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  • 21.01.2019
  • by Mazujar

Dating The Undead (Bite Nights, #1) by Juliet Lyons

Date With the Undead

View larger image. ISBN: By: Juliet Lyons. Adobe Digital Editions is required for downloading and viewing the eBook. Silver Harris is over clingy men—maybe men altogether. But when she shares a toe-curling kiss with a sexy Irish vampire on New Year's Eve, she wonders if maybe it's human men she's fed up with. Silver turns to the popular vampire dating site, V-Date, only to discover that vampire men are just as unimpressive as their mortal counterparts.

I was left confused by what was supposed to be the climax of the story. We are expected to just accept that something occurs but are not given the setup of what makes it possible.

The narrators had good tone, pitch, pace. The accents were ok, but you can tell the hero's is not natural. Safety: h continues to "date" other vampires while with the H. No physical contact occurs with them and there is a purported reason but I personally wasn't a big fan of this.

No rape. Yes to abuse. Apr 27, Dianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: 1-in-seriesarc-readcontemporary-romantic-comedynetgalleyownparanormal-romance. Leave it to London to be on the cutting edge of romance and leave it to Silver to fall for a vampire with more kindness and humanity in his left fang than the humans she has known.

Like the Princess who had to kiss a few frogs before finding her Prince, Silver is determined to find the vampire of her dating dreams. Who knew she may have found the love of her life? She is brash, gutsy and pretty much clueless to the real dangers of playing with sharp objects. She would have surely perished without Logan lurking in the background.

I received an ARC edition from Sourcebooks in exchange for my honest review. My Rating; 4.

Convinced she'll never see him again, she joins the uber-popular vampire dating site, Silver doesn't know is that the site is. Editorial Reviews. Review. ''Relatable characters and a well-crafted setting make this a Dating the Undead (Bite Nights Book 1) - Kindle edition by Juliet Lyons. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ WOMAN SEEKING VAMPIRE Likes keep things casual Absolutely poetry Zero romance required Silver Harris over clingy men—maybe.

Would it hurt for the two of you to stop talking so much? Not I!

Sexy times: Stopped paying attention. This was one flavor of ice cream that I found booooooring. Like artificial vanilla ice milk. There, that's what it was. Plan on reading more by the author: Nope Synopsis Idiot girl gets kissed and sucked by a vampire. They trade what start off to be funny barbs and what quickly declines into a quagmire of word vom Would it hurt for the two of you to stop talking so much?

They trade what start off to be funny barbs and what quickly declines into a quagmire of word vomit. He's never fallen for a human before but she's his human. He can tell.

She's everything. So he puts his life in danger to keep on banging on her drum. But this particular banging does not happen before said idiot enrolls in a Vampire dating website on the "dark web" so she can find out if all vamps bite the same way and bring her the same joy.

Mistake 47 but we know that and idiot does not. Idiot gets embroiled in some investigative shite. The vamp boyfriend is supposed to glamor her out of it. And you get the drift. Stuff happens. More stuff happens. They talk a lot. And I mean a lot - a lot. As in "please stop" and "any day now". And they basically keep talking about the same thing over and over again.

Why it did or didn't work for me: It just was not good. There's no two ways about it. I skimmed and glanced and moved through the book with the speed of a mouse on the trail of cheese or pate, if you must know. Were I a mouse, I'd be all about pate and not cheese. Then again, dairy makes me sneeze, so there is that. Signed, Not my cuppa blood. View all 14 comments. If books were flavors this one would be vanilla. And don't get me wrong, vanilla is a nice enough flavor, a lot of people love vanilla.

Personally, I'm a mint-chip kind of girl so you see my problem. Still a solid 3 stars. View all 3 comments. Mar 28, Marta Cox rated it really liked it.

Date With the Undead

Three and a half Ok I spotted this and had all manner of expectations. Some were fulfilled and others not. I really liked the idea of a modernindependent woman living in London and certainly Silver is an intersting up for anything character. The idea of a dating site introducing vampires to humans in this post revelation era also ticked my boxes as I loved the idea that someone normally considered irresistible would need help looking for partners.

Yes the author certainly knows how to engage h Three and a half Ok I spotted this and had all manner of expectations. Yes the author certainly knows how to engage her readers interest. Now add in green eyed Irish vampire Logan, with a murky history and the stage is set for a romance that's steamy, funny and unfortunately about to get very tangled up indeed! Without giving too much away Silver is helping the authorities discover as much as they can about the now out of their closet vampires and this really didn't work for me.

Unfortunately I couldn't quite understand why Silver got the gig as I would normally expect the police to use their own undercover operatives. That oddity aside it was fun seeing Silver and Logan tangle with each other and I have to admit their romance was written in a refreshing and contemporary manner which really suited the two characters.

Silver isn't someone who is backwards in coming forwards and pairing her with dirty minded Logan worked. Less you think it's just sexy shenanigans I have to point out that the author found a way to show that Logan came from a different era and his idea to woo Silver was very sweet. So I've covered the basic romance but it's more than that as we are given a whole new idea about vampires and their society. Unfortunately this didn't feel as realistic as I wanted and I really felt the plot should have matched the time this couple spent exploring each other.

We do meet characters who I'm sure the author will revisit but I just wanted more action. That being said it's the first book in the series so it's hard to fully flesh out a different way for vampires to exist without giving a long history so I hope the next book will add to the world building and hopeful have a really engaging story. This voluntary review is of a copy I sought from Netgalley and is my honest opinion Lovers of humorous vampire romances for example, Molly Harper fans will be the most intrigued by Dating the Undead.

I must admit that in my case it was the cover art that drew me in and the blurb further convinced me to give this story a listen.

Dating The Undead

In the end, I'm glad I did as it was a fun romance that fit in perfectly as a breath of fresh air in between my more typical serious romantic listens as I'm a big f 4 "Ulterior Motives or True Love? In the end, I'm glad I did as it was a fun romance that fit in perfectly as a breath of fresh air in between my more typical serious romantic listens as I'm a big fan of romantic suspense and UF romances.

Additionally, the adept narration by dual narrators Justine Eyre and Alan Smyth makes this a great title to experience in audiobook format. Dating the Undead is set in London in a present day alternate world were vampires are real and out of the closet. Logan Byrne, the hero, is an Irish vampire that was turned two hundred years ago when he contracted Colera. Silver Harris, the heroine, meets Logan at a New Year's party and they feel an instant attraction which is further energized by a memorable bite.

Silver, however, being the ultra careful modern woman, has Logan drop her off at a random address, so he is unable to find her, even though they both come to regret that decision. Fortunately they are both tasked on opposite missions related to a brand new online dating site that connects vampires and humans as potential love matches, called V-Date.

Silver's mission is to spy on the vampires and learn as much intel as possible on their habits and traits. Logan, on the other hand, is asked to glamor the human dates so that they think they had a great time and have nothing but great things to say about V-Date even if they will no longer feel the need to date vampires.

But when Logan spots that his first glamor prospect is Silver, his heart is conflicted. He knows if he doesn't obey the powerful vampire that gave him this mission that it could prove disastrous for him. On the other hand, he already knows that his heart couldn't bear it if he turned Silver away from a possible future with him. The dual narration by Justine Eyre and Alan Smyth works well to highlight the point of view being shared in the particular chapter.

Eyre narrates the chapters from Silver's perspective and Mr. Smyth the ones from Logan's POV. I have previously listened to Ms. Eyre so I knew she would do great with the comical lines. As expected, she exceled on this front. Eyre also did a good job of varying her pitch to produce believable gender appropriate characters and even managed to create good accents for the characters, including Logan who is Irish.

This was my first experience with Mr. Smyth and I really enjoyed it.

Dating the Undead by Juliet Lyons

Smyth has a pleasing voice and he also did well with delivering the tongue-in-cheek humor. Smyth also had a great Irish accent which made his performance of Logan's parts sound very natural.

All in all, I enjoyed Dating the Undead though I must admit that there was a lot going on in the story plotwise, some of which didn't neatly tie together in my head. For example, in today's modern age of technology with cell phones why would dropping off someone at the wrong address alone lead you to not being able to find them? And then there's the fact that a vampire like Logan who can tell if you're lying should have known of this deception and sought an alternate means to contact Silver in the future.

These types of things notwithstanding, I did enjoy the fun, passionate and humorous interactions between Silver and Logan. So in the end if you're just looking for a light, fun listen, and you enjoy vampire, humorous PNR titles, then Dating the Undead may just be the book you're looking for. Source: Review copy provided for review purposes. Spoilers ahead This was sometimes cute, sometimes hilarious and unfortunately sometimes a bit boring.

Nevertheless I enjoyed it H was a manwhore OW drama as the woman who turned him and who he perhaps unwillingly slept with is the Big Bad Sigh it actually wasn't overdone just 2 incidents with her From the moment he met the h though there was no one else h "dates" other guys throughout but the Spoilers ahead This was sometimes cute, sometimes hilarious and unfortunately sometimes a bit boring.

Sigh it actually wasn't overdone just 2 incidents with her From the moment he met the h though there was no one else h "dates" other guys throughout but they are for her investigation. After meeting the H but before they are involved she let's another vamp feed from her All in all it was ok enough to interest me in the next though I really wasn't a fan of the ending. Mar 02, Hollis rated it really liked it Shelves: readsall-the-feelspara-romancecontemporaryswoony-crush-worthy-boysfantasyurban-fbest-of-the-book-boyfriendsall-the-lolsarc.

I felt you up; now you feel me up. That's how it works in the twenty-first century. This isn't Jane Austen. I'm not bloody Elizabeth Bennet. And in such unexpected ways.

And this definitely didn't. But it was actually better. Lyons has created a seriously sassy and snarky delight in our MC Silver without half the hangups that Bridget Jones had. And definitely created the perfect, undead, match for her with Logan. He's basically what Angel, from Buffy the Vampire Slayermight've been like if Whedon had made him less of a tortured emo child and more. We have a fresh take on the blood sucking and occasionally sparkly mythology.

Throw in a girl with no interest in love who ends up on V-Date -- a vampire hook up site -- after a New Years Eve encounter with a hot Irish fanger, a mystery surrounding a missing mother, some seriously sexy escapades, total hilarity, and a pile of TWILIGHT jokes well, okay, like two, but they were good ones! I never had you pegged for the needy type.

Dating the undead

I think I prefer brooding and deep. It's got insecurity written all over it. It's a good thing you're a decent shag or I might jump ship. And Lyons has perfectly set us up for another immortal hunk to take the stage. View all 13 comments. May 02, Sissy's Romance Book Review rated it really liked it Shelves: trt4-stararc-netgalleyseriesreadboc-selectionvampireparanormal-sci-fi-fantasy. Com" series. This is the story of Silver and Logan.

Silver and Logan happen to meet on New Year's eve when Silver is kicked out of a bar and Logan was coming by. They talk and they 'kiss'.

Logan asks for her name but he doesn't give his. Silver knows he is a Vampire and thinks the bind blowing 'kiss' was because he was a vampire.

Dating the Undead had a premise I was excited about: a dating website for vampires. That sounds pretty cool, right? And I'm always trying to. It's Bridget Jones with vampires in this fresh and funny paranormal romance from debut author Juliet Lyons. When Silver Harris kisses sexy Irish. Start by marking “Dating The Undead (Bite Nights, #1)” as Want to Read: When Silver Harris kisses sexy Irish vampire Logan Byrne on New Year's Eve, she knows other humans just won't suffice. Convinced she'll never see him again, she joins the uber-popular vampire dating site, V.

This was a good vampire romance story. Jun 15, SmartBitches rated it it was ok Shelves: d-gradeparanormal-romance. That sounds pretty cool, right?

What I got was disappointment and a bad case of agita. I was really excited about the prospect of modern dating. The only female vampire in the entire book is the villain, who is just straight up evil. I think women in general should try to surround themselves with other women. Also, Silver seems experienced regarding modern dating, so to see her freaking out after Logan cancels an upcoming date felt out of character.

For someone used to having unattached and sometimes casual experiences, this reaction felt out of place in terms of her prior characterization. This book is one of those reads where I thought I was getting one thing and it turned out to be completely different. Sometimes, that can be a nice surprise. But in this case, it was a major letdown, especially in terms of slut shaming and inconsistent characterization.

Any book that makes me laugh gets 4 stars. This one was funny. I liked the world building, the heroine was funny but not abrasive, and the hero was protective but not overbearing. Land lady Vera stole every scene she was in. May 13, Krissys rated it liked it. Dating The Undead V-Date.

Dating The Undead was a little less what I expected but had some things I totally wasn't expecting yet still managed to keep my attention despite some areas where the story hit a couple snags and lingered too long in some places I felt could have done without the added plot and useless character interactions.

That being said, I did like that the characters mostly carried the story - I do like heavy character plot than actual story plot sometimes since I tend to have a habit of getting deeply invested in the who is who, how, and why they are the way they are, their backgrounds and histories and all the little tid bits that tend to get left in the wind in a lot of books.

Dating the Undead includes a lot of past history but sadly not really in the way I was hoping. I let that go so I could sit back and enjoy the ride without paying much attention to the road signs on the trip. Dating the Undead was still very much worth the read as long as I didn't look too deep and the humor was very much liked.

Also the ending hook grabbed me enough that I do plan on picking up the next book in this series.

The Paperback of the Dating the Undead by Juliet Lyons at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Dating the Undead (Bite Nights) [Juliet Lyons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Snarky, sexy, and steamy as a sauna. ?KATIE. This Wattpad version is the first draft of DATING THE UNDEAD. The rewritten, updated, and highly edited version will be available from May 2nd from.

Until next time book lovers Krissys Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Sourcebooks Casablanca via Netgalley. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

If any of Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like my post or leave a comment to let me know what you think. I love hearing from you! Thank you so much for stopping by! She would be only the 4th author I was interested in purchasi just wanted to say this is one of the best books I've ever read it's right up there with my top 5 it's exciting, mysterious there so many plot twists it's just a good story just want to say that if this is your genre this is one of the must reads I've read the whole trilogy when it was on Wattpad prior to editing so I want to purchase the paper bags and reread them I have a collection of published works just from Wattpad I want those.

She would be only the 4th author I was interested in purchasing the paperback Sep 11, C. You HAVE to read this book! I was fortunate enough to read the first draft of this when it was on Wattpad and I absolutely adored it - I'm not surprised at all that Miss Lyons has been picked up by Sourcebooks. I cannot wait to read the new and improved version! Aug 10, Candace rated it liked it. Logan is a vampire and Silver is a human. They first meet on New Year's Eve and share a kiss.

A few days later Silver is on the vampire-human dating site V-Date. This time when Silver and Logan meet, he has been sent to glamour her into believing she doesn't want to date vampires. Logan is lead to believe Silver is a police informant collecting information to use against vampires. Despite the evidence, they fall into insta-love. Logan also has an ancient vampire, Anastasia, who wants him bac Logan is a vampire and Silver is a human.

Logan also has an ancient vampire, Anastasia, who wants him back as a blood-bond slave. Is there hope for their love to grow to an everlasting love? This novel is a nice, easy read. The main characters are delightful. The easy banter keeps the dialogue fresh. The heavier scenes are handled with sympathy and humor.

The plot is simple. There is adult language and explicit sex scenes in this novel. A strong and personable heroine delights as she navigates her way through the treacherous waters of online dating.

A steamy romance balances well with the intrigue and suspense though some plotlines fizzle out while others seem to take the longest route possible to resolution. I found Silver to be somewhat of a biatch, too. As Anonymous said, the Travellers are a distinct ethnic group in Ireland. They have a history of being seriously discriminated against, and are often still viewed with distrust and prejudice. The heroes in this series are alphas but not alphaholes, which is also a plus in my book. Trigger warnings to allusions to a past abusive relationship.

Add me to the group of readers who are tired of women shaming other women for the sake of making the heroine more appealing. Giving this book a hard pass. Amanda, thank you for reviewing this! I mean, wtf?! This pissed me off. Mara: That series sounds really interesting! I added the first book to my TBR pile on Goodreads.

Uhm … How, exactly, does this work? I thought Secret Santa givers and givees were the identical pool of people, so if one name is left out, the last person will have no name to draw. Did The Evil Sheila put in two slips with her own name so the draw would come out even?

In a sad, petty sort of way. The alternative is for her to just pretend to draw a name when everyone else does. I am so in awe of my brilliant, ass-kicking female friends and it breaks my heart to read books in which all women other than the heroine are bitches or trash.

Amanda— I hope you enjoy it! Louise — I got kind of hung up on the Secret Santa thing also. Adding my voice to the not being comfortable with the whole women shaming women stuff — this sounds like a hard pass to me.

Le Sigh. I would love more books with well written irish travellers in. Your Website:. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Marian Perera says:. June 15, at am. Rush says:. Anonymous says:. Amanda says:. Jennifer says:. June 15, at pm.

Rose says:. GeekGirlsRule says:. Mara says:.

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