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Main -> Dating -> She gave her new love a kidney after dating for 9 months - Chicago Tribune
  • 06.01.2019
  • by Malasida

She gave her new love a kidney after dating for 9 months - Chicago Tribune


Vanessa Grubbs lay in a hospital bed, her stomach doing somersaults, even as a smile played at the corners of her mouth. A nurse gave her Valium through the IV in her left arm, and then Grubbs was wheeled off to the operating room, where a surgeon would extract one shiny pink kidney from deep within her abdomen. Grubbs, who is not a woman given to halfway gestures, not only gave a kidney to the man she loved on that day in April — she did so after dating him for only nine months. We had chuckles — how do you say it? We'd been to the circus, seen all the rides. So we kind of knew what we wanted in a partner; we knew where we were going. And she didn't stop there.

Most romantic partners, like friends and family, will want to support you, but might not always know how best to do that.

Everyone has had struggles in their life. Sharing hard times or experiences can bring couples closer and increase intimacy.

Many people are not aware of the basics of what kidneys do, what kidney disease means, and what is involved with dialysis. The person you are dating may have questions but be afraid to ask. He or she may have emotional reactions or comments due to a lack of knowledge.

Ashley McIntyre didn't know Danny Robinson when she volunteered to help him. But eight months after giving him her kidney,. Trainee nurse Geraldine Chingosho, 22, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease soon after she began dating Aldo Cataldi, Dr. Vanessa Grubbs gave her now-husband, Robert Phillips, a kidney after dating him for just nine months. Grubbs became a kidney specialist.

Use this as an opportunity to educate about your disease. Share resources, speak with your social worker or medical team at your dialysis clinic, or reach out to NKF Cares, toll-free at Their first date was days after she was diagnosed that May. Early last year Geraldine found out that her family members were not a match. They went to Portugal to celebrate her birthday and he proposed on an empty beach while on a private boat trip, on July 31, That day he also found out he was a match.

They had the transplant on February 21 this year at University of Leicester Hospital and will marry in August. By Martin Fricker.

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Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Remember CKD has a way of frequently making you look perfectly healthy even when you may be in a great amount of pain or misery. Therefore people may not understand why you are so often tired and not be able to get out much.

Sexuality has physical and emotional components, both of which can be affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Kidney disease can cause chemical changes. He did, in fact, wine and dine me, a rarity in the L.A. dating scene. The transplanted kidney was failing, and his body was in end-stage renal. Have you experience any lifestyle changes after your kidney disease diagnosis? Chat with people like you in this forum.

At times you may feel that you do not bring much to the table that is not broken. However, even if your body is disabled, your spirit and certainly your heart do not have to be. In fact, chances are that CKD has not weakened but rather strengthened your personality and character.

Health diagnosis or not, dating isn't easy. In many situations, talking about a health or personal issue can feel challenging or cause anxiety. On this week's show, Lori Hartwell and Stephen Furst explore the realities of dating while living with kidney disease. Their guests are Jenny. Many on dialysis find dating to be difficult because of the personal challenges they face with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). For example.

Dating presents a challenge to everyone for one reason or another. Those who are healthy might not appreciate life in the way that you could due to your experience with Chronic Kidney Disease.

I said, “No thanks, I had a kidney transplant.” Now that I look back, I could have been a little more subtle on sharing that information, but I'd rather be upfront.

Having dealt with CKD successfully, you would have become a self-sufficient and emotionally present person. Someone said it best: "It has virtually transformed my outlook on life to be more positive and open to change.

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