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  • 21.01.2019
  • by Najin

What To Do When Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Sick . Dating Advice by eH

What GUYS actually want when they're SICK!

Whether you have an autoimmune disease or not, being single and navigating the dating world can be challenging. Unfortunately, many of the difficulties of finding the right match are magnified when you have a chronic illness, especially when your partner is living that blessed non-chronic illness life. Lucky for you, my love life, albeit a ghost town at the moment, is anything but boring — and I have had enough experiences dating with chronic illnesses to hopefully shed some light on this topic. And I completely understand the fear behind sharing this personal information with someone. But after someone bounced on me mostly for health-related issues, a lot of people helped me check myself before I wrecked myself.

Rules for Dating While Sick and Single

None Don't ask her if she's DTF when she's down with sickness. Once, I came back from the Philippines with what I thought was H1N1, and almost immediately a guy I was sexting with asked for a picture of my butt. I had a BlackBerry at the time, so this was basically impossible, anyways.

I live in the Northeast and, during the winter, everybody is constantly getting sick. Coughing, sneezing, sniffling, wiping noses, etc. I feel like I'm constantly. Deciding how to talk to the men I date about being sick has been a tenuous . At the same time, dating while sick has been a crash course in. by Kelley O'Brien. “I don't think we should see each other anymore.” It was St. Patrick's Day of and my girlfriend just dumped me.

Still: Don't harangue somebody for sex or cheesecake pics when they are unwell. Don't even float it in any way.

Dating while sick

Don't tell her you're thinking about her in her robe, or offer to come over and cuddle. That's so weird. We know you're talking about sex.

And she's mucous-y. You monster. That's it. Remember: Fall is the season for boning in leaf piles, but courtesy is year-round.

We weren't serious, or official, but we were close enough to know each other's schedules, to talk on the phone and to hold off watching "The Handmaid's Tale" finale until we could watch it together. I was used to drawing lines in my relationships, stepping in and out of emotional spaces as a calculated means of self-protection - distinguishing sex from intimacy, a good rapport from real compatibility.

But our closeness felt earnest.

With Valentines day come and gone I've been thinking about dating again. I just can't wrap my head around how anyone would want to pair. If your significant other is down for the count, here are some ways to help make their sick day(s) better. Navigating the dating world can be hard. Here are some pieces of advice if you're navigating it while chronically ill.

Four days before he texted me to break things off, I underwent surgery to treat endometriosis - my third in as many years. Endometriosis is like a benign but painful cancer; aberrant tissue grows in places it shouldn't, causing acute and chronic pain. Few surgeons in the country are skilled enough to treat it effectively, and without proper and early intervention it can cause permanent damage and infertility. This time around, what we anticipated to be a short procedure turned into a four-hour ordeal requiring the reconstruction of my bladder and left ovary.

How to Not Be Weird When Your Girlfriend Gets Sick

I stayed overnight in the hospital and was sent home with a catheter for 11 long days. Since my diagnosis, I've talked to so many women about the ways illness can complicate relationships. I've heard stories of breakups, of cheating, of detachment and callousness.

Let me start by saying many of the grown men that I know will literally talk about " having a cold" like it's massive world news. They're two steps.

It's not just anecdotal - research shows that being a woman with a serious illness increases your chances of "partner abandonment," and that this desertion subsequently affects quality of life. For endometriosis patients, these experiences are colored by the intimate nature of the disease, and the ways in which society designates women's worth by their sexual performance and reproductive capabilities. Deciding how to talk to the men I date about being sick has been a tenuous exercise - one I've practiced over and over since my endometriosis was diagnosed when I was Sometimes I mention endometriosis by name; other times I just say I've been "sick.

Yoga For When You Are SICK - Yoga With Adriene

My experiences have not been all that encouraging. There was the personal trainer who, when I explained the symptoms of endometriosis over drinks - back pain, pelvic pain, fatigue - crudely joked, "I have that all right now," and asked me point-blank if it made me "weak, sexually. Then there are the men who disappear after a date when I happen to mention what I've been through, who stop answering my texts after finding me on social media, where I talk openly about endometriosis; men whose departures or behavior cannot be directly or conclusively traced to my being sick, but who leave a lingering ambiguity.

I often wonder: Did it scare him away? Did it turn him off? Lying in bed on our third date, my new partner and I talked about our scars, his from a drunken college antic, mine from surgery.

I explained how I had been treated for a disease that is common but painful. I described my symptoms, without ever using the word "endometriosis," afraid he might Google it and come to his own conclusions about what it meant for me and for us. He listened intently and didn't pry.

He seemed unfazed, but not indifferent. I liked the idea so much I began doing it with my own illness. I still got ghosted, more frequently in fact, but met a few genuinely great new friends in the process. Then I met my current girlfriend, Kaylyn, on a dating app, Her.

We immediately bonded over our mutual struggles with mental illness, and she was extremely compassionate about my chronic illnesses. On our first date, Kaylyn asked me questions about my illnesses.

She assured me that my well-being was the most important thing, something I struggled with myself. I felt connected to her on our very first date, comfortable and have ever since.

I feel incredibly lucky to have met her.

Chronically Single: Dating While Sick. I am terrible at dating. I think to be good at dating there needs to be a modicum of giving a damn involved. I hung out with a couple of people but there was no one serious in my life until I was I met a guy who made me consider dating him. How to Not Be Weird When Your Girlfriend Gets Sick. She's got the flu, and you . But it's harder to tell when you're newly dating or hooking up.

The way Kaylyn sees the world—the way she sees good in people yet stands up to injustice—inspires and challenges me be the best person I can be. She was my strength when my mom died. My perseverance paid off. I hope it continues to. Your email address will not be published.

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