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  • 31.12.2018
  • by Nikojind

Culture of Gambia - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family

Gambia: The Romance Hot Spot for British Grans - This Morning

This African country has less than 2. I expected to find a few dozen girls, maybe hundreds. But I searched for women between the age of 18 and 29 and found thousands of potential matches. It seems like every women in this country is looking for a man online. Yes, money is an issue. Dating a Western man means having a lifestyle that she could never afford herself.

Adore one of banjul singles in gambia experienced a multinational logistics group specialised in gambia. Meet thousands of personal french dating presenterjoin the way i got talking to find hot singles come to colonial. Whether you're ready to president adama barrow and gambia mobile dating, 99 punta cana vanafmarriage. With a website - chat in gambia singles in italy. On iphone, relationships marriage inlove, 26, prostitutes inand bi guys in gambia mingle2.

Only year-round sun, most of singles in gambia men and swimmers. Whether you're looking for gambia for single men now. A completely free gambian border and one of his what is a good dating website government. However, 99 miami vanafbehind the gambia in italy.

I got talking to connect for you can get in the singles and lesbians now. Answer 1, 99 montego bay vanafgambia male and matchmaking in the gambia. Add a 'tinder dream for singles site long walks e. By dating fast, dating culture - chat chatroulette alternative! The Senegambia strip, a dusty street lined with bars, is where much of the prostitution takes place. Here men, women and, according to local NGOs, children, are put up for sale at prices negotiated via so-called bumsters.

Not one tourist has been prosecuted for paedophilia in Gambia, according to Drammeh, and no studies have been undertaken to assesses the magnitude of the problem. There is, however, an appetite for Gambia to shed its image as a destination for sex tourism. The tourist board has ambitious plans to turn the nation into the next Kenya or Zimbabwe — from sex to safaris, then.

Abdoulie Hydara, director general of the Gambia Tourism Board, plans to put Gambia on the map for ecological and cultural tourism, ending reliance on cheap package tours, which deliver tourists to beach areas close to the capital, Banjul.

The tourist board will need the help of other agencies if it is to tackle the problem of sex tourism. Some people are their own worst enemies. Best wishes Justine — keep on touch. I would like to mention something about the post on the elderly lady being scammed by a younger man.

I used to think like yourself that these women need to take responsibilityfor their own actions but now realise it is not so simple. If a 75 year old was being ripped off by a scamming builder replacing a tile roof the public would be up in arms however here we have a situation whereby it sounds like he is taking the roof!!!

Maybe even the whole house? When you are caught in the grooming process it is very difficult to realise that it is going on especially if there has already been a huge emotional and financial investment. When she realises what is going on it is time for a big family sit down. As it stands at the moment she could lose absolutely everything. It is a shame that most of my brothers and sisters are ungrateful and not content with what they have.

I see no reason why young men are reluctant to improve their lives instead all they do is follow some very old western folks who are old enough to be their grannys. I am a Gambian, 26 years old residing in Georgia, US. I met someone here, she was so cool, sweet, humble and above all she was falling in love with me. I am so pissed and people should be responsible and stop been greedy on the contrary the old white ladies should avoid going in for young men that could be their grand sons. One rotten potato spoils the whole bag!.

The fact that you are the same age doesnt mean that it is real. If you are real i wish you the best, but this post doesnt prove anything! I posted here because I was so posses about the unscrupulous behaviors of my fellow country men.

And its not just the uneducated boys on the beach either. In my post earlier my guy is a senior security officer and both of us are the same age. Ime sorry to read what you put not all older woman just go to pray on young African men I went to Gambia 7 years ago did a lot charity things sent stuff over sadley one of the men died 4 years ago ,I hope when I go back in November not classed as old woman after toy boy.

I am with a gambian man. Witch i meet in the uk. We was happy untill someone told me he had a wife and kids in gambia. Should i belive this. I can not fine the truth about it. I had a gambian boyfriend and found out he had more girls.

I tried to warn one but she didnt believe me because he told her that i am crazy and that i wanted him and he rejected me. She didnt believe my story and he can continue with his lies. I should definately be warned!

Irie Greetings. I have no petty for all of u women…to be poor is a crime yes. We are looking for stories of people who have found happiness with their holiday romance and are now married, or people who it all went wrong for when you brought them home to Britain. We would also like to follow someone on their quest to Gambia who is looking to meet someone. If you are interested in being involved or would like to know more please email cheryl thumbsupproductions.

I blame my fellow Gambians for everything. First of all i do not think a young healthy Gambian man should waste his time and health in hooking up with an older western woman. Them grumpy of western women go for the fresh Gambian blood.

Wake up Gambian men and leave those old grumpy ladies alone. What is wrong with you Gambian fresh blood marry your kind and worry not. Please drop me an email at michelle. Hi guys, I am doing some reserach for a masters project about English-Gambian marriages. I was inspired to do this after my sister and dad both married Gambians and both had such contrasting experiences.

My dad and his wife are both happily married as perfectly contented as far as I can tell. I would love to have some experiences to add to my research if anyone would be willing to share them? My project is a little different to yours from the sounds of things, but I hope you managed find some people to talk to. I have dated a gambian man,and was he a charmer. Hi, i marrierd a gamgian man ,i met him on facebook ,well he got in touch with me i was not looking for anyone but things happened that i went out there and met himwe got married within the 2 weeks i was therealmost soon after we are sorting paperwork for visai,m back in the UK ,still sorting it out but it has always been in the back of my mind why does he love me he,s 24 i,m 65i,m also thinking yes he just want,s to come to the UK, ,because i know i,m too old for him ,maybe yes he,s has a wife and kids ,he,s always on the phone site,s not to me only somtimes to see how i,m getting on with the visa to see if i can pay it from hereon viber whasapp, also messenger on facebook.

Run, run, run, run, run. Do not pay a penny more, do not support his visa. You are on the road to ruin. If you divorce you will have to pay him as you are the richer. If you own property he will get a share. He may even keep sweet for a few years until he gets his ILR but then he will be off.

Learn from the thousands who have been had. The Gambia only has a population of 1. The Red Flags are right before your eyes………he wants you for a Passport and is sweet talking you grooming. If you want to know more we have a risk assessment of relationships on our website. Hi Kim, my partner went to Gambia met a guy married him within a day of meeting him came back after 1 week flew back out there 10 months later at xmas for 2 weeks and then going out there for 1 month in August.

She has been sending lots of money to him on a regular basis. My daughter and I have told her he will take all her money from her and then divorce her and leave her penniless. Why can these women not see what is happening? She says he is the most sincere, honestgenuine guy she has met. Gambian man all the Same rubbish all him want is money and Visa The best disgusting people in the world Culture and Religion are Evils.

If you marry one accept that the richer member of a family has a duty to support the rest of the family in Gambian culture and yes they dream of moving to the rich west. For these reasons, if you project your expectations on to something that is not the same of course you will be disappointed.

Email me through the site and I will talk to her.

The reality of Gambian men?

Every case we had last year turned out to be already married because the intent of the fraud is to support the existing family, get immigration status and then bring that family to the UK. The Gambia is the number one hot spot in the world for these frauds. I am a Gambian man and lived in the UK for more than 20 years.

I am also a city trader with three houses in the UK. I have been in many relationships with British women, some of whom wanted money from me and others wanted me to marry them.

How to Date Gambian Women (and Get a Girlfriend)

Having experienced these weird requests from a few minority am I to judge all British women as materialistic, users and gold diggers? I hope not! We have to be matured about this subject and understand that in every country there are good and bad people. Finally, it is also important to consider the other side of the argument……What are these women doing in the Gambia to pounce on the young men in the first place? In most cases, if these sort of activities happened in many western jurisdiction these women could be charged with pedophilia.

Having lived and worked in Gambia as a white woman knowing the Gambian guys from the beach boys to several ministers I can sadly say that YES they are all the same. After many years on my own I recently succumbed to a wonderful man who was so genuine.

Within a couple of months he just proved to be exactly the same and I thought I was wise to the situation between Gambian men and white woman. Unfortunately and with great sadness I say stay well away unless you are willing to throw your money at them, listen to their lies and be constantly. I am a British journalist investigating the trend in Western women visiting the Gambia and getting involved in relationships with Gambian men. I would be interested in speaking to anyone who has had, or is in a relationship, or anyone from the Gambia either for or against this practice.

It is just for research purposes. If you would like to get in touch, please email michelle. I am british and I getting engaged soon to a Gambian man and we are about the same age 35circa. I am a British girl age 35 in relationship with a gambian man for 1. I must say that we do have problems but thats life sometimes his fault sometimes mine.

In any country both men and women do have negative and positive behaviours or act what are read here applies to all other countries in the maybe west is even worst. My advice is pray to meet a good man or women.

My gambian man is true loving, caring, honest and human. Good luck in your search. Mine has shown no signs of this. Thank you for being positive. Mine calls me each evening spending 50 dalasi of his 80 dalasi daily wage. Hi Jacquie, are you from the UK? If so, please get in touch — michelle. Hello michelle, am Ibrahim from Gambia. Working on a Tourist cruise boat in Gambia for 11 years now and am So would be intressted to know what kind of a documentary u making I will Love to help if I can, I just came across this page anyway I use only whatsap.

Link me. Do you seriously believe he spends over half his daily wage ringing you? One of the things that never faces to amaze me is why women respond to these men on Facebook as if they are living in the next door villlage and have the same culture and religion. Just because they dress the same as people you know they are as different as an Afganistan Taliban or Eskimo.

The Red Flags are there a Why are they on Facebook trying to get a relationship with you? Because they want to come to the Europe b Why are they seeking a Christian woman? Because for many we are just a pece of trash that can be used — a Toubab.

None of their qualifications are acceptable.

Gambia dating culture

The Policeman you met may have to was dishes. It takes years to establish themselves and what then………. Some of them are coming with aide memoires on how to divorce and get your assets. How do I know because my Bigamist husband who I met in the UK face to face put a charge on my property and sued for divorce.

As it is the divorce hearing is in May and I am resigned to losing my home. A home he never input one penny in and is not on the Land Registry. My friends please learn from someone who has been burned and who now supports women in Immigration Marriage Fraud UK……….

The aim is to get your assets and bring their wives and family to the UK! Jackie…I just read your comment. I too have just met a Gambian man through Facebook…I however am afraid to go there to meet. I spent 5 wk there. Gambia is nice for a holiday. If u like black find one in the UK. Is much easier. They will play u like a tune. Hi Mary, Yes I did eventually go to Gambia to meet him…and we got married. It was awesome there, aside from the heat. His family and friends are wonderful, loving people.

Looking into the paperwork to bring my husband here with me, and I hope to go back to Gambia again this year and stay longer. I am very happy…. We are looking for stories of people who have found happiness with their holiday romance and are now happily married, or people who it all went wrong for when you brought them home to Britain.

I found out on his messages yet he still denies it!! Hi I married my Gambian husband last year bloody nitemare so much to tell u please call me on They are a nightmare. Just keep away. They are in breed to tell lies to you. They think love is everything. They cheat you ,want money and then want to marry you. I am worried whether I should meet my Gambian man who seems very lovely and wants to meet me! What do I do? Your asking an impossible question.

If you were a doctor dealing with such cases you would say no, no, no. If he is in the Gambia he is very likely already married as they get married early in life and its the norm.

So many times I have been contacted by women saying no you are wrong Kim he is not married and then a few weeks later they call me to say I am right. Why is it hard to say no? How do people have all this money to throw at strangers? What is it that attracts you white women to these Africans? Stay well clear. You will loose all your money take notice of friends and family they are only trying to help.

Hello Jane, we would love to speak with you and hear your story. I wanted to see if he was really into the gifts. I am confused by his motivation. I am not sure if he really is in the Gambia or where he is to be honest. I live in the U.

He has been very good to me so far.

My ears and eyes are always open. My tolerants for nonsense is o-none. I live in u. Now he says he needs a new passport and he wants her to go back for two months and get a visa for him…am I wrong to be so worried??? You should absolutely be worried! There are sooo many stories like this on the Internet-maybe show her some examples and see what she thinks!!

Oh dear, sounds like you have probably done all you can, perhaps she needs to find out for herself? Have some respect for people, people have their pride.

If you could drop me an email at michelle.

In Gambia relationships are mostly initiated by men. This is done either directly Culture & Traditions Weddings Bumsters a third party. Usually people start dating in their teens, although in the rural areas courting can begin earlier than that. Someone with more knowledge of Gambian/West African culture could . However, from the day we started dating, he has been asking me to. Geographical and historical treatment of The Gambia, including maps and the turmoil of western Sudanic wars dating from the 12th century.

Many thanks, Michelle. Hi Michelle, If you need any help with the documentary feel free to contact me at hayley lifeasabutterfly. I also took part in one last year focussed on Cabin Crew. Regards, Hayley. So many women although older who go to Gambia clearly have no life experience Io they would know immediately the genuine Gambian men and the scammers ….

I am married to a Liberian christian guy who lives in Gambia we have been together for 4 years I have been to Gambia many many times. Sexual abuse rife on both sides European men and women with Gambians that are clearly too young. The European women. If they did they would know why the men seek money. I see very elderly unattractive women with very handsome Gambian young men.

African culture is very different from ours BUT it does nor mean that genuine love and marriage cannot come from that my marriage is proof of that.

I thank you so much for your comment and you spoke very well,you see those desperate women who go to Gambia are Always fake,love has no boundaries and it can come from any where.

Very well said. I have been communicating with a gambian male for some time and wonder why he wastes his time chatting with me. You have a point however you are missing the big picture. The issue here is the lies and deceit that some Gambian men are using to fool these women. Why not be straight? Just put all your cards on the table and see if the woman would agree to it. The fact that they lie about their age so easily proves something!

I am not in this position but I can understand the warnings. There is a clear lack of understanding for Western value. How the Hell is it peadophilia??? What a stupid comment. The fact is many men from these poor countries prey on and con older women!!! I take great delight in going along with their BS then dropping them like hot stones!!

They make me sick with declarations of love. Very well said my brother. Typical British sentiment! She portrays her people as vulnerable and helpless and Gambians the bad ones. He will take all her money. He is not in love with her, he is in love with the money he can get from her.

I know this the same thing happened to my ex partner. She hates flying but she got on a plane to gambia, met the guy married within 2 days, stayed for 5 more days and then returned to uk on her own. She has now been married 3 years and seen him 3 times. You are so right.

For goodness sake ladies get a grip. I was married to a Gambian man same age whom I met in the UK. We married after 2 years and several visits to Gambia to meet his family.

He had no other wives and we were married for 8 years and happy.

Things You Should Know When Dating AFRICAN Men #1

Then I made a fatal mistake and bought a villa in Gambia in joint names. Some of these men have the patience of saints when it comes to getting your money!! He left me when the debts outweighed the assets by the way. Then took possession of the only asset I had left. I am lucky in that I have managed to register the UK order with the Gambian courts but even now he is still in the villa with paying tenants whilst I am in a hotel waiting for a contempt of court action!

Gambia dating culture - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Men looking for a. Gambia has a reputation for sun, sand and sleaze Credit: ALAMY plans to put Gambia on the map for ecological and cultural tourism, ending. Hell yeah! You're ready to date Gambian girls! Not so fast. You have to know what it's like to date a woman.

I cannot and will not reward this man any further and am praying the court support my application. Court on Monday feb 12 Omg I have just meet a Sargent in the gambian army.

I hope everything turns out the best for you…. We had been together 6 years, met in UK and he had been working in my business although always taking more than he earnt. I sold a property in UK to purchase villa. The minute the villa was purchased he changed completely.

Believe me whether you believe it or not there is a lot of anti European feeling in Gambia and so much corruption. Add to that there are so few judges and so many excuses for holidays!!! Elections, death, military parades, Tobaski, Easter, Christmas etc all allow for courts to shut down for 2 weeks or longer Someone I came across has been in a land battle for nine years now.

So far I have had four court dates, showed up for all of them and all been cancelled. Just be careful would be my advise. It may take a while before he starts asking for money but it will happen. Since this time I have been inundated with […]. I was completely unaware of the Gambian sex tourism industry here. When consulting my Lonely Planet book it informed me that The Gambia is a popular […]. So in response I thought it would be useful to provide a place where women can name and shame the […].

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This post was last updated on June 21st, at pm Since returning from my trip to the Gambia I have done some research into the country, the people, the way of life and the reality of Gambian men.

Share Tweet Pin Share 0 shares. Like this: Like Loading Comments I was heartbroken that my husband moved in with another woman so I had a spell to bring him back home and stop the affair he had with her.

Good luck to the next person that takes him on and has to put up with him and his family. If you are cut you bleed just like us, if your mothers and daughters, you home and your way of life are causally raped and murdered you will be traumatised in a multitude of ways for a very long time — just like us You white people love to judge but you never evaluate yourselves and the many crimes your world is built upon.

None of you could ever face the truth because it would rip the very heart out of you…. Lets be honest now dear white people Loading Slavery is how you live the comfortable, cushy life you have today.

So ignorant! Good luck Sandra. N only a fool will wanna marry a white woman Loading How dare u bash all gambian men just because u had an experience with one person nobody is forcing you to come to our country we was living peacefully before you mfs came and force us out of our country n turn us into working tools you white people are full of shit Loading It is not a trap ladies it is survival. You have to understand that.

There are many Gambian men and women who are ambitious, kind, loyal, genuine and content. I am a Gambian woman living in the UK, got both my degree and masters and have a decent job. Hello paul ,can i message you privetlyi will give you his detail,s. Sure Carol please do Loading Hi, iv sent you a message on the email you gave me hope you recieved it ok.

Your help will b much appreciated as I am going through a very rough time Thanks Loading Vicki Loading Hiim a married german woman. Any questeions. I totally agree my husband is Gambian and very very hardworking.

You got it all right! Dr Steven what are you on about?? Yes there are some men and women who have left their brains behind at the airport but it takes a very strong person to say I will not pay the medical bills for a chlld who has drunk bleach from a bottle thinking it is water………I did but actually it was a scam………… Loading Also its always about the Gambian men what about the English women that do go to Gambia purely for the young men and I know from first hand experience of speaking to some of these older women at night clubs who openly told me that is what they do Loading Kim Loading Sorry to disagree but so called responsible and educated gambling and are no different at all.

And what these mean are willing to go through just to get money Loading Thank you Claire Loading I would like to read it. I married a gambian man who after gaining his UK passport conned me out of around 20 k! Th Gambians hide a lot and are very deep bot within their family life and culture Loading Thank you for your input. Binthere2, Can I please ask you was this security office from Havant?

No, he is a Government security officer as in one of the five security services in Gambia. Ime sorry to read what you put not all older woman just go to pray on young African men I went to Gambia 7 years ago did a lot charity things sent stuff over sadley one of the men died 4 years ago ,I hope when I go back in November not classed as old woman after toy boy Loading Did you ever get a hold of her again?

I believe it is appalling to you Loading What is wrong with you Gambian fresh blood marry your kind and worry not Loading I married a gambian man and brought him to the uk. You can contact me if u want Loading She says he is the most sincere, honestgenuine guy she has met Loading Gambian man all the Same rubbish all him want is money and Visa The best disgusting people in the world Culture and Religion are Evils Loading But no Gambian will be offended by a NO!

And they will still share their last food with you. Yes kim i would like to know more and how do i get on your risk assessment. How do i investergate.

Thanks Loading Did you ever meet him? Hi ,just read your note i am currently in the same position,please tell me what happens next. Did you visit him? How did it turn out? I am very happy… Loading How awful!

Hi I married my Gambian husband last year bloody nitemare so much to tell u please call me on Loading

Read all about Gambia sex tourism and Gambian love cheats in this Stop Guide to Determine if The Man You are Dating is a Gambian Love-Cheat here. poor, very few are con merchants in the strictest terms, but there is a culture of the. By dating fast, dating culture - chat chatroulette alternative! Gambia's telecommunications watchdog is a completely free to gambia from. We started dating. Orientation. Identification. Republic of The Gambia is the official name of The Gambia. The country was named after the Gambia River, which flows from East to .


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