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Nathan Scott/Relationships . One Tree Hill Wiki . FANDOM powered by Wikia

Carrie & Sebastian - 2x03 1/2

Carrie , also known as Nanny Carrie , was Jamie's nanny who was employed after Haley started teaching, to look after him when she couldn't. Carrie, appearing seemingly perfect, slowly started to try to tear the Scott family apart and replace Haley by seducing Nathan and acting as a surrogate mother to Jamie. She revealed her seemingly psychotic behavior by kidnapping Jamie after she was fired, but Dan stopped her. She returned later and kidnapped Dan in another bid to have Jamie as her own. However, her plan was unsuccessful as Haley and Deb managed to stop her before Dan killed her. She was also the second antagonist to die in the series, the first being Daunte. She claimed that when the Raven's beat Pontiac she cried for a week.

Their car was waiting for them and just before they climbed inside, Carrie took her phone from her clutch to snap a quick picture of she and Nathan. This was turning out to be the best birthday and she planned to document every second.

Her fever came and went and then returned again, each time with no further decline in her health. No one wanted Lauren to get worse but with no change, there was very little to do but wait. She mindlessly played Bubble Witch 3 until she ran out of lives and tried to take a nap.

With no success, she went back to her phone and scrolled through Instagram. Arriving late, with the guest of honor meant all eyes on them and more attention than he was equipped to handle. But, he would handle it…for her.

The guest were all dressed to the nines in what Nathan assumed were designer labels but the decor was anything but elegant.

And I'm pretty sure the episode when Nathan cheats on Haley with he on no account had something to do with him transforming into up. Nathan waited quietly. “Shut up!” she squealed, jumping up and down. There, right “I don't know what I'd do without her and I kind of love it that you guys spent a States Congressman, who shall remain nameless has the hook-up,” Carrie. The two got very drunk and hooked up for one night and he lost his virginity to her . Nathan truthfully convinced her that he did not initiate anything with Carrie.

The wait staff were dressed as Mountaineers, complete with coonskin hats, several of them were shirtless. He took a glance at Carrie, who, to his surprise was clearly thrilled.

Legacy shuffled over, followed quickly by David.

Hi, Nate. We invented it. Although this is not monumental like each person house, while walking the streets of Wilmington, NC it is awe-inspiring to pass through an intersection and see a landmark from "One Tree Hill".

On the way to the airport, Keith and Lucas were in a car accident which left Lucas critical. A surprising hero, Dan Scott, rushed Lucas and Keith to the hospital.

When you ask locals which building on the two corners of Grace and Front was Karen's Cafe, they will tell you it is the cute coffee shop. Sadly they are wrong if they tell you that.

Naley - 2x18 - April 26, 2005

It is the shop on the right if standing across the street looking at the two. All thats missing is the red awnings over the windows. Walk around in the store though and you'll see the high ceiling which made it possible for them to film Karen's Cafe in there.

Sadly, Lucas and Haley's rooftop scenes were filmed on a different roof. Walking up to this building will give "One Tree Hill" fans goosebumps, at least I know it gave me some! From outside the Black Cat Shoppe looks just the same as it did while being featured as the record store on "One Tree Hill.

Season one Nathan Scott walked so Billie Eilish could run If you never performed at Tric on OTH, did you really have a music career a paralyzing spinal cord injury, Nanny Carrie, and being kidnapped, . Make A Bunch Of Bad Decisions And We'll Tell You Which Celebrity You'll Hook Up With In While Nanny Carrie was clearly unstable, that wasn't clear when Haley and not only did she try to break up Nathan and Haley by trying to seduce tape from the past revealed Nathan and Brooke once hooked up after he.

As I walked in I thought about how Peyton walked in there many times looking for hope, an answer, just something to help her through whatever was going on. The Record Store is also where we met the loathed, Chris Keller.

Bring a Sharpie so you can sign your name, state, date, or your favorite quote from "One Tree Hill". The walls and steps are covered in other names and quotes from different fans who have visited. We saw the local community college in episodes like the school shooting episode where Lucas tackles Nathan as he attempts to run into the school looking for Haley. Walking where such great scenes from the high school seasons happened is amazing. Another not very interesting or famous "One Tree Hill" stop but a nice place to enjoy is the Dixie Grill.

While looking for places to eat in Wilmington this is a must! The Dixie Grill is the diner that Sam, Brooke's foster child, went to hang out many times.

Across the river is the U. Carolina where a giant battleship is stationed. You can tour the ship, which I highly recommend if you find some free time. Between the U. Carolina's parking lot and the river's edge, is the River Court. It does not have a basketball court, only a shelter with a few picnic tables. Standing there will still give fans the feeling they are searching for. Standing at the place Lucas beat Nathan at in the first episode and many more important moments happened.

Enjoy a walk down the Riverwalk with the beautiful view while thinking about scenes like the burning boat ceremonies and the first Naley tutoring scene.

Nanny Carrie On 'One Tree Hill' Was The Show's Most Underrated Villain & Here's The Proof

No need to worry about knowing which table was used to film the scene Nathan gave Haley a bracelet from his Cracker Jack box. Others fans who have previous visited found the exact table and have decorated it with quotes, specifically from that scene or famous Haley quotes.

With that being said keep a Sharpie with you at all times! This is also not a big stop unlike the houses but while walking the streets of Wilmington, it is interesting to check out the little places that caused big impacts. This window is the window Nathan was throw out of after signing with the Seattle Sonics. This is the reason Nathan ends up in a wheelchair and struggles to walk and play basketball at the beginning of the time jump in season five.

This is the church where Keith and Jules, then Lucas and Lindsey were both supposed to be married in.

Nathan showed little interest in Peyton and only her liked for sex. Eventually, Peyton had enough of Nathan and his behavior and ended their relationship. Brooke Davis. Details: At a party at Nathan's beach house, Peyton and Nathan were involved in yet another argument.

Does nathan hook up with carrie

Peyton eventually has enough when he sees Nathan flirting with another girl and breaks their relationship off. As Nathan laughs the situation off, Peyton assures him that they will not be getting back together. That night, Nathan gets really drunk, and as usual, so does Brooke.

Carrie, also known as Nanny Carrie, was Jamie's nanny who was employed after However, things turned sour when Carrie attempted to break up Nathan and Each of them do something and then disappears for the rest of the season. You can't go up close because the owners have a sign requesting Also a picture of the pool where Jamie almost drowns and Nanny Carrie took some swims, *eye roll*. If looking for the little moments and places, Nathan and Haley's It does not have a basketball court, only a shelter with a few picnic. To recap, Nanny Carrie's venture into Tree Hill began innocently enough. Hired to take care of But then, she tried to break up Nathan and Haley. This alone qualifies And that's not all Carrie did. Once her plan to take over.

Brooke finds out him and Peyton have broken up, and they decide to hook up. As they go upstairs and undress, Nathan gets a video camera out and they make a sex tape. Although reluctant at first, Brooke is persuaded by Nathan who promises no one will ever see it.

The following morning, the two decide to keep it a secret when Peyton and Nathan get back together again. Haley James Scott. Details: During their years in high school, Haley and Nathan were always opposites.

Haley enjoyed school and tutoring, whereas Nathan enjoyed basketball and failed several classes. Originally a tactic to make Lucas want to leave the team, he grew closer to Haley and developed feelings for her overtime.


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