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  • 06.01.2019
  • by Sarisar

59 Best Car guy memes images in . Funny pics, Truck memes, Car jokes

TOP5 Things You Should Know When Dating Korean Guys|K-ranking Show

Dating someone who is overly attached to their car is more like dating two people. The man, and the man's car. It is a full-time job to keep up with not only your relationship but your man and his car relationship as well. In this list, I'm going to give 10 tips of advice for you to not only expect, but to experience while dating a car guy. Conversations will normally consist of his next waxing, the newest part he plans to buy, or how clean his car happens to look that day. You will never go a day, let alone an hour uninformed about the current state of his car.

First, your car guy would take a good look at his car and make a careful evaluation of its condition. This is how he assesses how intense his cleaning efforts need to be. Once he is happy with his assessment, he will proceed to hose off of the car. This is the process that would allow for several contaminants to come off the car, including dirt, mud, and dust. As he would tell you, the hosing process needs to be thorough since any leftover dirt can scratch the car when he goes to apply the soap.

After this, he would go on to wash the car, scrub it, dry it and polish it. Your car guy will always make it a habit to park his car as far from everyone as possible. That means if you were in a multiple story parking area, he would go to one of the higher levels where there are no other cars parked yet.

On the other hand, in the case of a parking area outside a store, he would opt to park in the spot that is farthest from store entrance or exit. The reason for this is quite simple. Your car guy simply wants to avoid the possibility of a person accidentally bumping his car.

If you are arriving somewhere fancy, expect him to drive up to the lobby and drop you off. After that, he will drive off and find his ideal parking spot. Depending on the parking conditions, that might take him around half an hour, even longer.

Any car guy would want to make sure that they are always stocked up with everything that their ride would need. Aside from the practical spare tires, he might also choose to stock on rims, mirrors, alternator, transmission, windows, and even power locks.

Aside from this, your car guy may also choose to stock up on certain interior parts. This can include the floor mats, steering wheel, interior trim pieces and even the car seats. As you can see, all of these car parts may be too bulky to simply store in the garage. Because of this, your car guy may need an entire room to be converted into a fully dedicated spare parts room. Depending on how organized he typically is, you may see your car guy divide up the room into exterior and interior car parts.

This would make it easier for him to find the right part in case something in the car needs to be replaced or even updated. In case he already has a room like this, try your best to respect it. In fact, he might recommend staying away from it. Sure, your car guy likes to save up. However, his plans on spending the money will most likely not involve a romantic vacation or your birthday present. On the other hand, he may also be looking to buy several cool car gadgets.

Depending on his car model, this can include a heads-up display, dashcam for the interior mirror, cellphone signal booster, car data reader, auto air ionizer, seatbelt stabilizer, Bluetooth kit, GPS homing device, motor oil tester, thermal imaging camera and many others. At the same time, he can also be thinking about having a package installed in his car.

For instance, a Dodge Charger Rallye Blacktop Package comes with performance steering wheel, black-edged premium floor mats, glass black instrument panel cluster trim rings and more.

When it comes to relationships, your friends are bound to meet the person you are seeing at some point. Instead, a car guy would most likely only want to hang out with another car guy.

To make things less awkward when you all decide to hang out, you may want to steer the conversation towards things that may appeal to both types of guys. For instance, there are action movies featuring great action scenes and cars. Sure, everyone can feel slightly anxious when it comes to the process of buying a new car.

After all, you want to make sure that you got the choice right. That means, making sure you got the right type of vehicle SUV, sedan, hatchback or pickup truck with the right set of features.

When you toss a car guy into the car buying process though, things can get a little bit more complicated. Without a doubt, your car guy would be more than happy to help you find the perfect car. What that means though, is that the entire process would end up becoming much lengthier than you had ever imagined. For you, he will most likely be more thorough than usual.

That includes engine details, torque and top speed for starters. For a car guy, there is nothing more satisfying than working on a car.

Same old story: You met a guy. You like him and he likes cars! You want to impress this guy, but, you know nothing about cars. 10 tips to help any girl with her first 'car guy' relationship.

In fact, they enjoy this type of work so much that they are most likely to engage in this all the time. Typically, these projects involve taking a car apart and making modifications to it.

What You Need To Know Before Dating A Car Guy

The goal can be to improve its performance or simply give it a unique look. Whichever the case, expect your car guy to place several orders for various necessary parts while working on a car.

Chances are, you would also be taking a lot of trips to hardware stores with him in case he is in need of a new tool or other accessories. Now, you may be wondering exactly what happens to the car projects that he works on.

On the other hand, he may also keep a number of these finished cars.

He knows you don't need him to open that mayo jar for you, or for him to fix the brakes in your car or a million other little things he'll do for you. Here are 20 things you should take note of when it comes to dating a car guy. That is the only thing he would talk about, and would probably ridicule you for asking What should I know about cars before dating a car guy?.

At some point, he may even surprise you by letting you drive it. For a car guy, you cannot have enough towels. Specifically, he likes the ones that are made with microfiber cloth, which are great for cleaning his cars.

Guy dating car

What sets microfiber apart from other towels is that they are made using extremely small fibers. This makes them much more efficient at getting dirt off a car. The problem with materials that are not microfiber is that they have a tendency to push gunk and dirt around on surfaces.

Hence, the more you clean with them, the more you would also need to clean again. In contrast, microfiber cloths are designed to hook onto all the nasty substances like bacteria, dust, and dirt.

Because of this, all you need to clean a surface is some water and a microfiber towel. In case you are still wondering what to get your car guy for his birthday or Christmas, consider buying him a stack of microfiber towels.

You have probably seen this in various romantic movies. A couple having a meal in the car as they talk and later on, make out. Well, if you are dating a car guy, chances are that is never going to happen.

For starters, bringing some food in the car can cause crumbs to go everywhere throughout the interior. This is especially true for snacks like crackers, chips, and fried foods.

Those crumbs can be quite hard to clean because they are not easy to spot. Next time you want to have a casual date with your car guy, think about doing something else other than to have a meal in his car. Instead, go to the movies and enjoy some food while you are both still seated inside the cinema. Whatever you do, never suggest getting takeout or eating in the car. It might just ruin the romantic vibe between the two of you.

Chances are, you saw this one coming. Today, your car guy has a lot of sporting events to choose from which celebrate cars and their ultimate power. In the U. At the same time, international racing events such as Formula One also make its way to an American track once a year.

What this means for you is that your car guy may ask you take road trips frequently so that he could catch some of his favorite race events live.

That means spending a number of weekends on the road, just like the race teams that your car guy is following.

To make the situation more fun for you, you may want to read up and get to know the drivers you will watch. In which case, your car guy would be more than happy to sit back and just watch them from his couch. If this is the case, prepare to have your dates cut short or simply canceled completely. In the case of Formula One, you can expect your car guy to stay home beginning Friday during a race weekend.

The next day, they proceed to do a final practice session before moving on to the qualifying session. Finally, Sunday is always race day for this type of motorsport. Just so you know too, a race in Formula One typically lasts more than an hour since drivers have to complete multiple laps in order to be declared the race winner.

Things to know before dating a car guy

Whether it's at the mall, or the movies, the far spot in the very back is where you will be parked every time. No risks are ever taken in public parking lots. That's right! If you adhere to all listed above you may get a chance for a short 25 mile-per-hour only test drive!

Even though he may drive you crazy, it will always feel pretty cool driving with the windows rolled down turning heads as you cruise down the street. Even after all of those listed items, car guys are by far the best kind of guys out there.

Not only do they treat their car with kindness and compassion, but they treat their girlfriends like that too. Car shows may be a must, but showing you off at them is far more important than any car there.

Although you have to walk three miles to get inside a store he treasures holding your hand the whole way there. It's a different kind of relationship, but any girl in one would know it's the best kind of relationship.

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