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  • 13.01.2019
  • by Dasho

Blaine Is Dating Karofsky in the 'Glee' Season 6 Premiere & It's Breaking Kurt's (And My) Heart

Glee - Dave and Blaine Break Up 6x07

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Dave is later seen having dinner with Blaine at Breadstix when suddenly all of his ex-boyfriends show up and start to recognize him, leaving the couple confused and David ashamed, moments later Sue arrives and shows them a genealogical tree that reveals that they're third-cousins, to both guys dismay. He is later mentioned when Blaine tells Kurt about their date. The Hurt Locker, Part Two. David doesn't appear in this episode but he is mentioned by Blaine while he is trapped in the elevator with Kurt and later by Sue mentioning which of Klaine's boyfriend she would murder first.

Dave is mentioned by Blaine after the Wheel of Duets put him with Kurt, about how David feels a little jealous about them. David is last seen when he arrives to his home with Blaine, he asks if there's something wrong, as his boyfriend has been acting weird, in the moment, Blaine reveals that he still loves Kurt and that they kissed; Dave acts cool about it, even though he's hurt, he says that he's okay with it and that he always knew they still had feelings for each other—it was only a matter of time before they resurfaced.

Blaine then leaves the house, saying goodbye to David, who only asks him to confess his feelings with words instead of song. As this episode is set in the past, we see Dave roughly pushing Kurt against the lockers.

He apologizes to Karofsky by insulting him. Karofsky stops, turns, and asks him what he said. Sensing danger, Kurt apologizes again.

Blaine Devon Anderson is a fictional character from the American musical comedy-drama Criss auditioned for Glee several times before being cast as Blaine, . and begins dating Dave Karofsky after a chance encounter at the local gay appearance?: ?"?Never Been Kissed?". Blaine and Karofsky, Glee. We were more than psyched when it was revealed that Blaine and Karofsky were distant cousins and that Karofsky had really gotten around the gay community in Lima, but not because that could eventually send Blaine running back to Kurt.

Puck and Karosfky push his books away, and walk off laughing. Puck slaps Karofsky's backside, but Karofsky tells Puck to not be gay. In the cafeteria the next day, Kurt goes to find a seat. He sees an empty spot and places his tray, as the jocks come. Dave looks at him in a disgusted way. Intimated, he moves. Six years into the future, Dave appears one last time when Sue announces the New Directions performing in the auditorium, he is seen dancing and singing along everyone else to I Lived by OneRepublic.

At first, Dave Karofsky is a stereotypical jock bully. He enjoys terrorizing the kids in New Directions, and seems to favor targeting Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson in particular.

Blaine Anderson

While Azimio 's bullying and prankster behavior seems to be motivated by a larger sense of maintaining order and keeping the herd in line, Karofsky's seems to be more personal in nature. He's been harboring a grudge against Finn since fifth grade, and seems to target Kurt in a desperate attempt to cover up his own sexual feelings, or as a way to get closer to his possible crush. In fact most of Karofsky's bullying behavior seems to be because of the social order of the school and the opinions of his friends, rather than anything he was raised believing at home as his father in fact seems to behave completely different from Dave, showing an understanding and enlightened opinion of homosexuality.

It was revealed by his father that Dave is actually quite intelligent academically, usually getting A's and B's in school, suggesting that his dolt-like behavior is an act to make himself appear "normal" to his friends. In the weeks leading up to the kiss confrontation between Dave and Kurt, his grades began to decline, and he has started acting out and talking back both at home and school.

It became severe enough that he threatened to kill Kurt, prompting his temporary expulsion. Since Kurt has transferred to Dalton Academy, his violence seems to have returned to its previous level. It is speculated that he feels less threatened now that the person who knows his secret is gone.

Glee blaine dating karofsky

However, his more violent tendencies seemed to flare up upon seeing Kurt and Blaine again, which was only stopped by the actions of Santana. Max Adler, who portrays Karofsky, has called him the "insecure, afraid, and shy boy in the corner with this crazy secret, with a rough and tough exterior, a hard-edged bully who doesn't take anything from anybody. He's afraid that it will ruin his life and shatter his whole world. He has to keep up that manliness, be the guys guy, be the jock and fit in with them while he's hiding completely who he is and what he wants.

Blaine Is Dating Karofsky in the 'Glee' Season 6 Premiere & It's Breaking Kurt's (And My) Heart

According to Max Adler, Karofsky's fears come from society instead of his father. I like the fact that Ryan Murphy chose to not make him what everyone thought — including me — as this beer-drinking, abusive, berating father. It was a more interesting choice to have him actually be the loving, supportive, caring father to show that Karofsky's fears aren't really coming from home.

It's more society that's really scaring him into denying who he is. When Karofsky reappears after almost three years of absence, he seems to have changed his personality completely. He had become cheerful, kind towards others, and no longer feared society. He had also completely embraced his sexuality.

This results in Kurt falling further into a depressive state, until his new friendship with Blaine leads him to confront Karofsky. Following him into the locker room, Kurt demands an explanation and begins belittling him. This upsets Karofsky, who demands Kurt to back off.

Kurt refuses, continuing his rant and daring him to punch him. The final straw seems to be calling Dave extraordinarily ordinary. Karofsky snaps and lunges forward, grabs Kurt, and forces a kiss on him. He makes an attempt at a second one, but a stunned and scared Kurt pushes him back.

Visibly upset, Karofsky hits a locker and runs out of the locker room. Kurt and Blaine attempt to confront him in the stairwell the next day, but Karofsky refuses to talk about what happened. When Blaine keeps trying, Karofsky rams him against a wall, though he is easily freed when Kurt pushes Karofsky away and demands he stop.

Karofsky runs off again, looking frightened. Afterwards, Kurt tells Blaine that until the day before, he had never had a kiss that "counted. In The SubstituteKurt and Mercedes are in the cafeteria, where Kurt is trying to set her up on a date.

He says that "love is just around the corner," when Dave walks past, asks "Sup, homo? He later confronts Kurt in front of his locker, and asks if he told anyone that Kurt kissed him. Kurt is quick to correct him on the details Dave shushes him and looks around franticallybut Kurt reassures him that he hasn't. Dave then tells him to keep it that way, or he will kill him.

He walks away without touching him. In FurtKurt has just finished discussing wedding details with Finn, when he finds Dave standing behind him. Though Kurt tells Dave he doesn't want him anywhere near him, Dave smirks slyly at him and walks forward until Kurt has backed himself against his locker. Dave proceeds to poke Kurt in the chest and slide his finger down, grabbing the cake topper Kurt is holding.

Dave then asks Kurt if he can have it and walks away, putting the figure in his letterman jacket pocket. Later in the choir room, Kurt is trying to teach Finn and Burt to dance. Dave walks past the door, and upon seeing Kurt and Finn in a waltzing position, makes a limp wrist motion to mock them. This angers Burt, who quickly charges Dave in the hallway after Kurt tells him about the death threat. This ultimately leads to the principal's office, where Dave attempts to deny everything.

When his father asks why Kurt would lie, he is only able to come up with "Maybe he likes me. He is visibly relieved when Kurt lies, but does give him a disappointed headshake as he's leaving the office. At the end of the episode, we find out that Dave is not getting expelled because they have no proof of Dave bullying Kurt. Kurt decides to transfer to Dalton Academy. Azimio gives him a suspicious look. In Born This WaySantana, in order to bring Kurt back to the school and increase her chances of winning Prom Queen, blackmails Dave after finding out his true sexuality.

She tells him that if he won't be her gay beard and prom date, she will reveal his secret to the school. Seeing no other choice, Dave accepts. With the blessings of Principal Figgins, he and Santana start an anti-bullying group called the Bully Whips and he makes an apology to the members of New Directions for his past actions against them and Kurt.

Burt still holds a grudge against him for threatening the life of his son, but Paul asks that Burt grant Dave the time it took him to learn his lesson, given that it took Burt and Paul years to realize homosexuality is no reason to discriminate against someone. Kurt, still skeptical, wishes to talk to Dave alone and sends the adults out of the room. Kurt asks Dave what's his real reason is for starting the anti-bullying group, and Dave says he just wants to make everything right.

Kurt reminds him that while he hasn't forgotten the kiss, he wouldn't out Karofsky.

Jan 9, - Blaine reveals to Kurt that he and his new boyfriend got together thanks to Kurt himself. One night during wallowing, Blaine went to the local Lima gay bar on a "bear" cowboy night. There Karofsky was dancing the Two-Step and locked eyes with Blaine. Feb 13, - Blaine breaks up with Karofsky on 'Glee' Season 6 Episode 7. Seriously Blaine dating D.K. was nothing more than a rebound/plot device. David "Dave" Karofsky, or simply known as Karofsky, is a recurring character on Glee. In Loser Like Me, he has begun dating Blaine Anderson, whom Kurt had.

When Dave asks him why he hasn't told anybody, Kurt replies he doesn't believe in outing people, but still accepts them for who they are. However, he says Dave owes him the truth.

Dave confesses that it's part of Santana's plan to become prom queen. Kurt tells Dave he could either tell everyone that Dave kissed him, which Dave quickly objects to and sincerely apologizes for, or he could come back and marvel in the anti-bullying group on the condition that he and Dave start a local chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays PFLAG. Kurt then stresses to Dave that even if he is unable to come out to the world, he needs to be educated so that progress can truly be made.

In Prom Queeneven though Santana only does her Bully Whips duty in order to gain the votes for prom queen, Dave seems to take his job seriously in protecting Kurt and walks him to his classes and lunch. Kurt appears to not be afraid of being around Dave anymore. He tells him that he doesn't hate him and can understand his pain. Hearing this, after months of bearing guilt, Dave finally breaks down and apologizes.

Kurt accepts the apology. Before they separate, Dave tells Kurt to wait for him. Later at the prom, they win the Prom Royalty together with Kurt as the Prom Queen, as part of a prank. As they are about to dance, Kurt tells Dave that this is his moment to come out and make a difference.

Dave says he can't, indicating that he has already come to terms with his sexuality but is still unable to come out. Kurt arrives at Breadstix early to meet up with the secret admirer before Sugar's party. The person in the gorilla suit appears, Kurt is confused when the card he is given reads "I think I love you" and questions, "Wait, you think you love me?. Disappointed and heartbroken, Karofsky tries to leave, but eventually runs into his classmate, Nick, who suspects Kurt and Karofsky are hanging out for Valentine's Day.

Dave tells Kurt that he wants to be friends with him and Kurt says that he would like to be friends with Dave, and they hold hands.

Around this time, Dave has embraced his homosexuality and started dating Blainewith whom Kurt broke up a couple of months before. He hopes to be able to be friends with Kurt despite dating his ex, and though Kurt is hurt, he does not object.

After he says this, Santana informs Dave that she knows about his closeted homosexuality. He is at first in denial, asking who would have told her that. Assuming Kurt and Blaine told her, he mentions that he is going to kick their asses for making up lies to mess with him.

She tells him that she wasn't told by anyone and that his sexuality was just too obvious as she earlier caught him checking out Sam 's butt. Dave also denies this, claiming that he was just looking at what jeans he was wearing. Santana calls Dave out, saying, "Like that's any less gay. After realizing defeat, he asks her why she is doing this.

She informs him that she plays on the same team, which he seems shocked about. She also tells him that she wants them to be each other's beards, so they seem heterosexual, become Prom King and Queen, and later rule the school. Santana then tells him that if he doesn't do as she says, she will tell everybody about his secret, and it will ruin his life.

Through blackmail, Dave follows through with her plan. Dave is later shown apologizing to the Glee club, and also informing them that he wants to apologize to Kurt, who he has treated the worst. Dave informs New Directions that it was Santana, to their surprise especially Quinn 'swhom helped him see the light.

Santana informs them about their "relationship," to which they all react in disgust. Dave and Santana both inform the New Directions of the new anti-bullying club known as the Bully Whips.

At the end of the episode, they are seen together watching New Directions' performance of Born This Way Song in the auditorium, Santana wearing the 'Lebanese' shirt Brittany made for her and Dave watching Kurt during the performance. Dave and Santana at prom. In Prom Queenthey go to the prom together. Both Dave and Santana seem to having fun and dancing around during the prom performances.

They slow dance at Rachel's Jar of Heartsalthough both clearly look uncomfortable. In the end, it's unclear whether their beard relationship continues or not. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? He is portrayed by Max Adler. Contents [ show ]. Mash-Up Finn roughs up Dave, who just slushied him. Mattress Dave and Azimio corner Finn in the locker room and write on his face as "practice" for doing it to his to glee club yearbook photo later.

Audition Dave is seen in the background, while Jacob interviews Finn and Rachel about her "expected return to the Shire. Duets Dave appears in Duetswhere he, along with Azimio, slushies Sam Evans for being the newest member of the glee club. Never Been Kissed Karofsky, while alone, interrupts Kurt and Tina's stroll down the school hallway by shoving Kurt violently into the lockers without saying a word.

Later the same day, he does the same thing to Kurt when Kurt is alone. Kurt asks him, "What is your problem?!

There is a third instance of Dave bullying Kurt in the episode, in which Dave smacks Kurt's phone out of his hand and pushes him into a locker, so Kurt follows him into the locker room. He angrily demands to know why Dave won't stop attacking him. When Kurt begins to insult him, Dave becoming more and more upset, holds his fist up threateningly and orders for Kurt to not push him. Blaine and Kurt try to talk to Dave. When Kurt continues his tirade, Dave suddenly forces a kiss on him.

He goes back in for a second one, but is shoved away by an obviously shocked and frightened Kurt. Dave punches a locker in frustration and flees the room near tears.

Glee - Blaine tells Kurt he's dating Karofsky 6x01

Kurt brings Blaine to confront him in the stairwell the next day, and nearly publicly outs Dave, who denies everything and attempts to leave. When Blaine tries to tell him he's not alone, Dave turns around and angrily forces him against the wall.

Kurt easily pushes him off, and Dave runs away, looking scared. He later continues pushing Kurt into the lockers, showing he is unwilling to acknowledge what happened. The Substitute Kurt is sitting with Mercedes at lunch as he tries to set her up on a date reassuring her that "love is just around the corner.

Dave suddenly appears and winks at Kurt, taunting him once again. Later, he confronts Kurt at his locker and demands to know whether or not he's told anyone else about the locker room kiss, phrasing it as though it was Kurt who kissed him. Kurt tells Dave that he's the one who kissed him and he hasn't told.

Dave threatens to kill him if he does. Furt Dave's harassment has reached the point where even his presence obviously terrifies Kurt. He approaches Kurt at his locker and ignores him when he tells Dave he doesn't want him near him. Dave pokes him in the chest, trails it down and then steals Kurt's wedding topper.

They demand he leave Kurt alone, but Dave pushes Mike who falls onto Artie, accidentally hurting both of them.

Jan 9, - 'Glee' returned for its sixth and final season Friday, revealing that Blaine dating Karofsky is not only a rebound but it is away for him to not let. Sep 28, - In , “Love, Love, Love,” the glee kids sing a bunch of Beatles songs . Not only by breaking them up, but by having Blaine dating Karofsky. Aug 27, - Glee Season 6 Spoilers - EXCLUSIVE Details on: Blaine/Karofsky romance, time jump between seasons and what Rachel, Kurt & Blaine will do.

This causes Sam to run in and attack Dave, and the fight escalates between the two of them until Coach Beiste steps in. Sam is left with a black eye as a result of the fight. Kurt comes clean about the death threat when prompted, angering Burt. He rushes after Dave and throws him up against the wall. Would you like to view this in our UK edition?

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