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  • 19.01.2019
  • by Mera


Alan Roger Currie at London's 'Direct Dating Summit'

May 27, - June 6, Change Your Love Life Summit is FREE for you to attend throughout the entire event days and each session will be available for 24 hours after it goes live. You will learn how to use your intelligence and feminine power to find and attract high quality men without wasting any more of your precious time. Why men suddenly lose interest in great women and how you can avoid this. How to change the situation and to make him want you again. How to get him to fall in love and commit instead of pulling away. How to meet and attract high quality men for a long term relationship What men really want in women when choosing the right one Why men commit to some women and not others, and how to get a man to commit Why did he stop calling?

Matt tells his clients "you cannot therapy your way out of an issue! Armed with only his skills, he has built up businesses, social circles and MeetUp groups. Matt currently runs several MeetUp groups which total nearly 30k people. He has done all this on his own by using very simple systems. Matt also worked as a dating coach for a number of years, helping both men and women to develop their social skills.

Unlike a lot of people in the self help industry, Matt clearly walks the walk and demonstrates everything in his own life. His real world experience, straight forward approach and clear steps can help anyone to start over and get a life they are happy to lead.

Matt shares his highly effective systems to build social circles that anyone of any age or stage of life can implement. So if you just want to get out more or you have been through a recent breakup, these techniques will work for you!

Ollie Pearce is a professional model and fashion stylist with over ten years experience as a fashion, fitness and social skills coach. Having worked for almost all the major date coaching companies in the industry, plus numerous celebrity clients, Ollie is the ultimate authority on how to be a cool, attractive social player. Ollie has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, from students to politicians, giving on- and offline advice aimed at improving their image, confidence and dating technique and prospects.

Ollie helps people to create the image they have always desired, and be the men they wish to be, thus positively impacting all areas of their lives.

From there he will help you to be more confident through social competence training and coaching in the skills you need to enhance to be cooler, more confident and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex. Alex MacLellan is a therapist and coach who specialises in social anxiety, stress and emotional resilience. He began as a coach for a dating company 8 years ago where he helped hundreds of individuals overcome their social anxiety with real, practical solutions and techniques.

His mission is to help people understand their problems, from crippling social anxiety to poor anger management, and give them the tools and techniques they need to change things for the better. With a strong emphasis on personal responsibility, he calls for a courageous, reasonable approach to managing your inner demons and leaves people feeling more confident, empowered and motivated to develop themselves in the right way.

Her membership websites www. Her YouTube channel has 14 million views andsubscribers. The Sopot Summit can introduce you to basic social concepts and techniques that will greatly expand your perspective. Dozens of epic mentors will be present to dish out great advice, and help you become more of the man you want to be.

Say goodbye to anxiety and all of the limiting beliefs that have held you down for years. There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone. Have you put time and effort into studying game and self-development? If so, you have likely seen that there is always room for improvement. Maybe you have even found a bit of success on your own, but are ready to take things to the next level. The Sopot Summit can introduce you to social concepts that will elevate your skills, and help make you the life of the party.

Are you the cool guy your friends always look to for dating advice? Tons of experienced players from around will be present, sharing different tactics and strategies that ensure every weekend is a wild one. Challenge each other and compete for the most epic story of the event.

Summit dating

Loads of guys will be hitting the town, and getting into all sorts of mischief. Known for pulling hotties night after night and never leaving the club alone, Markus has attained a level that many aspire to but few ever reach. He is an expert in the lost art of group and mixed sets, constantly dominating social groups and effortlessly controlling frame battles.

John came from a very shy background and used to be terrified to talk to women. He did not even KISS a girl until his first year of college. Fast forward to and he has fucked over women. Widely regarded and known as the pickup artist with the biggest laycount in the community, John has seen and done it all. His brutally efficient and optimized method is the result of tireless analysis, testing, and evolution. Referred to as the Godfather of the underground pick up community, McBeard created SPU in March of after making love to over women from Tinder in His style of game revolves very much around creating an emotional rollercoaster and demonstrating sexual authority.

This gives him close to perfect calibration, at all times. Alex Social is the world's most experienced infield Pick Up Coach. Being the most experienced pickup coach comes with the reputation of being both the best pick up artist on the planet inand the undisputed Best Pick Up coach in the industry. Real Social Dynamics noticed Alex's gift for the game, and his psychological brilliance in coaching and recruited him as one of their lead instructors in Alex had wisdom and maturity beyond his years.

Alex Socials' entire adult life has been dedicated towards coaching, seduction and pick up.

The Modern Man Summit Presents An Exclusive Live Event on 31st August Matt also worked as a dating coach for a number of years, helping both men. Join over 25 of the world's best dating experts now through November 2nd in an exclusive Dating with Dignity Summit to discover how to really identify and. Learn a tremendous amount of information about dating and social skills through expert The Sopot Summit can introduce you to basic social concepts and.

Alex Social is the coach that the best come to learn the game from. Alex discontinued his contract with RSD to create a brilliant and innovating coaching model that no other coach can replicate. A concept caled the 4 Week Natural where he coaches 9 students concurrently over the course of 33 days. In the 4 week natural coaches, its 1 coach and 9 students, with infinite time and focus to Alex to demonstrate to the student's mind-blowing social skills and seduction events and excessive time to take students mind, behaviors, and emotions to the next levels in game.

Being obsessed about psychology and constantly innovating new ways of effectively building deep attraction with women out of nowhere he's slowly becoming one of the highest esteemed coaches in the world. He has travelled the world, studied countless personal development books, aligned himself with world-renowned mentors, and has developed a system for students to achieve success in the most efficient way possible. His ability to demonstrate how to find and attract your ideal girl is absolutely astounding and something his students rave about for months after meeting him.

He has been practising and teaching technique-based cold approach pickup for almost a decade. Gabriel has travelled the world and taught thousands of men his unique concepts, strategies, and techniques for attracting, dating, and sleeping with women that have transformed the dating lives of his students.

He has become well-known for his technical and analytical approach to the pickup, seeing it as nothing more than a skillset that can be studied, learned, and mastered by anyone. After being raised by a single mom with no brothers and sisters, social skills and communication with others was source of pain and frustration, until something incredible happened. Daniel stumbled upon Cold Approach Pickup and has never looked back since. He overcame his internal fears and pushed this art to the ends of earth!

His unique blend of technique based game with underlying belief system of a true alpha male has resulted in testimonials from his students that are out of this world! Taking each student by the hand he clearly demonstrates and helps them internalise how to get one of kind results with gorgeous women! He teaches men to become the best she's ever had. SQL is a sex education company for men where they teach you everything there is to know about female multiple orgasms, oral orgasms, squirting, deep sexual psychology, how to last longer, curing premature ejaculation, curing erectile dysfunction, and how to create deep connections through sex and much, much more.

Whether you're trying to make ONS come back for more, build a rotation or give your wife the best sex of her life, this is your one-stop-shop for all things sexual performance. In just 2 short years Ciel has become known as one of the most exciting young talent in the game today.

Change Your Love Life Summit is FREE for you to attend throughout the entire event Exclusive: Complimentary 30 minutes Love, Dating and Relationship. % Free online dating in Lee's Summit. Daily Active Members. The Saved Singles Summit shatters these stereotypes. We affirm every single as a person of tremendous worth and value, with a God-given purpose and future.

Having been obsessed for the last 2 years, Ciel was able to transform his results from never getting laid, getting blown out consistently, to now having been with many hotties around the world in all kinds of crazy situations. Having trained under 4 renowned mentors and been surrounded by many elite level players in the community, he has developed his own unique style, both ruthlessly efficient and distinctly natural.

His work can be found in his Facebook group"Chen City", where he shares his latest epiphanies and vlogs about his travelling and promiscuous lifestyle. Ryan, Rhino Whitino why-tee-nois a a self-help speaker, entrepreneur, and transformational coach. He has travelled the world, while coaching hundreds of clients face to face andwcw online, empowering them to create massive success in their lives! Ryan was by turn a university professor, renowned dating coach, foundational lifestyle coach, and now he is developing a Mastermind Forum while his main focus remains his week accountability mentoring program.

Ryan specializes in the lost art of the day-game pull and believes that self-accountability and intentionality conjure up the highest quality relationships seen by the light of day.

Devasted he googled how to get a girlfriend! He decided to change something and started his own personal development Journey. When he was 19yo he started to travel the world for almost 2 Years! Fearful with self-esteem issues He packed his backpack and travelled through Australia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe to gain experience and learn game from the best in the world.

He now has his own Natural Seduction Style and teaches a replicable System that is applicable for everyone! He transforms his customers from shy with women to confident Baller and has been giving Speeches, Trainings and Bootcamps internationally.

Having started his game journey at the Sopot Summit last year, not knowing anyone, Eduard has seen a spectacular improvement in a very short period of time, now regularly being surrounded by many elite level players and instructors in the community. With two successful video businesses, a growing YouTube channel, a Film degree in London and months of assisting UMP on all their European bootcamps with infield and video content, he'll be sharing everything he knows about shooting infield and how you can use it too to see all your flaws and skyrocket your game.

It's literally what separates the good from the great. Kamil O'rety is passionate about women's and men's relations and the functioning of the mind.

Giving Summit dating advice ft. Moe

For 11 years he has been exploring the mechanisms of falling in love, seduction and creating relationships. He knows men and women better than they know themselves. He works with both on a daily basis. He explains from A to Z why women loses their minds and go crazy about one particular guy.

In a unique way, he combines spirituality with the dynamics of relationships. For 9 years he has been running seduction courses both in Poland and abroad.

Dating With Dignity Summit

Each year he conducts about 50 training sessions, during which he combines intensive practice with work on emotions and mental patterns. He has travelled the world, while coaching hundreds of clients face to face and online, empowering them to create massive success in their lives! Strong commitment to the game completely changed his life in a couple of years only. Mateusz left Poland right after his studies to cut off an old environment and focus on self-development. Travelled for over two years around the Europe meeting best players, learning different approaches to the game, ruthlessly taking action and seducing women during his journey.

He is currently going through the process of publishing his first book about the game and developing a group which gathers Polish people willing to improve their online game. At the end of the day, everyone wants to have a great life.

To have the cool job, a bad ass car, and a beautiful girl to wake up next to. But the reality is so many of us are selling ourselves short. The entire event is dedicated to helping you build the life YOU want. All that shit gets tossed right out the window, and replaced with thoughts that you really can do anything. The dozens of experienced coaches will share their methods and theories to help you become the man you want to be.

Exclusive, first time published content.

Featured expert Dr. Ray Doktor. What should a women do when a guy suddenly pulls away? Why men commit to some women and not others? Those are just some of the juicy information you will get by watching this amazing video interview with dr. Ray Doktor Psy. He has conducted workshops and lectures in the United States, Netherlands, and Brazil. Featured expert Jaki Sabourin. How to Get Him to Propose Can women really get a man to propose? What are a few things we can do to move things along?

What can sabotage a woman who wants him to propose? What's the most important thing a man is looking for in a partner? Her wit and no-nonsense attitude has led to hundreds of clients meeting their ideal man. She met her husband on Match and married at DAY 2 - May Featured expert Renee Slansky. Why he ran from you but committed to the girl after you What should a woman do after being ghosted? How to get a guy to chase you? How long should women wait for the guy to commit?

Those are just some of the questions that love expert Renee Slansky talks about. If you want to avoid mistakes that most women make in the early stages of relationship, you don't want to miss this interview. Renee Slansky is an Australian Love and Relationship coach, TV presenter, Writer and Motivational Speaker, she is a founder of The Dating Directory which is one of the top 30 global dating blogs and Australia's number 1 dating and relationship blogs.

Featured expert Adrienne Everheart. How to talk to men, how to get a men to commit or how to get your ex back Everything was perfect. Until the day he stopped calling. Why did he stop calling or texting? What can a woman do when a man suddenly pulls away or needs space? How to turn a causal relationship into commitment? How to get your EX back? What are the main tips to get him to chase you?

Her programs focus on healing broken relationships, building anew and attracting the quality partner you desire. DAY 3 - May Featured expert Cherry Norris. Why he starts out so into you and then drifts away or disappears? How do you know if you should stay or if you should go? Video Series.

Featured expert Jack Butler. How to be loved for who you really are and how to find a high quality man without settling You can be loved for who you really are and you can find a long-term relationship with a high-quality man without settling. You can get him interested again if he lost interest in you. Find out what do high quality men really want in a woman when choosing the one and what to do is the guy you are dating is not willing to commit.

Jack Butler is a Relationship Expert and Speaker who coaches and teaches globally, to help people be more of who they really are. He supports deeper levels of freedom, authenticity and presence beyond the patterns and strategies we take to be our real selves. DAY 4 - May Featured expert Helena Hart. Why men pull away and disappear and what can women do about it How to attract the man you want?

How can you trigger the emotions in a man that unlock his love and devotion? And what can you do when he pulls away and disappears? She can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around. Featured expert Bryan Reeves.

Lichen species on the cemetery stones of the McCall and Finnish cemeteries and their relative abundance . Dating a 20th-Century Fault, Elk Summit Talus. The latest Tweets from Online Dating Summit (@OnlineDatingSum). Where Online Dating Professionals Meet!! Join us at The Executive Retreat in Curacao. The world class coaches will unload all of their tips and summit dating becoming advanced in seduction! Gain critical knowledge from experienced coaches who.


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