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  • 28.12.2018
  • by Gazilkree

Here's Everyone Who The Cast Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Actually Dating IRL

Grey's Anatomy 300th Episode - Cast Interviews (HD)

Here's a rundown:. Derek Shepherd Meredith sleeps with Derek before she realizes that he's her boss. At the beginning of Season 1 , she thwarts his advances but finally gives in. For a while, they keep their relationship a secret, but before long the whole hospital knows. In Season 2 , Meredith takes home a guy whom she meets at Joe's.

As loyal fans will without doubt recall, Alex once went out with the woman that can be seen in the image above. He asked her out a couple of times but she rejected him. Later Meredith told her what Alex had been through and she decided to give him a chance. However, their relationship did not last.

Who thinks they know the name of the man that Miranda is currently married to? This man is Miranda's second husband. He initially worked as an attending anesthesiologist at Mercy West Medical Center but after the merger was transferred to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital which was where he met Miranda.

He immediately developed a crush on her and she was not indifferent to him either. She rebuffed him a couple of times but only because she liked him and because he made her nervous. This character tried to propose to Miranda via a crossword puzzle but things didn't go as planned and in the end Miranda proposed to him instead.

Remember when "McDreamy" and Meredith first got together?

The Real-Life Partners Of The Grey’s Anatomy Cast

It seemed like nothing could stand in the way of their relationship even if Meredith did play hard to get at first. However, complications soon arose, and by complications we mean "McDreamy's" wife coming to Seattle Grace Hospital in the hopes of patching things up with her husband. Because "McDreamy" was a good guy he decided to give their marriage another shot. However, all the while he talked poorly of his wife, even referring to her as "Satan".

In a way, that's understandable. After all, he found his wife and his best friend together in bed which is why he moved to Seattle in the first place.

Still, their marriage was not exactly a happy one even before the incident so it only made sense when they eventually divorced. Lexie was Meredith's half-sister and as such everyone referred to her as "little Grey". She worked as a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital which is where she fell in love with the guy that can be seen in the image above. As fans are without doubt well aware, this guy was best friends with "McDreamy" and was much older than Lexie.

Furthermore, he loved seeing women. Nonetheless, he was smitten with Lexie and wanted not only to move in with her but to marry her. However, Lexie thought that she was much too young for marriage. Their relationship did not work out although they both still had feelings for one another. Unfortunately, they both passed away after the plane crash. When Callie initially asked this woman out, she said no. Nonetheless, they eventually started dating.

Of course, as is so often the case, their relationship was full of complications. For example, at one point this character, who was the Head of Fetal Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, got a grant to move to Malawi and after a fight at the airport, left without Callie.

She returned of course but they still had plenty of arguments. For example, this character had no interest in having children but when Callie fell pregnant she was jealous of the man who was the biological father of the child.

Before April married her current husband she was actually married to one of her friends. Initially their relationship was a casual one but with time they developed real feelings for one another. However, they broke up after a pregnancy scare. This character was relieved to find out that she was not pregnant and therefore did not have to marry her friend and boyfriend.

He however was furious and said that perhaps it was a sign that they weren't meant to be. They got back together later however but their marriage was strained, especially after the passing away of their baby.

No doctor should fall in love with a patient and yet it happens all the time, at least on Grey's Anatomy. Remember when Alex had feelings for one of his patients? He found her after a ferry accident and grew incredibly attached to her. He even asked her to move in with him and took great care of her for she was unable to do anything on her own. However, with time we learned that the patient that Alex was in love with was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

She was eventually taken to a psychiatric ward and Alex had no other choice but to move on with his life. Remember the name of the cardiothoracic surgeon whom Meredith briefly dated? Initially she did not like him because Owen blamed him for the disappearance of his sister and this character's girlfriend. However, eventually they started seeing one another and with time developed strong romantic feelings for each other.

Still, Meredith tried to stay away from him because she knew that her half-sister had a crush on him too. Nonetheless, they couldn't stay away from one another for too long but their relationship was cut short after this character's girlfriend re-appeared.

Upon Meredith's prompting this character decided to see if he could work things out with his girlfriend and the two moved to Los Angeles. In the question above we asked you to identify the surgeon whom Meredith dated while his girlfriend was missing.

Now we ask you to name the surgeon's girlfriend. She was Owen's little sister and she served as a trauma surgeon in the U. She dated the previously mentioned surgeon until she disappeared.

She was gone for ten years and when she re-appeared it was disclosed that she was held captive in Iraq. Despite her re-appearance her boyfriend was not too keen on getting back together with her for he had developed feelings for Meredith. Nonetheless, he eventually proposed to this character and the two moved to Los Angeles.

It never ends well when doctors fall for their patients. We've seen plenty of Grey's Anatomy doctors develop feelings for those they are supposed to be looking after and it always ends with heartache. Take the time when Stephanie Edwards, a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial, fell in love with one of her patients for example.

He was a musician and he was immediately infatuated with Stephanie. They exchanged texts and they event went on a few dates. However, after this character was re-admitted to the hospital Stephanie broke up with him. Later he was re-admitted to the hospital once more and even tried to convince Stephanie to go on one of his concert tours with him but he passed away in surgery.

Who thinks they can remember the name of the intern and then later surgical resident who briefly went out with Arizona? The two were certainly not in a committed relationship. Indeed, this character was actually somewhat obsessed with Arizona and was prepared to do anything to please her. However, in the end Arizona got back together with her girlfriend, thus ultimately ending her relationship with the intern above. During her second year of residency this character was fired from the hospital because Richard Webber did not think that she had the surgical skills necessary to make it.

Nonetheless, she worked hard to improve her skills at another hospital and later returned. We've mentioned earlier on in this quiz that Richard Webber was at one point involved with one of his colleagues and that his first wife was well aware of this but decided not to acknowledge his indiscretion.

The colleague that he was involved with can be seen in the image above. Who thinks they know her name? She was a very talented and ambitious surgeon.

In fact, she won the prestigious Harper Avery Award not once but twice in her life. It was her successful professional life that made Richard jealous and drove him back into the arms of his wife. Remember the episode which featured the shooting in the hospital?

Grey's anatomy actors dating - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Want to meet. Like most TV shows, this series made stars out of numerous actors, But only a true Grey's Anatomy fan can remember who dated who!. On "Grey's Anatomy" it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the Meredith begins dating the veterinarian of Doc, the dog she shares with.

That was when Miranda broke things off with her current husband who at the time was her boyfriend. She told him she needed time to heal and put herself back together. However, in the meantime she started dating one of the hospital's nurses. Their fling was brief however for her husband then boyfriend was quick to confront her about it, telling her that he was willing to wait but that she was sending mixed messages. Seeing how Miranda did not want a long-term relationship with her nurse boyfriend, she broke up with him and got back together with her husband.

In the eyes of fans, Grey's Anatomy will always have only one true pairing — Meredith Scroll down to see all of the men Meredith's dated (and almost dated) . The most amazing love story on Grey's Anatomy had to be the love story Take this short quiz to see how well you remember who dated who!. Meredith Grey has been through a lot in Grey's Anatomy, and she surely Meredith has struggled to jump back in to the dating scene. Perhaps.

When we first met Alex Karev most of us did not like him and neither did the interns. He was arrogant and mean. He also loved going out with women and had wooed - or at least tried to woo - almost every female in the hospital.

However, over the course of the show Alex grew as a person. In fact, as most fans will without doubt agree, he is currently one of the best characters on the show.

But who knows which female doctor made him realize that he was a good guy? He ended up walking down the aisle with her but their marriage was short-lived. Some say that the best romantic relationships are those that start with nothing more than friendship. However, that is not always true. Take Izzie for example. After she slept with her best friend their relationship became strained. That is not surprising seeing how her best friend was married. They tried to avoid one another for a while but missed each other as friends.

Eventually Izzie confessed that she loved him more than just a friend and while initially he was too surprised to answer later he told her that he loved her too. He even ended his marriage for her. However, in the end it turned out that they had little chemistry and decided to remain just friends. He was introduced to us in season 14 so only those who still watch the show as ardently as ever have a chance of answering this question. Levi is a bit of a nerd and thus his romantic relationships and romantic encounters are more often awkward than not.

However, it seems like his luck is changing. Recently he met an orthopedic surgery fellow who appears to have a crush on Schmitt. Their relationship - if you can call it that - was complicated at first if only because Levi had no idea that the orthopedic surgery fellow was hitting on him. Teddy Altman is another doctor who had a relationship with a patient.

Grey's Anatomy: Real-life Partners 2019 Revealed -? OSSA Radar

Indeed, she even married him. However, she was not actually in love with him when she tied the knot. Rather, she married him because his insurance was no longer valid.

Teddy even told him about the dates she went on and revealed that she was about to move to Germany with a guy she had dated before.

It was then that this patient told Teddy that he loved her. She was taken aback at first but then realized that she had feelings for him too. Unfortunately, he passed away, leaving Teddy inconsolable. Who can recall the name of the intern who briefly went out with Cristina? Their relationship was short-lived and they both knew that nothing was going to come out of it.

Still, the intern was impressed with Cristina. He thought that she was a talented surgeon and as such when she decided to move to Switzerland to run the Klausman Institute for Medical Research, he asked her to bring him with her. She obliged him and as such he is currently a resident under Cristina at Klausman Institute for Medical Research. Think you can recall his name? Then go ahead and choose the correct option above.

There's no denying that Alex has grown as a person throughout the course of the show. Sure, he is still incredibly confident in himself but at least he is no longer arrogant or mean. We're not sure that his current wife would have fallen for him if he was exactly the same as he was back in season one of the show. Alex first met his current wife in season nine of the series.

She was his intern and the two quickly bonded over their similarly difficult childhoods. And it's not just any date, it's a blind date with a very famous face.

Radnor will appear as a suitor Meredith goes on a blind date with. No word on whether he'll stick around more than the Thursday, Oct. Grey's Anatomy 's Hot Shirtless Docs. I think we're almost phasing out the dating apps now. I'm hearing like people are not liking the dating apps anymore. I don't know, I'm just really happy I'm not single in real life.

I try to listen to everybody's stories, all my friends and even people that I don't like that much, so we can tell a story that resonates true with people who have been through something like this.

Before she begins to "date, date, date, date, date," let's take a look at Meredith Grey's love interests over the 15 seasons. The entire series started with Meredith and Derek's first night together, after they met in a bar. And then Meredith had a secret baby! Meredith and her dog's vet, Finn Dandridge, got serious after Meredith and Derek broke up due to the fact that, ya know, he was married and wanted to try to patch things up with his wife.

They attempted to make things work, even after Meredith cheated on Finn with Derek, and she dated both men, but you know how this story ends McDreamy came out ahead.

Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy officially came to a close on May 16, and even Here's Everyone Who The Cast Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Actually Dating IRL the actors do seem to have happy relationships in their own lives. Ellen Pompeo's character is back in the dating pool for the first time in years. An updated look at the cast of Greys Anatomy and their real life partners.

George RIP had a crush on Meredith in the beginning of the series and he finally got his wish and they slept together in season two. It was an unmitigated disaster and ruined their friendship for a little while, but eventually they got over it. Will Thorpe came in at a rough time for Meredith. Derek was dead, and she was getting her life back together.

She avoided his advances for a bit, but they eventually dated—and slept together. Mer freaked, since this was the first guy she dated since Derek's death, and broke it off after screaming at him to get out of her house.

Will said he'd wait for her…and we're three seasons later…is he still waiting? Meredith and Nathan slept together at the end of season 12 the same season she dated Willbut, since this is Grey's, they decided it was a one-time thing…that happens again. Meredith went on one blind date with John, played by Josh Radnor, and it went so well Bye, John.

He barely deserves to be mentioned, but people reacted so strongly to Josh Radnor being cast as Mer's new love interest that it was so, so funny when he was really only there for one ill-fated date at the start of season For a hot second, before the show committed to MerLuca, Meredith was in a bit of a love triangle with two fellow hot docs hoping to win her over.

Even as we were hoping for DeLuca to prevail, the triangle was pretty entertaining.

Greys anatomy whos dating who

Link Chris Carmack has now found found himself a fling with Amelia Caterina Scorsoneso it all worked out. DeLuca Giacomo Gianniotti first drunkenly kissed Meredith at Alex and Jo's not-quite-a-wedding at the end of season 14, and thus began a flirtation and a series of sex dreams that soon grew into something more, with the help of a very sexy broken elevator.

By the end of season 15, they had both said "I love you," and DeLuca had even taken the fall for a crime Meredith committed.

Hopefully, that means MerLuca is here to stay even if one of them has to go to jail. Don't miss E!

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