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  • 10.01.2019
  • by Tegore

Venturing Bylaws - Membership Handbook

This is Venturing, this is the BSA (Co-Ed ages 14 - 20).

Recently I fell for a guy in my crew and he fell for me too. We are going steady, but recently the topic of "oh. We're in the same crew! Is this going to be ok? I see no problem with this and no reason to check your relationship at the door.

I am not an expert in teenage emotions, but I have some experience to relate to this topic. I have had five sets of teenage couples dating within my Crew. Two of my former Venturers a high school dating couple recently graduated from college and were married two years ago. Sometimes intimate moments and "couple" interaction is called public displays of affection or "PDA". PDA can make other Venturers feel uncomfortable. My Crew has had some moments of drama. The worst that affected our Crew was just hours before a camporee.

We had three adults and fifteen Venturers paid and registered to attend a district camporee.

When in Venturing, you are crew mates, and that should be how yeh conduct yourselves. When you are on your own time on a date with just da. After March 1st, can a 19 year old and a 22 year old date? What about an 18 This prohibition extends to Venturing crew members who register as adults after. Local community organizations establish a Venturing crew by matching their Sea Scouts is one of the oldest programs in Scouting, dating back to

Two of my Venturers a girlfriend and boyfriend got into a jealous argument during the Friday school lunch period. They decided not to see each other or attend the camporee. By p.

Friday, less than five hours after their emotional breakdown, the remaining thirteen other Venturers had called to pull out of the camporee.

It was a domino effect, one Venturer didnt want to attend if their friend wasnt attending, then the next Venturer didnt want to attend if their other friend wasnt attending, till none were attending. Leaving only three adults at p. What happened? By Sunday they made up, and they were back to mending their relationship making out on one of their parents' back porch. Now regarding all my Crew's dating couples. Before my Crew had these bylaws which they agreed upon and wroteit was "Mr Crew21Adv is being a real bummer".

Until they realized that their overt familiarity was making other teenagers uncomfortable and driving away some Venturing youth from our program. My Crew has very few bylaws that were decided by the youth the Crew bylaws fit only half a sheet. But one of their important rules is to leave their personal relationships at the door. The wrote a line in and agree that "PDA" has no place during Venturing hours. Does everyone in the Crew know "couples" are dating? Do their parents know they are dating?

Yes, and they usually approve of their choices. Do these "couples" hold hands, take long walks, and etc during meetings.

Nope, None of that. They can control their emotions for a couple of hours a week, and even for a weekend Scouting event. Each year the Crew takes a look at our bylaws.

BSA Venturing Personal Safety Awareness - Sexual Harassment

Still only half a page, many of their rules are social behavioral rules. Not to hurt or disrespect others. They also agree they don't want other Venturers to feel awkward, while "couples" are getting too familiar during meetings. Even as young teenagers, they can understand that hand holding and petting can make others uncomfortable, and they can eventually understand that they can wait 2 hours or longer.

I would also let the Crew know. Maybe you and the guy can recommend an addition to your bylaws.

Venture Crew 42

But bottom line, keep a healthy couple relationship, but keep it out of Venturing events. Myself and my fellow Advisors are okay with Intracrew Dating, as long as they keep the "dating" part outside of the meeting hours or weekend Venturing event. We havent had any social drama in the past four years, thanks to the mutual social agreements and our Crew Bylaws.

I was in a powderhorn event with a young fellow venturer who was soon to turn He was a bit concerned how scouting would then view his relationship with his 19 yr old girlfriend in his crew.

Jamie Soetaert, Ex-President of a California Venturing Crew, was a very active participant on . Venturing, Sea Scouts and dating (not necessarily in that order). All members must be registered as Venture Scouts and agree to the Crew rules and member are able to go on activities, but must keep dues paid up to date. There is no official policy on dating within a venture crew. We had 3 dating couples in our crew and once it became evident that the other.

The crew that I serve has had some couples. It can be managed. There's some good advice offered above.

I've done lots of events where you wouldn't know to connect me to my children unless you checked name tags. My wife and I have volunteered together and other volunteers did not know of our relationship.

In addition to not letting your relationship mess up things in the crew, don't let crew business put undue stress on the relationship either. I think that your comment: "We decided to check our relationship at the crew door" shows that you're taking the right approach. As he should be, because the BSA is very clear on this.

Its part of their fraternization policy. A person 21 and older is NOT to be dating someone under 21 and expect to be involved with that unit. They will be asked to leave. This is clearly covered in the Venturing Youth Protection Training. Ditto to all the ideas regarding crew members dating. Main point: discipline is up to the officers of the crew. We advisors strongly encourage them to write bylaws to cover that in advance, but it usually takes someone's emotional drama ruining an outing make it happen.

Definitely touch base with your crew to know its rules and history. Like sbemis and emb brought up, if either of you are near 21, the "No fraternization rule" will come into play. Take the average age adult and the average age youth and that behavior sounds predatory, but it's not unusual in couple of venturers who've been with the program for years for one of them to want to lead a crew, troop, or pack as soon as they turn Here's hoping they don't both leave the organization!

I don't see any difference between relationships between Crew members than those between leadership. Sure some adult leaders are married. My fiance is not a registered leader, but does attend many of my scouting activities because she's an expert in forestry, nature and water sports. Because we have kept our relationship within the bounds of acceptable behavior, i.

The boys have enjoyed having her along on outings and often look to her for guidance and advice on issues related to the current activity. They respect the relationship and never call for "shotgun" when she's along. To issue blanket statements and introduce by-law changes to accommodate intracrew dating is because not all young adults are aware of the acceptable norms of behavior at an event.

This is quite alright. It's better to spell out expectations than to try and deal with them after-the-fact. Letting the leadership of the crew know that one is dating outside the activities of the crew is a nice heads-up for them, not so that they can keep an eagle-eye on you, but as a courtesy to everyone so as to not have a negative affect on the crew as exemplified in some of the earlier posts.

An advisor may NOT date a crew member a youth. Local community organizations establish a Venturing crew by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community.

Venture crew dating

The result is a program of exciting and meaningful activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, develop leadership skills, and become good citizens. Venturing crews can specialize in a variety of avocation or hobby interests.

Exploring is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth and the organizations in their communities. Local community organizations initiate a specific Explorer Post by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community.

The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop.

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As ofSea Scouts have resumed their status as a separate program in the BSA, with the same membership requirements as Venturing. Advancement and recognition is an important part of the Sea Scout experience. These experiences help Sea Scouts to set realistic goals to achieve rank, accomplish projects, and gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Send an e-mail to Venturing TompkinsCortlandScouts. There's a Crew or Post near you!


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