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  • 13.01.2019
  • by Yomuro

How to Romance Josephine in “Dragon Age: Inquisition” . LevelSkip

Dragon Age Inquisition: Josephine Romance Complete All Scenes

This is a fan run community. This subreddit and its mods are in no way associated with BioWare or EA. Did you romance Josephine, did you enjoy it, and why? Easily the worst LI of any Bioware game imo. I brought this up in another thread, and people mainly just accused me of having a neck-beard.

When the quest is complete, talk to Josephine again and ask "What's our next move? You will be sent to see Minister Bellise in private.

Dragon age inquisition dating josephine

Select the dialogue options:. Talk to Josephine again, and she will tell you that Leliana wishes to speak with you. Approach Leliana if you can't find her, consult your Skyhold map.

If you have been using the "Investigate" option when talking to Josephine, the "Heraldry from a Herald" quest will be initiated. Once it is complete, purchase the crest from the merchant Barnabus in Val Royeaux. Give it to Josephine as a gift. Talk to Josephine again and the quest "An Unexpected Engagement" will be initiated.

Head for the War Table and send Cullen to initiate it. The quest takes 14 minutes and 15 seconds, so either go complete another quest or go and sit with a cup of tea until Cullen is ready to report in. Find the messenger in Skyhold and select "Convey my thanks". If you are a mage, the "Investigate" option during the conversation with Lord Adorno will trigger a unique dialogue, but aside from that, you can choose either "Rapiers will do" or "If you must".

If you have the "Secrets" perk " Underworld Knowledge ", you can threaten Lord Adorno with the dialogue option "You're a family of backstabbers. Other scenes, such as the dance during " Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts " and the ending scene, are unlocked upon romancing Josephine. She can be romanced by any race, warrior class or gender, making her one of the two pansexual characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, illustrating BioWare's continuous support of the LGBT community.

Complete Josephine Romance - Dragon Age: Inquisiton

Do you love Josephine as much as we do? Leave a comment below. Yes, there are eight in total. You have to have finished "Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune.

Did you ask her everything in Haven? You must have asked her about her family for the quest to initiate. Leliana and Cullen are the ones who support one side or the other Leliana prefers mages, Cullen prefers Templars. What do I do?

How to Romance Josephine in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

I have made new characters about three times and yet I still have no luck. Have you reached Skyhold? Try talking to Leliana and Cullen; some other quest might be waiting to trigger.

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How far along are you in the game's main story? What's the last mission you did? Have you done Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts yet?

I've done previous 2 of her missions, but i still can't get last one. I'm about to play last mission of the game and still didn't get the cutseen about her engagment.

I love Josie! I'm on my third play through, and officially romancing her this time instead of just flirting. Thanks for the hints!

I'd suggest going and doing another side-quest in the meantime, and then trying again. Also try talking to other party members and then going back to talk to Josephine. Asked her all the investigation questions before in your heart shall burn but after I got back she didn't say anything about her family in Dept? I know you don't speak french but still. I thank you for this incredible guide that allowed my Inquisitor Luke from House Travelion to find true love at last.

I actually first tried to romance Cassandra, but reading just those kind words in this guide convinced me to restart the game and lose all my progress, JUST to see for myself the truly heartwarming love story blossom and grow. As Nunya said, you should go and do another quest i.


Finish any sidequest and then speak to her. I need help.

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Bioware Games · Dragon Age · Dragon Age Inquisition · DA:I Story, Then again , Josephine/Female Adaar is also surprisingly popular But that's the beauty of it : you don't need to romance Sera to have that scene: a male inquisitor can get his roof Sera if you want to date a mentally impaired baboon. For Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So can you romance Josephine and Cassandra at. A step by step guide on how to romance the Inquisition's ambassador, Lady Josephine Montilyet, in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Once completed, a messenger appears in Skyhold's courtyard to inform the Inquisitor that Otranto is happy to duel in Val Royeaux. While speaking with Josephine, a second war table mission can be triggered: Gather Information on Lord Otranto.

This mission is optional, but completing it will unlock an additional dialogue option during the fight. The Inquisitor may now travel to Val Royeaux to duel Otranto in a cutscene. Shortly, Josephine interrupts the duel, angry that the Inquisitor would risk their life.

The player can now choose between declaring their love for Josephine, or allowing Lord Otranto to marry her.

How to build positive relations with Josephine? You do not need to watch your steps in any particular way, while meeting with her. Simply, try to exhaust your. An Unexpected Engagement is a romance-specific advisor quest for Josephine in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Must have talked with Josephine about Antiva. r/dragonage: A community of Dragon Age fans, noobs, and ogres. So, I romanced Josephine, and I found it incredibly boring/unsatisfying. Easily the worst LI of.

If you opt to continue the romance, Josephine kisses the Inquisitor. Lord Otranto accepts defeat, having thought that they were simply having "an affair of passion," but admitting he cannot stand in the way of true love. Playing an Elf?

Playing a Qunari? It's one of my favorite romances.

For Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Switching from Josephine to Cassandra Romance". Characters in Dragon Age Inquisition may engage in romantic Note that Josephine and Cullen are not subject to the approval ratings.

For a dwarf, I've seen a few dwarven Inquisitors get turned off by Sera openly laughing at them for being short when they first meet, while many enjoy the "ex-con bad girl falls for sweet sheltered good girl" dynamic of Mistress Cadash and Josephine. It really does depend on what you want. If you don't romance Sera, at least get enough approval with her to do the Pride Cookies cutscene. Totally worth it. I'd go so far as to say that that one cutscene is worth the entire Josie romance in trade.

I don't know about that. Sitting on the couch with Josephine in front of a fire is a pretty cute scene. But roof cookies are definitely one of the better companion moments in the game. But that's the beauty of it: you don't need to romance Sera to have that scene: a male inquisitor can get his roof cookies while romancing one of the brunettes. IMO, the Josephine romance was so bad, I plan to do a no romance run for my canon play-through. My male rebel mage's "bromance" with Sera was far more rewarding than the Disney princess.

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