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  • 28.12.2018
  • by Shaktill

Sturmey-Archer Bicycle Hubs

Overhaul Sturmey Archer TCW III 3 Speed Hub w/ Coaster Brake

Ive now been running the XFDD for a little over two months miles. If you have a hub which contradicts any information on this page I would like to hear from you. I was mainly keen to try the hub braking if you pop on the internet and search for drum brakes you will find a variety of opinions spanning the spectrum of it sucks to its great probably with a healthy bias towards the former. From to Sturmey Archer used the model designation with just the last digit of the year. Estimated Dating Guidebr lowest number Ive seen is Kbr br br br br br br br end of run then undated until highest number Ive seen is KI guess you could look upon it as an offset against never having to think about batteries for your bike ever again. The hub comes in h only which is fine because if youre putting together a wheel around a hub like this theres no plausible reason to care how many spokes it has. Why they are undated remains a mystery.

Though geared hubs were sometimes added to a bicycle subsequently to improve it, freewheel hubs are invariably original.

selling point of Sturmey Archer hubs being their offer of Hubs manufactured in the s have a date stamp. , The first Sturmey-Archer hub is produced Cycle Engineers Institute extract of reading by Henry Sturmey. Henry Sturmey's 5-speed hub patent . It is listed in order of first production date or when issued and is split by period.

It will invariably take me a while to complete, so please bear with me. American New Departure hubs are illustrated on the following page.

If this subject interests you, I heartily recommend that you purchase the book yourself. However, it seems that Sturmey-Archer produced relatively few three-speeds during the war. The pedals he was using in were not good enough, so he sent his son Charles to America to find a better supplier.

As a result, he started his own wholesale business supplying cycle parts to the trade. At the time Villiers made the best pedals and soon most of the cycle makers were using them. In Farrer sold his business and came to work for Villiers, who now had a workforce of In the same year the Villiers freewheel was developed and Villiers decided to produce their own lightweight version.

The new freewheels were so successful that pedal production ceased and Villiers concentrated on freewheel production alone. These fitments, together with the B. Three-speed Hub, B. Chains, and B. Free Wheels, gave the Company by far the largest range of coasters, variable gears, free wheels, etc. Sturmey Archer had not yet dominated the market in the early years of the 20th century, and there was considerable competition for 3-Speed gears.

Dating bikes with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub

Armstrong was a major player in the field. William Reilly invented the Tricoaster three-speed hub for Raleigh. New Hudson favoured the Armstrong gear. Armstrong Triplex was incorporated as a limited company inwith their headquarters the St.

Low gear then operates in the same way as on an AW hub, with the drive of the ring gear turning the planet cage via the planet gears - and hence the shell - at a reduced speed.

The S2 hub features three low gear pawls mounted in its shortened planet cage, necessitating a low gear freewheel track with twelve stops instead of the 10 which would be found on a contemporary AW, this means that an S2 freewheeling in low gear will tick more frequently and more loudly than an AW in low gear at the same speed in a wheel of the same size.

Because of this difference in the left low gear freewheel, and the short planet cage, the S2 has a gear ring pressed into the shell near the middle, with the mechanism occupying little more than half of the shell volume and the rest being left empty.

The first years. The rich history of Sturmey-Archer began in Nottingham England in with the invention of the world's first 3-speed internal gear hub for. I recently picked up an old CCM Imperial 3-speed women's bike. When I first looked for a serial number, I couldn't find one. A piece of advice. Technical information about Sturmey-Archer internal-gear hubs.

For this reason, the S2 has a unique shell and its internals cannot be installed in the shell of another model. The S2 is an unusual hub, with only 12, produced, and they are rarely available for sale. Sturmey Archer hubs are seen by many as an alternative to Derailleur gearshowever on many models of Sturmey Archer hub, the two can be combined to offer a setup with many of the benefits of both systems - offering more, closer spaced, gears while continuing to offer a very wide overall range.

Overhaul Sturmey Archer TCW III 3 Speed Hub w/ Coaster Brake

The majority of Sturmey Archer gear hubs can be converted to hybrid gearing by fitting a rear derailleur to the bike and finding a suitable method of attaching more than one sprocket to the hub driver. For the 'three spline' driver, an additional sprocket may be added in place of the spacers so long as care is taken to ensure the gap between the sprockets is not so great that the chain will drop into it instead of moving between sprockets.

Two sprocket blocks have been produced for these hubs in the past too, though these are now obsolete and hard to find.

For the 12 spline driver of late s and s sporting hubs, similar arrangements may be made as for a 3 spline driver, however component sourcing is likely to be a bigger problem in line with the general scarcity of these drivers and the sprockets which fit them.

For the threaded drivers which were fitted to touring hubs beforea standard thread-on freewheel may be fitted, although care must be taken to ensure there is sufficient clearance in the frame and sufficient thread engagement to ensure the setup is safe. More than three sprockets is unlikely to yield successful results. Some Sturmey Archer hubs, by their design, are fundamentally incompatible with hybrid gearing and hybrid setups should not be attempted with them.

These are:. For the same reason, it is normal for bikes with these hubs to spin their pedals when they are pushed forwards, where on other Sturmey Archer gear hubs this would indicate an overtightened left hand bearing cone. The Dynohub was Sturmey-Archer's hub dynamo generator for bicycles. The initial GH12 volt model was introduced in and followed two years later by the GH8.

This 8-volt unit was discontinued in and replaced in by the lighter-weight GH6 6-volt version, which remained in production until The term "dynohub" is sometimes applied generically to bicycle hub dynamos, but it originates as, and remains, a trademark.

This is different from a modern standard bicycle dynamo, though replacements can still be obtained. One rider reports much more light with a 6. The name dynamo implies DC output, but as usual with bicycle dynamos known as generators in North Americaoutput was in fact alternating current.

Dynohubs were offered as front hubs and as rear geared hubs. An FG hub can be converted to have 5 gears using the same methods of modification as would be used for an FW to enable individually selectable sun gears.

Hub generators were absent from Sturmey-Archer's product range from until the introduction of the X-FDD front hub, which combines a 6v, 0. SunRace Sturmey Archer have modified the design and manufacture in many respects; compared to the old AW hub, the current three-speed equivalent SRF3 now has an aluminium alloy shell for lighter weight a painted-steel shelled 'Steelite' version is still available, and branded AW.

According to Schraner and Brandt, an aluminium alloy shell reduced spoke breakage due to aluminium being softer allowing the spoke to seat into the flange and disperse the stress at the bend in the spoke over a wider area.

The company produced front hub brakes to match such as the 70mm X-FD model, featuring sealed cartridge bearings. In Sturmey Archer launched a new range of duomatic 2 Speed hubs, re-using the S2 name from the late s, these hubs - designated S2 FreewheelS2C backpedal brakeand S2K 6 bolt disc brake - share their general engineering principles with the original S2, but do not share any internal components.

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Dating sturmey archer hubs

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Technical information about Sturmey-Archer internal-gear hubs. Date and model identification Cribsheet -- Sturmey-Archer hubs since the s General . This Pin was discovered by Sarah Newton-Scott. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Sturmey Archer geared hubs are easy to date, so I've started with them. I've followed with Villiers, BSA Eadie, Armstrong, Dursley Pedersen, and manufacturers.

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