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  • 20.01.2019
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Philippines . World . The Guardian


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It is followed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer with articles. After analysing the selected articles of the three daily newspapers, the following data were acquired. Table 1. Nevertheless, there are specific frames which stand out as the most commonly used by the three broadsheets.

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This includes investigation and entrapment operations of the police, leading to the arrest of the drug suspects or gunfights between the two sides. Also, there are stories about the ar- rest and trials of policemen or politicians who are said to be involved with drug syndicates. In addition, stories about the killings of differ- ent individuals by unidentified gunmen are frequently presented in the news and these events are often linked to the anti-drug campaign of the government.

Finally, the news presents the number of casualties and the evidence illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia or weapons gathered by the policemen after the operations. The first frame mentioned is supported by the usage of Security and Defense frame, wherein there is a depiction of a threat to the security of individuals, society or the nation and thus, a relentless battle against it is necessary.

In the newspapers, speeches of the President and other government officials depicting illegal drugs as a menace which en- slaves thousands of people in the country are emphasized. News stories also highlight the assurance of the government and law enforcers in en- suring public safety and protection and their call for action and support in the fight against drugs, crime, and violence. Accordingly, there are news reports about declarations of drug-free communities across the country which implies the neutralization of the threat.

The other side of the story, however, portrays the real threat as coming from rogue policemen. Their alleged indiscriminate killing creates insecurity and fears in the society. Their involvement in the crimes as depicted in the news has, in great possibility, induced the public to question the legitimacy of the anti-drug campaign.

For the Conflict frame, the three broadsheets show the dispute and dis- agreement among the government officials, interest groups, and other institutions like the church regarding the anti-drug policy and activi- ties. In one side, the increas- ing number of people killed as reported in the news has been the basis of the government opposition in attacking the president and his admin- istration. They argue that these numbers indicate that the president has little or no regard for the due process of law or the rights of a person.

On the other hand, the president reproaches the other politicians for protecting criminals instead of the innocents and condemning many of them for being involved in the drug trade. Moreover, the president criticizes the church for its hypocrisy, declaring that they too are not always the ideal model for moral behavior.

Hence, the president insists that they have no rights to censure his anti-drug campaign.

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In relation to the frames described above, the Responsibility frame has also been used to develop the anti-drug campaign stories. In the news, it is often depicted that the government and the law enforcers are in control of the war on drugs and are accountable for the consequences of their actions.

Besides protecting the people from criminality, the government is urged by different groups to uphold the rule of law and to make sure that its constituents are not circumventing it. For this reason, the news often quotes different government officials urging the president and the police chief to take actions regarding the extrajudi- cial killings that have been said to become rampant due to the imple- mentation of the drug war.

Another notable frame which the three broadsheets used is the Human Interest frame. Though this is not often used by the three newspapers, the frame is noteworthy concerning the development of the anti-drug campaign news. The stories under this frame focus on individuals sus- pects, innocent victims, and their families that are affected by the drug war. In another news story, it described how the police are said to have mercilessly shot several young men, who were garbage collectors and were living in poverty.

Their families have declared that the police were not acting out under legal anti-drug operations. Besides these, there are other stories which evoke outrage on police operatives and sympathy for the families and victims. This tells us that the newspapers are not as slanted as they are thought to be.

It seems that there is no extreme manipula- tion of stories which present favoring the government or its opposition. Nevertheless, it is shown that Manila Bulletin adopted more positive tone in their stories regarding the anti-drug campaign, while the Phil- ippine Daily Inquirer adopted more negative tone towards the war on drugs, most especially towards the police.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Star has equally used the positive and negative tone in their news re- ports. For Manila Bulletin, seems to present many positive aspects of the gov- ernment and the anti-drug activities. For instance, there were several articles about the creation and development of drug-free cities after intensive drug campaign activities in the area. There was also news which deals with the boosting of the economies, the flow of invest- ments, provision of livelihood assistance, and high public approval of the citizens.

Nevertheless, there were few stories which focus on the criticisms of the opposition regarding the police operations. These op- erations have been described as ineffective and brutal since thousands of people were killed and many families were traumatized.

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Meanwhile, the Philippine Daily Inquirer seems to present the news stories about the war on drugs as ruthless and inhumane. It under- scores the worsening breakdown of law in the country, which causes paralyzing fear to the society.

However, there were also stories focusing on the government officials especially the may- ors and governors who proclaim that they are supporting the anti-drug campaign. The Philippine Star, on the other hand, presents both the negative and the positive statements about the news. Like the other two newspapers, it presents news about the conflict between the government and crit- ics of the anti-drug campaign. It highlights also quotes from the two different sides. Moreover, there are also news stories which reflect the issue of rogue policemen committing crimes.

Conclusion The role of news media is crucial when we gather information about our environment and society. Influenced by different reasons, news media employs framing devices which emphasized certain elements of the story making it more salient and accessible to the public.

Conse- quently, this affects the way people perceive the news and may lead to the formation of different opinions. In the case of Philippines, the news media is employing certain frame which is presenting the general issue to revolve around specific matters or arguments. Based on the result of the content analysis, there are different frames used to report the war on drugs in the Philippines.

The most used frame by the three newspapers is the Law and Order, Crime and Justice frame. It has been part of the journalistic routine to cover events especially crimes as they are faster to report, and sources are easily accessible.

Moreover, it could be inferred that the operation of this frame has been utilized by the media to keep the public up-to-date regarding the anti-drug campaign and to avoid be- ing accused of bias reporting. Then, there is the Security and Defense frame. It is also often used by the three newspapers because this type of frame usually supports the Law and Order, Crime and Justice frame.

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Depending on which threat is being depicted and amplified by the media threat coming from criminals or threat coming frame state abusethese might lead to actions against the criminals or against the government. In addition, the three newspapers also made use of the Responsibility frame.

Since the types of dominant frames used by the three newspapers are almost similar to each other, it could be said that their political stance might not have affected their framing of the news. However, this can be said for the Law and Order, Crime and Justice frame since this type compels the newspapers to write news that is brief and concise.

As for the other common frame used by the three newspapers such as the Security and Defense frame, they can be used to support the political stance of the newspapers. For instance, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, recognized to be politically-connected to the opposition of the Duterte administration, uses the Security and Defense frame to point out that the threat to the society is coming from the corrupt police officers who are using the anti-drug campaign to mask their crimes.

On the other hand, The Philippine Star, which has ties with the Liberal party and yet proclaims support to the Duterte administration, both presented the threat coming from the rogue police and from drug abuse.

Meanwhile, the Manila Bulletin, which is said to be a pro-administration, empha- sizes more the dangers of drug abuse and criminality and the success of the government in battling against these threats. Another example which shows the relation between the frame used and the political stance of the newspapers is the usage of morality frame by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. With this frame, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has emphasized the moral standards uphold in the so- ciety and the practice of Christian faith by the people.

Particularly, articles which use this frame emphasize the need for compassion and forgiveness of people who have sinned.

By doing this, it seems that the newspaper is expressing the cruelty of the president due to the al- leged high number of drug suspects being killed.

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This makes the public question whether the government is really practicing ethical and moral enforcement of the law. The decrease of trust in the government could seriously undermine the authority of president Duterte. The use of these frames in presenting the anti-drug campaign seems to reflect the relationship among the media, the government, and the public.

The frequently used frames suggest that the news media acts as an agent of the government and its law enforcers. Generally, the news regarding the anti-drug campaign is presented from the perspec- tive of the police as they are the main source of the reports. They are supplemented by statements and speeches of higher officials who are advocating the war on drugs to the public. In the same way, the media also conveys the sentiments and opinions of the government officials who are opposed to the war on drugs.

Through these frames, interest groups and the public are given the opportunity to express their views and opinions to the government. Through these dynamics, it is suggested that those which are more often highlighted in the news will become more influential and powerful than those that are not in the limelight Entman, Both an agent of the government and the public, the news media have the power to influence the society itself as they can manufacture con- sent or silence the minority.

It could also be said that they are indis- pensable to communications as they are one of the most accessible sources of information and ideas in the society. However, the extent of media success in redefining perceptions and opinions are bounded by different factors. These include prejudices and biases of individu- als, state mechanism, or the news organization itself.

Consequently, they must consider not to openly criticized and disagree with certain individuals or groups regarding the anti-drug campaign. Otherwise, there will be repercussions from the government and the market the public. Moreover, the opinions and perceptions of certain people do not dramatically change just because of the way the news is presented.

For example, the people of Davao, the hometown of the president, still has great trust on the president despite some negativ- ity shown in some news. Thus, it can be said that processing of news media is not always hierarchical but rather it is a continuous cycle of influencing and being influenced. How do the news media frame crises? A content analysis of crisis news coverage. Public Re- lations Review, 35 2 Baresch, B. The power of fram- ing: New challenges for researching the structure of meaning in news.

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The presentation of drugs in the new me- dia: The new sources involved in the construction of social problems. Justice Quarterly, 14 4 Coronel, S. The media, the market and democracy: The case of the Philippines.

Philippine News Philippines - Philippine Newspaper Philippines

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Philippine Daily Inquirer. 5 of issues - View all. January 1, January 2, January 3, January 4, January 5, Philippine Daily. Philippine news, philippine newspaper and more links about travel, dating, chat in the Philippines at, Philippines number one startpage. Upon existing records, the introduction of printing is, however, dated somewhat Page 5 History of the Philippine Press The first newspaper published in the.

Outside the outsiders: Media representations of drug use. The Journal of Community and Criminal Justice, 55 4 Tewksbury, D. News Framing Theory and Research. Media Effects: Advanc- es in Theory and Research 3rd edition ed. Van Djik, T. Power and the news media. Political Communication in Action. Vreese, C.

News Framing: Theory and Typology. Informa- tion Design Journal, 13 1 Representing realities: An overview of news fram- ing. Keio Communication Review, 29 Related Papers. By Charlyn Luz. By Dahlia Simangan. Electing a Strongman.

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