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  • 20.02.2019
  • by Grobei

Courting Behavior of the Successful Salesman

Don't Use This Dating App - Scary Story Time // Something Scary - Snarled

Never date a salesman, because the first thing they learn is the Law of Averages. They know how to make you feel at ease; they set out baits to slowly fish information out of you to find your vices. Never date a salesman, because he knows your insecurities and will not hesitate to use them against you. Like the times you felt like you were never good enough, and you cry your eyes out, wanting to end things when all you desperately wanted was reassurance. And some times, it will be dismissive. Here you are, questioning your decisions, blaming yourself for this pain and anguish you have locked up in your chest because nobody wants to hear yet another sob story from you. He on the other hand, is far away, with dry eyes.

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HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Following the conversation, I started thinking to myself, "Is my sales job affecting my dating life?

That was pretty much the end of our conversation -- and what convinced me my sales job is affecting my dating life.

I chatted with my peers in the field to see if they had the same thought process as me. It turns out many others in sales feel the same as I do. What it is: Qualifying in sales is the practice of researching and questioning a prospect or lead to determine if they would be a good fit as a customer.

Qualifying is practiced on every sales call in order to ensure you are spending your time with the highest-quality prospects in other words, the people most likely to buy and stay on as a customer. In dating, you qualify another person based on their characteristics, hobbies, and interest in you.

Because a salesman trying to make a sale is "courting" you in very much the same way as you do when you are trying to date a girl. Pretty quickly you'll get to. If you step back far enough to get a macro level perspective, it is simply amazing how much the dating “process” matches the sales process articulated in my. Mar 13, - even include other sales positions, like bankers and car salespeople. In dating, many might say this equivalent is that of proposing a.

This information helps you determine if they are a potential good fit. However, is your sales practice of deeply qualifying prospects leading you to question dating prospects in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable Pros: If you know what kind of person you like, using questions to understand if they are your type can help you identify good fits while out and about.

Cons: Using a series of qualifying questions with a dating prospect may come off as too aggressive and pushy and end up being a huge turnoff. What it is: A positioning statement is a short remark used to describe the way in which you want to be perceived.

Aug 26, - The following blog post written by Dating Goddess on June 24, talks about why she loves dating men with. Apr 27, - Now I run a company which makes tools for salespeople and I've noticed that dating requires many of the same skills that you need in sales or. Nov 14, - We're talking about making the world of dating a little easier to job that sticks out for me when I say this is selling tires as a salesperson.

You can use a positioning statement to describe what your firm does. The best positioning statements incorporate what you know about your prospect in order to portray your value in a fashion that your prospect will understand and be excited to learn more about. In dating, a good and well-timed positioning statement can increase your prospect's interest in you and help you get closer to a next step. Pros: Positioning statements give you a great opportunity to project your strengths.

Dating salesman

A good and common opportunity to use a positioning statement is when a dating prospect asks you what you did this weekend. Respond to this question in a way that projects something that should increase your value, such as: "I went sailing with my buddies, on my sailboat. Cons: Sometimes, positioning statements can backfire if you haven't qualified or actively listened well enough.

Maybe you are on a date with a prospect and they ask you what you did this weekend and you reply: "I went hunting with a few colleagues. What it is: Sometimes, in competitive situations, you need to leverage your competitive advantages. In certain circumstances, price can used to your advantage. If you come in at a lower price point than your competitor, you will want to emphasize the savings you can bring to the table.

In dating, using monetary levers, such as buying drinks or dinner, can be used to increase your value in your prospect's eyes.


Pros: Using your cash flow leverage to buy a drink will give you the opportunity for increased face time with a prospect. Cons: Getting too liberal with leveraging price could get you burnt. You may, in fact, be getting used for free drinks. A telltale sign is when the prospect asks you to buy drinks for their friends after having just met. What it is: If your marketing team effectively generates inbound leads for you and your sales team, you may not have made a cold call in months.

This is great, as inbound leads close at a higher percentage.

Salesman's Guide to Dating

In your dating life, when your friends introduce you to people they know, you are more likely to get a number. If your friends have been setting you up with good introductions, you may not have made a cold intro for a while.

These are basics that every salesperson knows. The downside of dating salesmen is sometimes they are focused on putting up the numbers — closing the initial deal.

Hi Richard: thanks for including my posting. Of course there are many more like this in my 13 books in the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 series!

Like Like. I find all of this to be very true. After all, they have to be in it, to win it. And time is precious, so I need to use it wisely. Hey…some very good points…especially about closing. I have a bit about sales guys on my blog too.

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Oct 15, - They may get a bad rap, but here are 8 reasons to date a salesman. He just might make a great boyfriend. Reason eight? He'll never forget. Dec 13, - Never date a salesman, because the first thing they learn is the Law of Averages. They will approach anyone and everyone, then zero in on. Jun 28, - Check out five ways in which your job in sales could be affecting your dating life. Cons: Using a series of qualifying questions with a dating prospect may come off as . 27 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Salesperson in Your Life.

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Mar 6, - Are you dating a salesperson? Bet it's been quite interesting, huh. The traits of the salesperson are quite unique. Back to this in a second.

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