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  • 03.01.2019
  • by Kazirr

The Blind Date Chapter 1, a fairy tail fanfic . FanFiction

? Fairy Tail ? Nalu High School Love (Fanfiction) ? On & On

They talked to each other at a Fairy Tail concert once, and that was that. The waitress nodded, eying the clock nearby and giving her a small smile. She made her exit, leaving Lucy alone at the table once again. She sighed, taking out her phone and mindlessly surfing through her feed on various apps. An idea struck her as she quickly opened up her messaging platform and opening his number.

There was a scraping sound at the window and the celestial mage turned sharply to look toward it. Was that.? She felt her stomach tighten and every nerve was standing on end.

She had told him that she was going on a date tonight. Slowly crossing the room, her movements almost mechanical, she peered out the window and saw that it was merely a branch scratching up again the window pane as a steady breeze blew outside.

Exhaling deeply, she sighed again. Nope, wasn't him. Sometimes she had this deluded little fantasy that he would show up right before she was going on a date to proclaim his love for her and tell her that he couldn't stand the thought of her sharing herself with another man. And then they would kiss passionately and go on to live happily ever after, making thirty three babies and having fun adventures until the end of their days.

But of course it was just a fantasy, and he hadn't shown up, so no sense dwelling on it anyway. Shaking herself a little, she brought her thoughts back to reality and returned to her pre-date preparations.

Lucy is sick of hearing people say that she should date Natsu; they are Lucy entered the Fairy Tail guild headquarters together with her two. After several months of putting it off, Lucy is finally going on a date. Just a one romantic one shot to satisfy my Nalu needs while I'm trying to. In fact, Lucy couldn't remember the last time they had gone on an official date. Lucy was quite surprised when he had accepted her offer to go.

Lucy reached for her perfume and thought twice about it before spraying any on herself. He always like it better when I don't wear any perfume. There she went again! Natsu Natsu Natsu. He did usually complain when she was wearing perfume and he was especially close to her.

[FAIRY TAIL COMIC DUB] (Mr Gangster and Mrs Nerd) Comic by AyuMichi-Me

She remembered the first time that she even became aware that he liked the way she smelled. It had been a little awkward, but kind of a sweet moment all the same. They had just come back from a long job and were both tired and sore from the hard work and a long journey. Lucy trudged in the door, dumping her pack off near the hall closet and discarding her boots and coat sloppily in a pile next to it. She really couldn't care less about neatness right now.

Cleaning up could come later, when she was showered, fed and rested. For now, all she cared about was getting into a hot shower, finding a few scraps to wolf down and climbing into bed. Natsu followed after her, mimicking her actions and dumping his things in a pile next to hers. She didn't even care that he was adding to the mess.

They had had a really rough journey and he had done a lot of extra fighting while defending them from some pretty tough enemies.

The blonde just waved it off and let him do as he pleased for now. A very tired blue Exceed followed close behind the exhausted dragonslayer and flew over to the nearest soft surface and plopped down to pass out. Within moments he was fast asleep, curled up on Lucy's couch on his favorite fluffy blue pillow. Try not to make a mess," Lucy said wearily, turning to grab some clean clothes, then making her way to the bathroom.

Natsu only responded with a grunt and a wave of his hand as he fell onto her bed, his limbs splayed in all directions. She shook her head at him, smiling a little as she closed the bathroom door. She took her time in the shower, letting the hot water pelt her skin, soothing her aching muscles. She washed away all the sweat and grime of their travels, letting her skin feel revitalized and refreshed. After washing her hair and spending a little more time under the warm spray, she turned the shower off and got herself out and toweled off.

Once her hair was dry for the most part, she dressed quickly in her favorite comfy pj's and put her blonde locks up into a simple ponytail before going back out into her bedroom.

Natsu was rolling around her bed, half asleep and mumbling something about Gray being a jerk. Lucy shook her head and reached for the lotion on her vanity and went to apply some. Suddenly Natsu sat up and stared at her.

Lucy quirked an eyebrow up and looked at him and then the bottle of lotion. It was just her regular jasmine scented body lotion. Nothing new or out of the ordinary…. She really didn't want to waste time arguing with him and this was already proving to be a huge waste of time. What kind of weird thing is that to say? He shrugged and made a face. You only use the smelly junk when you're going out or something. She looked at the bottle again and then at him. Did he really not like the way she usually smelled?

But wait… he said he was looking forward to her smell… meaning her natural smell. He stared at her blankly, as if the answer was completely obvious. She stared back at him, making it quite apparent that she had no idea what he meant. Everyone had a smell.

Yours is usually like vanilla with a little hint of sweetness like strawberries. You have a really yummy smell, Luce. She flushed three shades of crimson and turned away from him. But um Just yours Luce. Most people just smell I dunno But I like your smell the best," he said with his token grin, laying back on her bed. She hurried to turn out the light and get into bed next to him, completely forgetting about getting anything to eat and quickly settled beneath the covers.

It had become commonplace for them to sleep close to each other at night. He slid into position behind her, cradling close to her and sliding a hand over her midsection, holding her protectively. She felt him nuzzle the back of her neck, his lips just brushing up against her skin, causing all the little hairs to stand on end. She nestled close to him, feeling the heat from his body warm hers as they found their groove together.

She blushed again, nudging him gently with her elbow. Have you quite prepared yourself? She had asked him to remind her of the time, but it still caught her by surprise. I appreciate the reminder!

She gave him a small wave and a wink to let him know that his job was done. Be safe, and don't be late! Lucy smiled as he disappeared, truly thankful for the spirit. He had truly saved in neck a number of time, literally some situation during a matter of life and death. He was amazing celestial spirit and an irreplaceable friend. When he was fully gone, she looked down at her hands again and realized she was still holding the perfume bottle.

She frowned a little and then shrugged. Well, she wasn't going on this date with Natsu, so she might as well use a little of the perfume.

After spritzing a bit on herself, she had the overwhelming urge to go and dab it off of herself. But there was no time for that nonsense. After gathering her keys because no matter what the situation, a Fairy Tail wizard is eternally preparedand her purse, checking herself over in the mirror once more, she headed out the door.

Her first stop would be the guild hall for a short visit, as she had a bit of time to kill. She just didn't want to sit around at home and find some excuse not to go. She did that a lot… find ways to get out of going on dates. She had been doing that repeatedly over the last year especially. Of course, Natsu made a regular habit to interrupt what dates she did go on. As she walked along the streets of Magnolia, she shook her head, thinking of how many times Natsu had 'accidentally' set something on fire.

Oh so many jobs with lost rewards because of his pyromaniac antics. After a short while she arrived at the guild, entering with her best face on, smiling brightly for everyone she came across. A few of the guys wolf whistled and called out to her. But thanks!

Unexpected Date Night (Nalu Fanfiction)

Mira saw her take a seat and came over to greet her. Wow, don't you look sexy! Got a hot date? Lucy smiled and nodded. Tonight is the blind date Cana set me up on. Hopefully this guy isn't a total loser," Lucy said, smiling and laughing a little. She turned in her seat and looked around the guild, knowing that she was hoping to catch sight of familiar pink hair and a dragon scale scarf.

But alas, the saw no pink or flashes of white and turned back around in her seat. Frowning a little she tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. You don't seem so excited…" Mirajane asked, her blue eyes sparkling with concern. Lucy shook her head and snapped out of it. No, no I'm fine! Just spaced out for a sec is all. I'm totally psyched! It'll be nice to get out and meet someone new!

The celestial mage hung out at the guild for a little while, peeking over her shoulder every so often, secretly hoping that he might happen into the guild, but there was no sign of him.

In fact, she hadn't seen him all day. He hadn't stayed over the previous night, so he wasn't there when she woke up in the morning. It was a little odd that he hadn't stayed over, too, considering they had just come back from a mission the night before. Usually when they came back from a mission, he stayed over at her place.

He'd claim that it was too far to go home, and staying at Lucy's was as good as staying at home any day. But the night before he had made his excuses and departed from her and the others at the train station as soon as he had his wits about him. Lucy noticed the time and excused herself from her conversation with Mirajane and Bisca and proceeded to make her way out of the guildhall. She was supposed to meet her date beneath the sola tree at and that was only 15 minutes away. The celestial mage smoothed out her dress as she walked, taking her compact out and checking her makeup one more time.

She was careful not to walk too quickly so that she didn't fall flat on her face. She also didn't want to look like she was rushing to meet him, like some over eager schoolgirl. As she approached the sola tree, she thought about the time she thought Natsu wanted to confess his love to her, but it turned out that he just wanted her to get Virgo to help him dig up some incriminating photos.

Yet another instance of her hoping for more than what was there. Though that had been a long time ago, and she and Natsu had grown quite a lot closer since then. When she arrived at the sola tree she didn't see the face of a new guy that was to be her date, but the all too familiar face of her best friend and partner. She looked at him standing there and couldn't help but noticed he wasn't dressed in his usual clothes….

There you are," he said, greeting her with his signature grin, as welcoming and friendly as ever. She couldn't help but smile a little. But then she realized he decided to show just when she was supposed to be meeting her date! What was this new guy going to think if he saw her talking to some other guy?

Oh well, whatever.

Nalu fanfic dating

She would deal with it. Listen I'm supposed to meet my date here…" she said tentatively, looking around to see if she spotted anyone that might fit the bill. She stopped and looked at him, confused, her mouth hanging slightly open. What was he talking about? The blonde mage stood there and stared at her best friend, not quite catching on to what he was saying at first.

Not for lack of understanding, but rather lack of believing that it could even remotely be true. Suddenly Natsu started to chuckle, shaking his head at her.

Lucy goes out on a date, too afraid to tell her partner and best friend. What will he do when he finds out? Will he let Lucy go or will he decide to. Lucy flashed a dazzling smile at the pink-haired dragon slayer who was sitting at the counter of the bar, "It's a date! I'll see you tomorrow, Natsu!. Hi all! So this is my small contribution to Nalu Fluff Week and I'm super happy I could get this done in time but I was so busy yesterday I had no.

She screwed up her face and put her hands on her hips. I told you! I AM your date! I was laughing because of that dumb look on your face," he said, still chuckling. After a moment he stopped laughing and smiled at her genuinely and reached out to take her hand. Her cheeks flushed red and she found herself fumbling over her words, not quite sure what to say. Why are… I don't She couldn't help but sound hopeful. Though she was thoroughly confused and had no idea what was going on, this was definitely a positive turn of events that played heavily in her favor.

Lucy felt like slapping them both. This is MY date! The two toddlers straightened up quickly. Lucy looked down at her menu. Gray rolled his eyes as he picked up their menus. Lucy leaned back against the booth and crossed her arms.

She was pissed. She could understand Gray, but Natsu just seriously had to ruin this for them. She often wondered why they never went out on a date before this but this was the reason why. She couldn't take him anywhere.

Natsu noticed her reaction to the situation and lowered his head. Lucy sat up straight and looked at Natsu. He was slumped over in shame. His hands were curled in a fist resting on the table. He couldn't believe he'd done this to Lucy. Lucy's face softened and she reached across the table. She laid her hand on top of Natsu's fist. Natsu glanced up at his date. Besides, you'll have to try a lot harder than that to get rid of me.

Natsu relaxed. He was lucky that she was so understanding. This made Natsu smile. Lucy grinned with him. Natsu rolled his fist back and grabbed Lucy's hand in his. They stayed like this for a few moments, just staring deeply into each other's eyes.

Of course, Gray had to spoil the mood. He arrived at the table with two trays full of food. He placed one plate in front of Lucy and stacked the other plates in front of Natsu. Natsu yanked his hand from Lucy's and chowed down. Lucy sat across the table in amazement. He was like a tornado, food flying everywhere. She wasn't sure he was actually getting any food in his mouth.

One plate after another he shovelled it all. Lucy was a bit annoyed but it reminded her of the day they fist met. Lucy smiled and properly ate her dinner. Surprisingly, Natsu was done before Lucy. He didn't waste a second before slurping it all down.

When the check came, the bill was long. Natsu actually paid for the meal this time which was a surprise to Lucy. Lucy examined Natsu.

He was slumped back in his seat, his belly sticking out. He let out a loud burp. Lucy just watched him. She imagined what it would be like if she had brought him home to her father and shared a meal there, how disgusted her father would have been. This was one of the many reasons Lucy liked Natsu. He wasn't a prince charming and he had no manners. He was everything she wanted. She was so tired of that life, it was refreshing and entertaining to be around Natsu.

Lucy sighed but it was a happy sigh. She was so glad to not have any part of that life any more. Lucy and Natsu left the restaurant and Natsu walked her to her house. They hadn't really said anything since they left the restaurant. As they walked through her front door Natsu broke the silence. Natsu gleamed at her. He had the sudden urge to kiss her. He couldn't help but blush. There was a silent pause in the room.

Thats what you're supposed to do on a date right?

Dating was still a very new concept for both Lucy and Natsu. Both were single for all their life, and it was just awkward the first time they decided. Lucy and Natsu go on their first date, and it all goes well, until things get a NaLu so expect my next few stories to be extremely NaLu-centric. Natsu and Lucy go out on their first date and it was a disaster! Read this little one- shot romantic comedy to find out what happens! NaLu fluffity.

He asked Happy for advice before he had left for the date. Happy told him he was supposed to kiss her, because thats what people do on dates. Lucy couldn't help but blush. She had had more experience with dates than Natsu but she never really considered them "dates".

She had no idea how to respond. She didn't know weather or not she wanted to kiss Natsu or if she was even ready for that yet. This was something she had not expected. Lucy let her body fall against the door, closing it. She just stood there wandering what to do next. Natsu was already standing adjacent to her. He leaned over here and placed his hands against the door.

Lucy pressed her self against the door more, as to put more space between them. Natsu was close to her now. He had an arm on either side of her head and there was no escape for her. Lucy's eyes widened. She was so nervous, Natsu could hear her heart throbbing. In a blink of an eye, Natsu pressed his lips against hers.

Lucy was so shocked. She still had no idea how to react.

He pulled his face away from hers, allowing her to breathe. Lucy placed her hand on her heart, it was almost beating out of her chest. Her mind was racing and she was trying to keep up with what had just occurred.

Without answering, Lucy grabbed the neck of his scarf and pulled him in for another kiss. This time their lips didn't just lock, but their tongues collided as well. Natsu relaxed his arms off of the wall and placed his hands around Lucy's back. He pulled her in close so that their body's were touching.

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