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  • 18.01.2019
  • by Doulabar

Quileute-Stories — What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like?

Sam uley

I just wanna know who was lucky enough to take this photo and actually witnessed him in such a state, so glorious and perfect as he shamed the sun into hiding with his beauty. So this is truly special, you know. So, here he is, singing his heart out for another city and a new crowd, the song reminding him of his two favorite girls as it brings tears to his eyes. Squinting to see better, he quickly makes out his girlfriend in the crowd, their daughter on her hip looking confused as ever. A wide smile breaks out on his face, waving at his daughter as she looks up at the stage, her tiny hands clapping in excitement. Unable to wait for the concert to be over, Shawn apologizes quickly before jumping off stage and creating a ruckus that will make his security lose their minds.

What time is it? I told you we lived next to each other for years. Everything is silent after you finish speaking, everyone knowing Paul is likely about to get mad. You shove your phone in your pocket and take a few steps toward him, running your hand up his bare arm.

Answer: Dating Sam would include: • Having so much power because your boyfriend is the alpha • Overprotective Sam • Him pulling you into a. He is the great-grandson of Levi Uley, and the son of Joshua Uley and When he was a sophomore in high school, Sam began dating Leah Clearwater. . Sam concluded that if Bella was killed, Jacob would be so mad that he would lead both Carlisle advises them not to involve themselves in the Volturi's business, but. I was wondering if you do the “dating ___ would involve” type of stuff? After Sam she has always been hesitant to let her guard down again.

I promise. Keep reading. Hey everyone! So I am thinking about writing a fanfiction multi-chapter short story about Paul Lahote and some of the pack taking a vacation to Disney World? So far my idea is that Paul and his imprint will have their own family and take their children to Disney World to escape from the vampire drama going on in Forks.

Kinda like Victoria Laurant and James hunting Bella, but instead a slightly larger clan that is targeting the children of the wolf pack. Basically, a shit ton of fluff and angst and drama.

Dating Bruce Banner Would Include. long time to feel like he could trust himself near you -Being a little bashful in the. sam fanfic sam uley x reader sam uley imagine sam uley preference sam uley angst paul lahote angst. Sam was unable to contain his sudden attraction and broke up with Leah . her return to the Uley pack, Jacob told Leah she could be his beta. Dating Daryl Would Include - Rare physical affection At first, he would rarely show any physical affection to you, especially in front of the.

Sound good? So it will be the longest and most in depth fanfic I have written, but anyway. So, if you guys would like me to, make sure you leave a comment telling me to do so AND if I do write it, feel free to reblog it to share it with more people! Originally posted by blightyear. Originally posted by quileuteima.

Originally posted by darthfredster. The one place that you can be found the most, is the RV. You have opened up a little more since Rick joined and sort of replaced Shane as leader. Back when Merle was still around, he used to hit on you a lot, probably the most consistent talking you did with anyone in the group. But he was pretty damn intimidating. So, for the most part, you just admire him from afar. Today was like most other days - you sat on a fold-up chair on the roof of the RV, sweating under the intense Atlanta sun, pretty damn bored.

You are attempting to fan yourself with a magazine, but it is doing little to nothing. All you can see are trees and open field, absolutely nothing, like usual.

You hear some men talking and your gaze turns to the left, spotting Rick talking with Daryl and Glenn. You resist looking back, instead adjusting yourself in your seat and crossing your legs, grossing restless. After a few moments you hear someone approaching and look down to see none other than Daryl himself heading into the RV. After a minute or so, he comes back out with three weapons.

Due to the recent activity with vampires, Victoria, to be more specific and your recent discovery of what you best friend and his friends are, you had decided that staying near them was the smartest choice for your safety. Your parents were out of town thankfully, leaving you home alone. You spent a few hours with Leah in the afternoon while Jake was on patrol, and then spent the evening with him before the bonfire.

You had been friends with Jacob for years now, although you grew apart when he transitioned and then you were irritated with him for a while for seemingly ditching you for Bella. Of course, when you discovered his secret, you forgave him, even though you were still inwardly butthurt about him being so obsessed with Bella for months and not seeming to care about you nearly as much.

But the past is in the past, you were just happy to have him back.

Dating Sam Uley would include - Meeting him when he's down on his luck. “ Rough night?” “Girlfriend broke up with me.” - Listening to the story. Dating Sam Uley would include. image. - Meeting him when he's down on his luck. “Rough night?” “Girlfriend broke up with me.” - Listening to the story of his. Anonymous said:If you're not to busy would you please make a 'Dating Sam Uley would include'. I love your blog and you are amazingly.

You had begun to have a big crush on your best friend and were more than glad to be staying over his house. You were a little unsure about how it would work, considering how tiny his room and house were, but you just wanted to be near him, honestly. After the bonfire, Jake walked you back to his house, talking with you along the way about the discussions from the fire.

The small smile on his face and his thumb brushing over the back of your palm comforted you, making all of your worries disperse. You return the smile, no words needing to be spoken as you walk by his side, the new feelings for him dying to burst out of you.

He lets go of your hand when you arrive to the door, where he opens it for you and allows you to step in first. You chuckle quietly as you watch him stand back up, a disappointed look from his lack of success in finding a snack.

He catches you smiling at him and his own smile returns as he looks at you. You nervously follow behind him. He opens one of his drawers that just barely fit in the corner of the small room, and hands you one of his shirts to sleep in. You change into his shirt and laugh at how huge it is on you. It smells like him too, and it brings you comfort.

You shake your feelings away as best as you can and return to his room, seeing him throwing another blanket on the bed and him changing the pillow cases. He glances over his shoulder when he hears you, but then his eyes widen and he follows turns to you.

He tried so hard to find her, he stayed as long as he could. The place was falling down before his eyes, towers crashing to the ground with the fences and parts of the building. He could only manage to get Beth out of there. Daryl was hoping that you were on the bus and had escaped, that you were with Rick and Carl.

More than anything, he wished he was with you guys. He felt all alone again, like he was going to lose himself. His eyes leave the guts of his kill, wandering up the trees and landing on the stars.

A sigh escapes his lips as he feels heart aching again, missing all of people he had come to care for. He watches the sky, wondering if you were out there, and if he would ever see you again…. Originally posted by vavaharrison. The trip to get to Terminus took a few days, and you were in no rush, to be honest. You were afraid that you were going to get there and it will have been overrun, or that nobody else will go there.

You are too afraid to let yourself have any sort of hope, the one thing that Maggie is clinging to. You absentmindedly followed the three of them wherever they went, not caring much for anything.

dating sam uley would include

When you finally arrived to Terminus, everything went downhill. They took you guys hostage and locked you away in a train cart. You were in there for two days straight, and both nights, men came in and tried to take you women, but you put up a hell of a fight. You needed to find a way to escape. And then the day came that they took you all out.

They tied and blind folded you up, leading you guys into a room.

When your blindfolds were removed, you were kneeling in front of a drain-pipe sort of thing, multiple men surrounding you guys. They discussed something in hushed voices, then all of them left except for two. And just when you thought it was all over, and the man started to swing the bat toward Bob… A huge explosion shook the building, stopping everyone in their place. Hi love! Yes and no. Anyway, I wrote this a while ago, its not a request just an orginal idea, i hope anyone who read this likes it!!!

The prison was all hustle and bustle as always. So, with that everyone got on. You had a range of jobs to do, from helping with laundry to checking the snares outside the fences for your food and helping out on the fences.

You had a big build-up overnight, it was something you all worried about. You were lucky that no walkers had seemed to find their way inside, but whenever the fences got a build-up someone always goes down to check.

You had a system, there always had to be a system, it saves lives. One person goes to the other side and scouts it out, if walkers are seen they are supposed to come right back and grab some people to help sort it.

Glenn made his way through to the other side, he scouted around thoroughly, really making sure there were no threats. The man lowered his gun and sent out a whistle, almost instantly another six men came around the corner. Well, this is the cost. Now move! You were sitting on a little stool next to Daryl, cleaning your gun and your knives, occasionally glancing up at one another with a smile on your faces.

The small smile and the blush that came over him every time you looked up at him made your heart swell. That quiet moment was soon shattered on hearing a scuffle in the hallway only to see Glenn bounding into the cellblock. Standing with bated breath, no one moved. For a while, all you could hear was the sounds of heavy breathing. See I was gonna place nice, but your friend here messed that up. Not one second after he finished his sentence bullets were flying everywhere, you aimed at as many of them as you could, all the while trying to get the kids into a cell upstairs away from danger.

You ran back down the stairs, shooting at you went, as one of the men was coming up behind Daryl you wasted no time in taking him out. Coming around the stairs you saw one of the men at the back exit trying to get out of the locked door, with no mercy you pulled the trigger, sending him to his death. But before you knew it, an arm snaked around your shoulders gripping you like a vice. Suddenly you felt an ice-cold blade pressed against your throat.

Your eyes turned to Daryl, a fierce look in his eye and the man gripped you tighter, despite the enemy holding you hostage his eyes never left yours, waiting for a signal for him to make his move. Seeing Daryl getting agitated you shook your head as subtly as you could without causing the knife to draw blood, signalling Daryl to do nothing. In that moment you saw almost every one of your family take an instinctive step forward to try and protect you. But you knew that the only one who could get you out of this position was you, no one would risk taking a shot, not with you in the firing line, and the other man behind with a gun.

As the negotiating went back and forth you had a plan in mind, one that would, if it came to it, risk only your life, but that was a price worth paying to save everyone else. You took as big of a breath as you could under knifepoint, readying and calming yourself down for your move.

You moved your feet slightly to be in the right stance, not wanting to l ose your balance in your precarious position. Eventually, he told her all his secrets and even phased in front of her.

At that point, she had no choice but to believe, but she still couldn't accept his feelings for her. However, she didn't order him to leave and never come back. So he returned, and they continued to argue. Emily wanted him to go back to Leah and try to make it work, but Sam didn't want to hurt Leah anymore. As time passed, Emily began to spend time with Sam, letting him tell her everything from the dangers of vampires to the legends of the tribe, and was even introduced to other members of his wolf pack.

But then she heard rumors about her behavior and realized what it looked like to Leah. She then ordered Sam to stay away from her and go back to Leah. Although he could agree to stay away, he couldn't agree to be with Leah again; he did not want to hurt her further by pretending. Emily, though aware of his pure caring for Leah's well-being, shoved him away and called him a liar, saying that he was running away from his responsibilities just like his father did.

Hearing Joshua's name caused Sam to accidentally phase, his restraining hand turning into claws and raking down her face and right arm. Sam, believing that he had killed the woman that he loved, became frantic and could not calm himself to phase back. Jared was able to hear him in wolf form and contacted Paul and Sue Clearwaterwho was a nurse and aware of the tribe's secrets. They managed to get Emily to the nearest hospital. To keep their secret safe, they told the doctor that Emily had been mauled by a bear.

It took time for Sam to calm down and become human again, though he was still burned by pain. Jared kept him updated on Emily's condition, which was not critical. The next afternoon, Jared told Sam that Emily was asking for him. Sam went into Emily's hospital room and saw her face covered with bandages. They both knew that she was scarred for life. Sam asked her to tell him to kill himself so that he could escape the misery; he couldn't commit suicide without knowing for certain that this was what she wanted.

But Emily had asked him to visit because she knew how horrified he would be and how unintentional his action had been.

Paul/Jacob - Hungover

She didn't want him to blame himself for what was truly an accident. She had already forgiven him. She also had realized, as she lay there in the hospital, that the one person she really wanted there with her was Sam, as she felt lonely and incomplete without him.

Sam never completely forgave himself, but he put those feelings aside as much as possible to make Emily happy. Emily no longer fought her feelings.

Though Leah was furious with them, their relationship progressed easily as they found it effortless to be close both emotionally and physically. Sam Uley first appears with a minor role in Twilight as a nineteen-year-old local who arrives at First Beach with a group of other Quileute teenagers to socialize with Bella Swan and her friends.

If he feels like he is he would run off somewhere so you can't see him. Whenever he picks you up on a date in an old beat up truck, both of you blast the . There are children,” Sam says sternly in the backseat. twilight twilight imagine paul lahote paul lahote imagine sam uley sam uley imagine embry.

He is the one who informed Bella that the Cullens "don't come here", pointing to La Push. To outsiders, it seems as if he had started a gang, or cult and it raises quite some attention. When Bella Swan goes missing in the woods where Edward leaves her, Sam tracks her down in wolf form, and then carries her home in human form. By the time Embry Call phases, the Cullens have moved away from Forks. Embry's transformation is a surprise to everyone, because they don't know anything about his origins other than his mother being descended from the Makah tribe.

When he finally does, Sam wants him to take the place of Alpha for the pack. However, Jacob is opposed to leading it, and insists that Sam stay in charge, to which the rest also agree. It is Sam who gave him the injunction an absolute command given by the Alpha not to inform Bella about his transformation.

When Laurent tries to kill Bella in the meadowSam and his pack make their first appearance in wolf forms and kill the vampire. Once she figures out the truth, Sam accepts her help with the search for Victoria and they provide protection to both her and her father since the Cullens are no longer in town, which enables them to expand their protection areas.

However, it all changes when the Cullens return, and they are forced to reduce their area to La Push.

Dating sam uley would include

In Eclipsewhen the Cullens chase Victoria to the Quileute border, Sam and his pack attempt to attack her, but she manages to slip away.

He is present at the bonfire held by the Quileute council, where Billy Black tells legends about their tribe. When the Cullens find out about her creation of a newborn vampire army and their decision to attack them in ForksSam and his pack agree to side with the Cullens to fight them in order to protect the town from their threat.

With strategies orchestrated by Jasper Halethey manage to win the battle without any casualties on their side, though Jacob gets seriously injured after saving Leah Clearwater from a hiding newborn. It was through this alliance that Sam learns to trust the Cullens.

When Jacob decides to run away to escape his pain over Bella's rejection, Sam orders his pack members to leave him be, knowing that he needs some time alone. In Breaking DawnSam and some of his pack members are present at Bella and Edward's wedding to stop Jacob from losing control.

When Jacob tries to get the pack to kill the Cullens in the belief that Bella has become a vampire, Sam refuses to attack, stating that she chose to become one. He also believes the Cullens are not as bad as they appear. Later, when Jacob informs the pack that Bella is pregnant with a vampire's baby, Sam declares that they have to kill both her and the child, as a necessary casualty to protect the tribe and the Forks community.

Jacob embraces the Alpha heritage in his blood and he, Seth and Leah Clearwater leave the pack to form their own pack. Sam concluded that if Bella was killed, Jacob would be so mad that he would lead both packs in attacking the child. This never happened: Jacob wanted to kill Renesmee, but imprinted on her once he saw her. Because of this, Sam and his pack were left with no choice but to declare true peace with the Cullens.

Overhearing Jacob's plan to kill Edward if he bites Bella, Sam tells him he won't because the Cullens were not a danger to the tribe or the town. He also reminds Jacob that he is in charge. He later meets up with his pack to discuss killing an unborn Renesmee. He uses his Alpha command to stop a fight between Jacob and Leah and then to force Jacob and Seth to bow down to him after they protest about fighting that night.

He is shocked and angered to see Jacob resist him and rise to his rightful Alpha status. He later informs Billy about Jacob's betrayal for the Cullens.

After being informed by Paul of Bella's "death" because of Renesmee, Sam storms off with his pack to fight the Cullens. Sam mainly fights Edward and even manages to pin him to the ground, only to be kicked away by Carlisle and Esme. Jacob stops the fight and informs him of his imprinting on Renesmee using his limited telepathy. Since their tribe's most important law is to never harm another wolf's imprint, Sam has no other choice but to retreat with his pack.

Over the next few months, Sam and his pack would occasionally accompany Charlie to visit the Cullens, and Sam and Emily come to love the baby that he once wanted to destroy. When Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale go to La Push and ask for permission to cross into their land so they can go straight into the ocean, Sam personally accompanies them to the beach.

Alice then gives him a note and tells him to wait until her family comes looking to give the note to Carlisle, telling him to obey as if their lives depend on it. When they do come, Sam tells them everything, but then grows resentful of Alice and Jasper for abandoning their family when danger is so near. Carlisle advises them not to involve themselves in the Volturi's business, but Sam replies that their packs cannot abandon Jacob and Renesmee, and describes her as part of their family as much as she is to the Cullens'.

As the vampire crowd increased in Forks, four new members are added to Sam's pack. Leah, Seth, Embry and Quil are assigned to run with him for the time being to avoid conflict.

Sam and his pack stand with the Cullens during the confrontation with the Volturiwith Bella secretly protecting all of them with her power. However, the battle is prevented and after the incident, Sam and his pack return to La Pushand only Jacob goes back to the Cullen house. In Breaking Dawn - Part 2Sam is shown making amends with Jacob and later gives the Cullens the note Alice left for them after she and Jasper crossed their lands to get to the ocean. In Alice's vision of the battleSam leads both packs in the charge against the Volturi.

He is shown destroying many of the Volturi guards and, with assistance from Alice, destroys Jane by biting her head off. The battle doesn't commence, however, and Sam leaves with his fellow wolves.

Sam is described as having long, rounded muscles, a very deep voice, an older face, copper skin, cropped black hair and brown eyes. Like the other werewolves in human form, Sam is described as being quite tall, around 6'6", only under Jacob.

Also, in the New Moon movieSam, like all werewolves, has a large tattoo on his upper right arm. As a wolf, Sam is described as having black fur. He is huge, quiet as a shadow, tall as a horse but more muscular, with dagger-like incisors and golden eyes, although they were dark blue in the New Moon film.

He has a grisly snarl and is very swift. He is also said to be the second largest wolf, smaller only than Jacob.

In Eclipse Quil said, "So that's why Sam's all black. Black heart, black fur. Sam is said to have been very mature since childhood, due to his father's disappearance. He took on most of the responsibilities that his father should have taken. He is also known to be tough, but caring and loving to his family and friends. Due to his hatred for his father, he does not like hearing him mentioned; even if it is by accident, he will become so angry that he phases.

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