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  • 20.04.2019
  • by Akinot

How to tell if someone is dating/marrying me for a green card - Quora

How to Read the Visa Bulletin Easily (Step by Step Tutorial) Part 1/2

A few years ago I discovered that my husband and the father of my son had married me for a green card. How did you meet your husband? I met my husband at work. I began working for a university shortly after I graduated from college and he worked there as well. He began working there part time as a student while studying English and quickly earned a place as a full time staff member. He had begun managing the department copy center only a few weeks before I was hired.

Several month later that year in she came begging back to me to take her back. I was ready to divorce her and cut ties but I think she was truly sorry. I took her back with conditions that she go to school for English classes and that she get a job.

I have been having money problems ever since she got back and she has been unwilling to assist me. I am 40yrs old now. I have no other family left, no possible hope for a normal life with this girl. In closing I think my wife must have had some idea that in America we are all rich and once women from her country marry an American they can live on easy street. I feel as though my home life I am walking on eggshells all the time.

I suggested that we go to counselling but she resists and has threatened to take her own life if I leave her. She is emotionally immature and immature on many levels as she has been used to getting everything handed to her.

I gave this a second shot but it is not working out. I met a lady from china. I also went to china to visit her and her family which I got to meet and I also stay with her at her condo for three weeks.

Which I appriciate. Now she must return to China 1 more time which I think is kinda wierd, but she is leaving her son with me here in America this time and he just enrolled in high school. I think this is a genuine relationship or she is doing a real good job of duping me…. I am totally confused about my relationship with my husband.

I dated my husband for about six months prior to marrying him in July. This is his second marriage and he has two daughters from his previous marriage. From the beginning of our relationship and up to now, he has always treated me with great respect and lovingly.

However, in the back of my mind, I have always questioned his motives from the beginning. He recently was granted probational permanent residency. Throughout this process and now, it appears that his entire focus is immigration. One of his daughters was born here and the other overstayed on a visa. As such, she is here illegally. It appears to me that he is now wanting me to help his daughter. Nevertheless, I have never met his daughters because he has told me that they do not want to meet me.

Ironically, I have met his parents, and they are adorable. In any case, he has asked me if it would be possible for me to help his daughter, if she was living with us. This is something, that I will not do. Moreover, he recently let a comment out of the bag about what his best friend had said to him.

Signs you're being married to for Green Card

He told me that his friend used to think that my husband married me only for the green card because he thought that I was not his type. My husband claims that he told his friend differently- that he really loves me. But, I am thinking differently because in my mind, why would this conversation even arise. By the way, his friend does not have status and it appears that he is plotting to find an American as well.

So, birds of a feather flock together, right? I am increasingly becoming confused. One, he will not tell his daughters about me. Two a red flag came up when he discussed this conversation that he had with his friend. What would you do?

He has not been granted permanent residency, it is conditional. It will be granted in two years. His behavior is suspicious. I met my husband online, sadly I was so naive about ppl looking for the green card at that time.

He was warm, funny and so very loving very early on. Things were going too slow for him i realize that now, so he suddenly started to act hurt, cast doubts about my feelings for him prompting me to reassure him. He asked me to meet him in his home country, I put him off for nearly a year but it was so difficult. He proposed and asked my mom for my hand in marriage, she objected but I was old enough to decide for myself. I flew to lebanon, met him and his immediate family, some friends too.

We decided to marry and did during my third week there. Returned home and began the immigration paperwork. I was devastated. He later came to apologize and was ready to wait. He had no real interest to come here to work in a gas station when he was doing better at home, but he was coming for me! The bells kept ringing in my head and I did not want to hear them yet I could not stop from hearing them.

Now I know that besides the feelings one has invested it is the time, the plans and dreams that make it so difficult to acknowledge all the signs.

But only to the degree that you'd be friends with someone you work with, etc. And while you're at it, be especially wary and observant. Every relationship comes with the possibility of being used for something. So, how can you tell that you are getting used? Your partner never. S. Free dating and what is, was always a person who perpetrate online. Anyway, was anybody worried about. But a green card marriage dating site and women.

Yes he lied, yes he cheated according to him only when we broke up As time continued, his urgency became more evident and I could not blind myself more. The more focused on the papers, the more I subconsciously I slowed the process. If he is true, he will wait. Several other friends had their husbands visas by then and as each one entered the US, the horror stories began and the more I became hesitant.

We had more arguments and finally he broke it off and I left it alone. I stopped the whole process from continuing. Many ppl said go ahead and finish it, your husband will come to you then. I said no way do I need to be in the same boat.

Any advice? What do you think? American citizens, please be careful! He looked like a nice man, 32 y. We started going out and dated for 6 months then he moved in. Every day I would find out something, he would lie to me about anything.

At first he said he was in the middle of getting divorced with a woman whom he married for papers. Then I found out that he failed 2 interviews! He lied to me about that. Then he always tried using me like getting a car for him, getting a car insurance on my name, he rashed into marriage I hesitated.

I only spoke to his mom once for 1 minute before he took the phone from him and I knew nothing about him! My mom came to visit and told me she does not like the guy cause he is not being honest and open.

I was ignoring her but eventually she was right! I found out that he picked the password to my facebook account, kept checking my phone and recently, I even found a spy bug pen in my bedroom!

He was listening and videotaping my mom when she was talking to me. I threw him out of my place but he does not wanna leave. I am forced to call the police. I am lucky I own my place and he is not on my lease or anything. He wants all his gifts back and even some stuff that I bought for the money he gave me for rent. Like some furniture, he said he wants to go to Court for that!

Today, I got a new surprise, since he still did not pick up his stuff, I found marriage band that he hided! Apparently he is still married to someone in the Ukraine! I am shocked and keep punishing myself for being stupid and naive. Thanks god, I did not marry him. People, be careful when you get involved with foreigners.

With my husband, I tried to view him as I would have viewed any other man—I asked myself if I thought he would make a good husband, be a good father, and be faithful, kind, and honest. I felt he would, and we got married. Usually if a visa is expired, a person is unable to legally stay—unless there is a new visa or a greencard…Also, remember, if his visa is expired and he has no legal means to be in the US like a new visa, for example and he goes home to Turkey, he may not be able to re-enter the US for many years.

Hey I need some advice, I have been with my Turkish boyfriend for a year. His visa expired but has his papers to legally stay. I love him a lot and he knows that. He treats me like a princess and tells me he loves me more then anything. Would I be a fool to stick by him with the chance for him to just leave me after he gets what he needs?

Word of advise for women, some countries have real bad reputations for fiancee with US citizens. I work with a lot of immigrant cases and this is my advise for women: 1 Most guys from places like Nigeria, the Dominican Republic and Brazil usually almost never really into the relationships for the right reasons. Also, a large chunk of men from developing countries prefer virgin women or women with almost no sexual experience.

I have seen that many many times over and over again. A lot of these girls will play you like a fool in no time with no shame or second thoughts. That include most of Eastern Europe. Russia, Former Soviet Union countries and China. Once in the US they might claim abuse or will call the cops on you. My advise for all, prenup, prenup, prenup!

By the way. IN fact. I have been the one to support and help him many times. My boyfriend announced to me that he will be getting married to another woman. He is an illegal alien and came into the country illegaly. We have a new born child, but since he has not been very faithful, nor treated me exactly wiht respect I decided to not marry until I saw something in him that would tell me he loved me.

He said he could not wait and got angry, he said I need to get married. I then knew why he wanted marriage. So instead of fixing anything he now says he is getting married for me and the child.

He once told me he would only marry for love. I am sad for he says once he marries and gets his papers he will fight me for the baby. He says that he decided this after Obama announced what he would be implementing. It is unfortunate… I bet Obama did not expect many individuals to react or hurt others like this… I am sure I am not the only one.

I live in Australia and my boyfriend of months is from Estonia in Europe, when we first met he was working for the first 3 months of our relationship he was also with another friend backpacking in Australia who was also from Estonia. In my situation, my husband started screaming divorce right after our second wedding anniversary.

Can I Get Married On a Tourist Visa to a US Citizen?

I found out later he had opened a private checking account and had been transferring money out of our joint checking just two weeks after our second anniversary. Never acknowledge by the parents, never introduced to friends. For all intents and purposes, was his secret. Lived off of my scholarship income for a year before he could work legally in this country, only to be ripped off later. Listen to that feeling or else you only have yourself to blame.

Hello everyone, I am 22 years old and have been talking to this guy from the dominican republic for almost three years and he is 25 yrs old. We met online and we talked for a whole year before I decided to go visit him in the dominican republic, although I did not go directly to his home town in Santiago he drove 6 hours away to pick me up from a resort he came with his uncle and I was with my two dance directors.

I remember meeting him at the resort and he was trembling when he met me he was stuttering and was soo nervous it was too cute. We then drove to his home town of Santiago where I met all his family I stayed there for a week and we had no sexual contact but we did kiss.

In december of 2 months after meeeting him I came to visit him and his family for christmas and something told me to view his stuff on his computer while he was at work and I did.

Sure enough I found a message from a girl who was in the past his girlfriend I realized she was the same girl who always sat next door at his neighbors house and also the niece of his good friend not to mention good friends with HIS best friend I was soo mad and hurt about this because he later admitted to me that he had sex with her before seeing me at the resort literally a week before hand.

I do want to mention that this girl was married with a baby boy and was having an affiar with my boyfriend…it seems like she did this everytime she came down to visit her family in santiago. Later I came in the summer and stayed for two months and found emails he had with this older lady a month before he met me the first time and this lady was married…once again I was shocked and so mad at him…he apologized for lying to me…and despite all of this I know all his friends his family his distant family and me and him have so much in common but the beginning of the relationship was terrible not to mention he lied to me about school he told me that he was going to college and later I found out through his aunt that it was a lie.

After all of this I asked him to go to school, sale his motorcyle his brother go in a fatal car accident and buy a car and try to be honest with me from now on. As of now he is going to school, he sold his motorcycle and bought a car he is fixing up and tries to be honest with me. I recently got engaged to a 30 year old lady from Peru.

Dating someone with green card

Im 30 also. I went to Peru, met her family, asked their permission to marry their daughter, and they all loved me. SHE bought my plane ticket. I insisted that she not do that, but she was in tears because she wanted to see me. She bought the ticket. We just started the paperwork for her to come here on a K-1 Fiance visa, and she should be here in June or so I hope. I love this woman so much. Im blessed to have met a rare, one in a million gem.

My mother in law got married to a very young guy who is almost the age of my husband. They rushed into marriage and he has done things that are a little werid. He doesnt make alot of money and she mostly pays for all his things even when they where dating.

He would even ask me, there has been many problems him. My mother in law as even said that she knows they wont last due to their issues and future issues. My husband and i strongly believe that he married her for her money and her to get the green.

My husband has refused to give her a green card through him due to issues that have happen in the past. She is under going investigation about her marriage, what can we due in order for her not to commit fraud. This has been a great source for me!! I am 21 years old and my boyfriend is going to be We have been dating since so I already met his family and he has met mines. He lives in the Dominican republic and I live in new York. We communicate through letters, Facebook, and obviously through the phone.

I was there not so long ago and he treated me like a princess. He never brings me down instead he speaks to with kind words. He gives great advice and my family has seen how great of a man he is. Should I be worried?? Lol would that change when he gets here??? He cares for my every need, when I am sick he is there to comfort me.

The only thing that I question is his intentions, he says he loves me and I believe it without a doubt because ive never felt love like this before, he is sooo smart and is so focused on school he wants to gradute and become something better then most people in his situation. He proposed to me after only 2 months which is what makes me iffy. I was not ready so we have had a long engagement and we stil are not ready to get married anytime soon, but he told me that I was the one person he wants to spend forever with, and that is why he proposed.

I have to agree with Sarah. Men from other countries do not operate as we expect. If your marriage ceremony included a bride price….

You really will be treated like property. Please people do not rush into marrying a foreigner, take many years to make sure they really want to be with you.

I have been married to a foreigner for over 5 years, we have kids together and it makes things much more difficult. I just found out he has been cheating on me for over He was not legal in the states anymore and wanted to rush into marriage, we were married very quickly and we fought a lot. I was thinking of leaving then ended up pregnant. Charming is the exact word to describe him, that is it he swept me off my feet and once married the skeletons came out of the closet fast.

I am in such a mess now, and now we have kids in the mix. Please be very careful if not for yourself, think of the children you may someday have with this person. It is so sad to read these stories, I am someone who was taken advantage of and used for a Greencard.

I have been married twice, first a widow, then married someone from Ireland. Very nice outstanding guy, said all the right things, just swept me off my feet!

Needless to say, we are divorced, and I thank GOD I had a prenuptial agreement done, which was hard to get him to sign, which should have told me something but he got nothing but his Greencard, which was exactly what he wanted and was priceless to him. I still hurt from the deceit and lies, and it makes it difficult to move onto another relationship, so always look at the future type of damage this can put on you in your future relationships. There are times when you need to think with your head and not with your heart.

Ok so here is my situation. I am currently in a relationship with a beautiful gurl and we been together for about 5 months now. I am an illegal alien but she is a natural born citizen. Personally i would never want to marry someone just to get permanent residency in the U. I did come into the country by legal means with a tourist visa back when i was 4yrs old, but it expired and i stayed longer than i should have.

So the thing is that i see her as someone i would want to marry cuz everything is great in our relationship, but i have not yet told her that i am an illegal alien, she thinks i was born in the states. The reason i didnt tell her is because i was scared she was going to be like my past gf.

I had told her that i was illegal in the country and she flipped and broke up with me. I mean what advice do you have for me? A part of me wants to tell her then another part doesnt………and by the way i know that ill probably get my residency in the country in 3yrs i mean should i wait till then or jus tell her now? I met a guy online who lives in Sth Africa but is from the Congo. I am Australian and live in Australia, We tried unsuccessfully twice to get a visitor visa for him to visit, so I have been there twice.

The first time was amazing he was so attentive loving, saw his friends- cant say actually met them as I sat in the car and they came and saw me weird to think about it. I talked to one of his work colleagues who said he talked about me lots. The second time I went 3 months later he was less attentive and spent more time away. He never had enough money and I was left to pay for rentals, apartment, car and food as well as outtings. I know I earn more then him but it is always.

After our first meeting I was totally in love with him and we came up with plans for him to come here. So that we could say we were together. Despite me sacrificing everything here to do this he got no where with this and all the money kept going on medical bills or?????

He has never lied to me and everything he has said has been able to be backed up. He says he loves me, says he wants a family and to be with me. I tried to say I would live there and he accepted that but I got too homesick, so that is not a possibility.

On my second time there he wanted to talk about marriage- we have been together for 7 months. I told him I am not ready- and he says he will wait as I am the one he wants to do it with. He wants me to take a loan now and try for another visitor visa. He has now lost his job, and his ex is blackmailing him for the right to stay in South Africa under her…as she has found out about me. I love him and want to make it work, but i also want him to take responsibility to come here and get a visa in his own right- but he is limited to how he can come here as we discovered to visit isnt even easy.

I am torn as you can read in what I want and y heart wants and all the other things that are going on. I cant talk to him as he gets angry as he says he has got enough stress going on.

What movies did you watch when you started dating? The green card process is long and drawn out, and the burden of proof is on the couple. person has already been through the immigration process with someone else. Navigating the rocky terrain of dating and relationships is difficult enough. Unlike recent immigrants, these young people are culturally American. Carlos now has a green card, a process made easier by the fact that he first. (Note: My husband needed a little help when we were dating because But if the person just wants a greencard, he or she will not want to be.

My sister has met a guy from Lebanon. They have been talking every day for nearly a year now. He is the only son and he has his mum and two sisters in Lebanon. I have asked him when he plans to come visit my sister in Australia and he tells me when he gets a per pernament job next year he will come and he will let me know when he starts to plan it. Also now she tells me she wants to move to Lebanon to be with him.

Every time I talk to her she gets angry with me and never wants to see reason she dose not want to open up to me or my family about her plans for her future with this guy. This guy seems to be tagging her along and she is just agreeing with everything he says. I came for college to a great school, graduated, starting working at a firm making some serious dough, met my girlfriend and have been together since.

She hangs out with my friends etc. Not to anybody. On the other hand, I have built my life here. With her. And she, with me. It seems unreasonable to give everything up and let go because of some bureaucratic crap, or some lingering doubts and vague feelings of unease. The next morning, slightly more clear-headed, I said my goodbyes, picked up my things and left his -- or rather, their -- apartment. It wasn't until I was on the subway that I really thought about it. Was it really cool that he is technically married and I spent the night?

Or was it wrong? Wasn't he cheating? A marriage is a marriage, plain and simple. I was raised Catholic, so I know what that phrase means.

I still don't really have an answer, expect maybe the fact that anything flies in New York City. Or perhaps it is about moral relativity. There's no need to consult your mom, your best friend or the still intoxicated stranger sitting next to you on the train. Maybe there is no universal answer, but I am pretty positive I won't be hanging out with him again. I guess, in a way, his green card marriage put a nail in the casual hook-up relationship I was hoping to find in him.

Even if it's just through a document or civil arrangement, I want more than a man very legally committed to another woman. I want more than cheating and messing around. I, on the other hand, will stick to the single, yet emotionally unavailable men New York has to offer.

Or I'll join a convent. The future is still unclear for now. By Abby Read. He was a bartender. Video of American Robin feeding her chicks 6. Signs you're being married to for Green Card 7. Micron to Grit Conversion Calculator 8. Grit to Micron Conversion Calculator.

This is the story of 'Gina” and her green card marriage. He was a relaxed, charming person, with a wonderful ability to poke fun at himself and I found myself wanting to How long did you date before you got married?. Is the illegal alien or foreigner you're dating being pushy and impatient about marriage? People with Green Card fraud in their mind will tend to be world-class . So, when the green card man texted me a few weeks ago asking to I'm sure there's a dating app out there for people in green card marriages.

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Page generated on September 16, Loaded in 0. Love at First Sight: The illegal alien or foreigner will claim to have fallen in love with you at first sight on first date. Pressurized into Marriage: The illegal alien or foreigner will pressurize you into marriage and would even have picked out a wedding date.

Financial favors: The illegal alien or foreigner will ask for financial help, e. Real motive behind: The real motive behind "Green Card" marriages is, well, a green card. Conclusion: If your illegal alien or foreigner boyfriend or girlfriend is displaying any of the above behaviors, you need to call off the relationship immediately! Additional Readings: Science Articles 1.

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