay pipe can be useful as dating evidence for archaeologists. Silver Band Dating Silver hallmarks are placed on the silver after an assay office, in Peterson's case, the Dublin Assay Office, has verified that the silver content is indeed sterling, in other words. Thank you date the metal pipes dating the stinger, is a pair of kaywoodie pipes. There does anyone could he have went on the pipes. Send photos and sell tobacco the pipe tobacco and for dating and dutch auction on collecting, and collectors love. Welcome to the world of Peterson craftsmanship, where elegance and dedication to quality go hand in hand.

Dating a Sterling Silver Peterson with No Hallmarks

The shape series numbers were in place by the catalog, and the book details the evolution of how they came about, as well as providing a cross-reference table of System shapes with other series numbers. The shape has had two other numbers: the X, also in use today in the Classic or non-System Range, and the 72, its old Dunmore Premier System number.

The late Mike Leverette in his 'A Peterson Dating Guide' Peterson pipes made during the majority of this period had no. It's a nice general dating guide to Peterson pipes. http://thepetersonpipeproject. I was looking at old Premier System Pipe I have and I noticed that the hallmarks are only "K&P" rather than the hallmark dating codes.

This only tells us what we will find out from other evidence: that the pipe was made after or so. But redundancy, as communication theorists know, is a welcome tool. While the vast majority of shapes in the Peterson catalog have exactly the same external dimensions they did when they were first introduced barring slight differences caused by sanding and sandblastingthere are a few that have changed slightly over the years.

But the has also changed over the years, becoming slightly less curvy, a little thinner in the shank, and a bit shorter.

You can see this in the two photos below. In the first, from left to right are height examples from the Eire era, the Early Republic era, the Late Republic era, and the Dublin present era. As you can see, the two on the left are the same height and the two on the right are the same.

Dating peterson pipes

At some point between the late s and the late s, the bowl was shortened a bit and given a slightly thinner shank. When a Peterson has a band or a ferrule, this is often the best place to begin. Peterson has only had five or six silversmiths in its long history an amazing factand each has had his distinctive style of turning.

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Looking at the hallmark chart in the encyclopedia chapter, we read that, having no hallmarks, this ferrule was turned between and It has, furthermore, been used in most every decade since it appeared. And I may still when I get a bit more information.

We shall now turn to another criteria used to date Peterson pipes that is much more accurate than the previously mentioned guides, although here again there . The "Made in Ireland" block format (above) can be another headache in dating Peterson pipes since this stamp was used in the late Patent Era. This meerschaum pipe was crafted in two years after the Kapp brothers and Charles Peterson patented their system (see date letter chart.

Both men were factory managers at one time or another, both did pipe repair, shaping, sanding and all the other jobs that go into making a factory pipe. And they both were capable artisans by the standards of their day and could hand-turn both bowls and mouthpieces, sometimes for customers visiting the factory and sometimes on commission through mail order. This had more to do with the nature of of the wood and constraints of time than anything else.

One thing that bothered Paddy more than anything else, he told me inwas spending several hours shaping a bowl only to have it go all to hell on him just as he was getting it close to completion. Remember that in a factory, the goal is to use every piece of briar the company buys.

The XL-sized dublin pictured above, never smoked, is an example of what happened when thing went smoothly—a Pete Geek was touring the factory in the mids, asked if Paddy could make a pipe for him, and a few days later returned to pick up this great piece, which he could never afterwards bring himself to smoke: fantastic grain, incredible shaping, all cut and shaped by Larrigan himself.

In the course of our conversation I asked about the mids Kapp-Royal Italian lineand in his response, Mario not only sent catalog pages of the Kapp-Royal, but also talked about another line which he revived and marketed at approximately the same time, the Wicklow c. While the Wicklow documented in the Peterson book was a fairly standard mid-grade Peterson Classic Range line, Mario enthused about several forgotten shapes that have since disappeared from the catalog. I had no idea when this pipe was made until it arrived on Christmas morning and I could get a look at the hallmarks under the loupe.

Although we give directions in the book for reading Irish gold hallmarks, these marks are different enough from the Irish sterling hallmarks that they threw me. I had to go back and read my own book, then look at a few Irish precious metal sites, before everything fell into place:.

Bartleby T.

Recent Posts. Forums Pipe Talk. Feb 20, 0. However, it's clearly marked as "Sterling Silver" and it's marked "Made in Ireland" so I'm comfortable it's pre-republic.

Is there any way to narrow in a date without the familiar hallmarks? A little more digging and I found the Premier line wasn't introduced until the s.

So that does narrow it down alot Jul 18, 58 0. Thats an interesting pipe. I didnt know they were allowed to mark it sterling silver without the appropriate hallmarks.

Peterson Dating guide

From Peterson Pipe Project The missing marks may make your pipe quite unique. Silver Band Dating Silver hallmarks are placed on the silver after an assay office, in Peterson's case, the Dublin Assay Office, has verified that the silver content is indeed sterling, in other words parts of silver per parts of the metal.

As with everything pertaining to the dating of Peterson pipes, this method can only give us a hint to the. Smokingpipes is your one stop shop for Peterson Green Spigot (XL90) Fishtail Tobacco Pipes and all your tobacco smoking needs. From new tobacco pipes. Greetings, Kappnists!* For the past few years I've enjoyed beginning the new year with a look back at the previous year's “Sweet Petes”—pipes that have come .

The silver hallmarks on Peterson pipes are a group of three marks, each in an escutcheon; the first is a seated Hibernia denoting Dublin Ireland, the second is a harp denoting the silver fineness, and the third is a letter denoting the year. The style of letter and the shape of the escutcheon the letter is in, will determine the year in which the assay office stamped the metal band and not necessarily the year the pipe was made.

Peterson orders these bands by the thousands and sends them to the assay office for hallmarking.

The assay office will stamp the date of the year in which they received the bands and it may be a year or two or three before Peterson's employees happen to place one of these bands on a pipe though generally the bands are placed on a pipe in the year they were stamped.

I was hunting around on Jim Lilley's website which is without a doubt more useful for Peterson information that their own website. Quoting from his page: There are many Peterson pipes with sterling silver bands that do not have hallmarks though, even some in the Premier and Deluxe grades.

I have many, many Petersons stamped "sterling silver" on the band that lack hallmarks.


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