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Miles Luna . The Rooster Teeth Wiki . FANDOM powered by Wikia

Always Open: Ep. 86 - Obviously Flirting with Barbara - Rooster Teeth

He helped develop Nomad of Nowhere , wrote Seasons of Red vs. Blue , voice acts in all of his shows, and appears in a wide array of Rooster Teeth content. Miles Luna started his writing for Rooster Teeth with a Red vs. Blue Mini-Series, becoming more and more involved with the show as time went on until eventually, Burnie Burns promoted him to writer and director for Season 11 onwards, essentially giving Miles complete creative control over the company's oldest and most popular franchise. At around this same time, while he wasn't animating Red vs. Blue , Monty Oum began working on a passion project of his.

As the Head Writer of Animation, all scripts for any of Rooster Teeth's animated shows have to go through him, giving him an unknown degree of input on a vast array of the company's content.

Rooster teeth ellie dating

And he's not done yet Miles voices an array of characters from Rooster Teeth's many animated series, the major roles being:. Miles Luna. His Mother, Becky Luna, was a Teacher back in the day, however she's retired since.

Since retiring, Becky has sort of become the official "Soccer Mom of Rooster Teeth", being very vocally supportive of her son, the company, and everything they do.

Miles Luna

Dylan was born on April 25, just one day after Miles! Well, one day and a few years of course. Dylan is often described as the athlete of the Luna Family and streams on Twitch regularly.

k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ellie Main (@elliemain). r/roosterteeth: A subreddit for content regarding Rooster Teeth Productions, including Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunter, RWBY, Rooster Teeth .

Miles showed an interest in filmmaking as far back as High School, as his YouTube Channel features several skit-style videos from his late Teenage years.

Miles entered as a Liberal Arts Major and had to write to the Dean of the School of Communications to convince him he was worthy of getting in. The Dean said that taking this initiative put me a step above everyone else.

Miles Antony Luna is the Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth. Miles and Ellie revealed they were dating on Episode 1 of Why Kanto We Be Friends?. Ellie. News. Do you like Halo? Good, because Tathy and I are streaming Halo 4 at 6 PST on the CHTV . I would like to rank the #1 dating site. Ellie in RWBY Rewind. Question: What do you . rtahuniverse. Four of my favorite people in Rooster Teeth MILES AND ELLIE ARE DATING!!!!!!!! #THEY JUST.

Miles from the start knew he wanted to make cartoons - it was just a matter of finding a career in the industry suited to him. I was actually bummed to find out: I hated animation.

But I found that I really liked writing. So that's what he focused on: becoming a writer. Miles started applying for internships. He was incredibly excited about the possibility and potential of working at Nickelodeanhowever he didn't make it past the first round of interviews.

He HAD made it to the second round of interviews for Cartoon Networkalthough that was as far as he got.

And then I was offered an internship at Rooster Teeth and I thought 'You know, this isn't exactly where I wanted to be but at least I could learn something from being here and maybe get some experience that could help me along the way Rooster Teeth turned out to be a dream come true.

While in College, Miles volunteers to be a P. That goes well and later on, when they need some machinima help for Season 9 of Red vs.

Blue of which Miles was a fan ofBrandon remembers "The Noob Corner" and invites him in to work as an intern. Eventually one day, I submitted a script for a Red vs. Blue Mini-Series, and everybody liked it. Started writing for the show. From that, Miles slowly started writing more and more for the series, even drafting the script and premise for all of Episode 12 - An episode widely regarded as one of the most heartfelt chapters of the show.

The latest Tweets from Ellie Main (@Elliemainey). Content Creator / Producer / Writer / Singer. Follower of Jesus. Austin, TX. @Elliemainey. Creative lead of Social - coproducer/coeditor of #RTLife with @ maxcookie. Ellie is an avid watcher of "Queer Eye", as well as lists on her Rooster Teeth Account that she is a fan of TV Shows "Doctor Who", "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", "Game of.

This would all snowball into Burnie entrusting Miles with near-complete creative control of the series, as he himself had had since its inception. At the Red vs. Blue, a position he would pass on to Joe Nicolosi 4 seasons later.

He is responsible for creating a bonanza of the company's shows and digital entertainment. Look at the "Role in the Company" section for details. He would jokingly refer to himself as "The Stupid One" of the Podcast, however now-a-days Miles is much-better acquainted. That being said, he is still way less knowledgeable than his co-hosts. Miles also has both a Twitch and YouTube Channel!

Ellie backs miles into a wall. I can't draw beards whoops Blaine Gibson Miles Luna Ellie Main Jon Risinger on the spot rt rooster teeth doodles my art artist on tumblr screenshot redraw. Ellie Main rt extra life rt extra life extra life Get you someone who looks at you like miles looks at ellie.

Ellie Main

Burnie: I. Ellie: I just wanted you to know that you can't just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen. Burnie: I didn't say it, I declared it.

Miles Luna ellie main. Rooster Teeth ellie main burnie burns rt music burnie vlog. So Ellie and Miles… :].

I don't know if they're just a little drunk or what but Jaune is Baby. Every time I see her in any video I fall in love with her more and more.

My Fahc!

Always Open: Ep. 86 - Obviously Flirting with Barbara - Rooster Teeth

Ellie: I don't know what a negative emotion even is. Jon: Well, you're gonna have to really just dive down into that nasty core that I know is inside you.


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