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  • 27.01.2019
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Books . Modern Toss

Modern Toss - The Alan collection Part 1

Renowned for their scurrilous humour and highly stylised animation, it was created in , initially as a website publishing single panel jokes and then as series of irregularly released comics. To date there have been ten issues, with the early ones now highly collectable especially the second, with its free sample of royal hair. The first four comics were republished as two books by Macmillan and two TV series were produced for Channel 4 and distributed worldwide by Fremantle Media. Prior to starting Modern Toss, Jon Link and Mick Bunnage were on the original launch team for Loaded magazine, where they developed their first joint cartoon strip, 'Office Pest'. Since , eight issues of Modern Toss have been published as comics, plus one Christmas Special in

Date night yeah? The Official Home Of Modern Toss June 29 . Date night yeah? Image may contain: meme, text that says 'incredible how good these dating. The Official Home of Modern Toss. Find the full collection of Modern Toss Books including: Tossary of Terms, Decade Book, The Full Comic Range, Best of Work. Guardian Labs Search jobs Dating Discount Codes. Support The Guardian. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Contribute Subscribe. Back to top.

Sixty-four pages of stripped down, single panel, laugh out loud cartoons. Described as 'irresistibly nihilistic' by The Daily Telegraph who should fucking know a thing or two about that.

Sixty-four pages of laugh-out-loud, cutting edge gags plucked fresh from their regular slot in Britain's greatest magazine, Private Eye. Celebrate our national entrepreneurial spirit with this must-have humour compendium. Modern Toss Comic Issue 4 Keep bang up to date with it.

This product is no longer available to order. Modern Toss Comic Issue 3 The stink of excellence in a world gone tits up. Modern Toss Comic Issue 2 Sit back and enjoy all the early classics.

MB: I was writing, Jon was art directing. It was quite chaotic. We all used to work on different things in twos and threes to get all the different ideas going.

So me and him used to work together quite a lot on visual stuff and came up with all these mental ideas. JL: You could often pair off and come up with projects and just make them.

JL: They were like the first sort of clip art. I had a clip art book sent to me in the post and I was looking through it. There were a lot of office-based things in it photocopiers and stuff. We actually saw some of the fully-formed Pest characters in there as well and took them straight out of that.

MB: We used Post-It note yellow for the background to get that office feel. Also, that was the first time we used words coming out with a straight line. MB: Loaded was like a little jungle where everyone just did what they wanted and handed it in. JL: It was a bit of an accident. We were just put in this little office and it became very successful quite quickly. It was a sort of weird publishing experiment.

At IPC they were all put into the tower in their own little departments. JL: You could smoke in it as well, and play golf and football.

How I Survived... University

You could smoke in the main tower when we got in there. You could smoke at your desk.

Get your terminology up to date and knock 15% off the Tossary of Terms with promo code See more of The Official Home Of Modern Toss on Facebook. Log In. The Modern Toss Advent Calendar - December 16th Alternative Advent Calendar , Get a HALF PRICE Modern Toss calendar and keep bang up to date with. Replying to @ModernToss @GoviaThameslink let's not @TLRailUK get away with it either, I think they should rename themselves to exactly.

It was amazing! MB: Yeah it was totally lawless.

And the bloke who had the money would come in every so often, tell us we were doing really well and to keep on going maybe bring a bottle of champagne. JL: I was there for about three or four years and then did some other magazine stuff.

Modern Toss

We still worked on Office Pest and a few other things as well. That was the sort of birth of Toss really. The first Toss-style cartoon.

Did you ever think about taking yourself to a different magazine like Viz or something? MB: Nah. We can do it better ourselves.


The first jokes that we did were in a little pub up the road. Jon came in with loads of little jokes that were two or three words drawn in pencil. They were the first cartoons for the first issue.

Suddenly you put it on a bit of paper and people take it seriously. MB: Definitely. Plus we came up with the the idea of giving a page to every joke instead of cramming hundreds in. JL: That was the main thing we worked out from working on magazines; that nobody reads them. People put huge amounts of work into filling pages up with words, small words, and stuff like that, and no one reads them. JL: You should blow these bits up when you write your own captions.

They like the headlines, and they like the standfirsts. MB: And no more than four words in each joke.

Modern toss dating

Really strict. We do keep it pretty short, boil it down. Looks more cack-handed. Looks fucking stupid. The worse the drawing is the better it is, the smaller the joke is the better it is.

In fact the less you do the better it is for everybody. Not just for cartooning.

The Director of Photography was Ben Wheatley. Channel 4 subsequently commissioned two six part series, the first which was broadcast from 11 July and the second from 23 January 4OD info.

It includes live action, animation, and cartoons combining the two. The live-action sketches "I live 'ere", "Alan", "Drive by abuser", "Customer services", "Accident and emergency", "Citizens advice", "Illegal alphabet" were directed by Ben Wheatley. The animation was designed and directed by Bunnage and Link. In the show aired on 4 Music.

Channel 4 then commissioned Modern Toss to produce the Business Mouse cartoon series [4] for their Comedy Blaps series and ended up broadcasting them on Channel 4 in August Modern Toss also produced Robin of Essex for Channel 4 [5] which debuted in online. In Channel 4 also commissioned Modern Toss to produce a series of five promos for their Funny Fortnight in August [6].

Modern Toss is a British comic by Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. Renowned for their scurrilous humour and highly stylised animation, it was created in , initially as a website publishing single panel jokes and then as series of irregularly released comics. To date there have been ten issues, with the early ones now highly. - The best of Modern Toss Christmas cartoons and an alternative Featuring 12 hilarious Work cartoons and essential Modern Toss key dates. Modern Toss is the work of cartoonists and animators Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. Their blunt talking badly drawn cartoons have been taking the piss out of stuff.

Though some of them are one-off, most of the cartoons follow recurring themes or in a few cases loosely sequential stories. The following all appear in the publications and many also in the television series:. Mr Tourette and Alan appear on the covers of Modern Toss booklets and books and on merchandise. A creation inspired by the classic Periodic Table, The Periodic Table of Swearing design was featured in the book Information Graphics, which documents the history of classic presentation of information through design - written by Sandra Rendgen and edited by Julius Wiedemann - it is effectively a survey of data visualisation, published by Taschen [7].

Also eulogised in Eye Magazine [8] the Periodic Table of Swearing was produced as an actual, interactive table by Clay Interactive [9] as an installation at the Latitude Festival in

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