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  • 27.08.2019
  • by Dirr

How to Record with a Mic in FL Studio - Production Den

How to Record Vocals In FL Studio 12 (XLR and USB)

When you are starting out, you have a lot of things to learn. Like how to record with a mic in FL Studio. It may seem complicated at first. But I promise once you have done it a couple of times, it comes more naturally. You can pick which method works best for your workflow. Plug the audio interface into the computer. Audio interfaces come in a variety of connections.

You can see in this menu if you have had underruns. This is where we set up the microphone input from the mixer track.

How to Record with a Mic in FL Studio

This will get the input from the microphone and the audio interface into a mixer track in FL Studio. You should see a whole bunch of vertical bars, They will be titled Insert 1, Insert 2, and so on. And the fader will turn green at the bottom. It has an arrow pointing into a box. That is where you are going to select the input that you connected your to. When you look at the drop-down menu you should see options that have your audio interface name and then stereo and mono track options.

Because most mics are mono sources unless you have a stereo microphone.

How To Record Your Guitar (Or Instrument) Into FL Studio

As you talk into the microphone you should see the bars on the insert for channel moving up and down. These are the play button, the stop button and record button. Right click on the record button and you should see some options. It should have a box that says recording filter. And underneath of that with options to check automation, notes, audio, and clips.

Since we are recording audio we want to make sure that the audio option is checked by right-clicking. Make sure that the song button is highlighted. Because that will allow us to record directly to the playlist. Now you should see a green arrow show up in your playlist window and the song button should be highlighted in green.

How to Record Vocals in FL Studio

Before you start recording, make sure to plug in your headphones. Open up the Mixer window by pressing F9 Go to Insert 4 where we set up the mic. At the bottom of the fader there is a track arm button. Press that so it turns red.

You can also right click on the arm track button to bring up a window. You could save the audio file to a different location if you want. And you can give the file whatever name you choose. Open up the playlist window by pressing F5. Click a spot on the playlist where you would want to start your recording. I like to choose a spot a little before so it give me more time.

Now click on the record button in the transport bar, and wait for the count in. Then start recording audio. Press F9. Then go to Insert 4. Go to the right side where the Slots are. Click on the down arrow in Slot 1. A window will come up that you will show you all the available plugins. Look for the miscellaneous section and you should see Edison. Pick Edison and a window should pop up.

To the right of the record button is a drop down menu. Select On Play. And then press the record button. This option just arms Edison to record. Then go to your playlist window. Click where in the song you want to start recording. I like to move the marker to a little bit before that. It gives you a little extra time before it starts the part you want to record. When you are done, press the Stop on Edison. And then you can Press stop on the Transport Controls in the Playlist.

Click that and then drag what you recorded into the playlist where you set your marker to start. Everything will be lined up. One of the reasons that I like using Edison to record is the multiple takes option. I can go the Playlist window by pressing F5. I right click and drag around the section of the song I want to record. Arm Edison to record by pressing the record button.

Now when I press Play on the transport controls it will record. It will keep recording as many takes of that section as you want. I could do takes on that one part. Now in Edison you should see multiple takes. I can select one of those takes by double-clicking on the orange marker at the front.

Recording with USB Microphones and Headsets NOTE: If you don't see your audio devices listed, you may need to set up the default Windows Input/Output. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to record vocals in FL Studio. It clamps to my desk and is very easy to set up and adjust. You will need an XLR cable to connect your mic to your audio interface, unless your mic uses a USB.

Then I can drag that take into the playlist. Using the drag to playlist option on Edison. I could drag all of them in individually if wanted.

Then I could create vocal comps of the best of those takes. Each track in the mixer window is routed by default to the Master Fader. You can see this when you click on any of the Insert tracks. Now right click on the arrow at the bottom of Insert 5.

It looks like this. This is going to send the audio from Insert 4 to Insert 5 only. Now Insert 4 goes to Insert 5, and then to the Master Fader. And that will go into the Master Fader. But, we will record on Insert 4, where there will be no effects. So click on Insert 5. You can reduce latency by reducing the audio device buffer size. A rule of thumb is under 11 ms for latency. If you cannot achieve this without buffer underruns, it may be time for a faster processor.

Another way to help with latency issues is by turning on Latency compensation in your Mixer options under Disc recording. Right-click on the Record button in your top toolbar and make sure the Audio option is checked.

This will allow you to record directly into the Playlist. Once your mic is connected, you need to tell FL Studio where the mic input is coming from and what to do with it.

Choose any Mixer track for your audio to come from, just not the Master track. At the top of the signal processing chain, set your Audio input source to the device your mic is connected to.

Hook up mic to fl studio

There should be two sections, one for stereo and one for mono. In the vocoder setup below, the modulator is the mic input panned hard left, and the carrier is a synth preset panned hard right. There are actually two ways to record vocals in FL Studio. The first way is into the Playlist as an audio clip. The clip will also be present in the Channel rack. First, we want to make sure the Mixer track that you have your mic input routed to is armed for recording.

When you chose your mic input, FL Studio should have auto-armed the Mixer track. You can check by looking at the Mixer track and making sure the red Arm disk recording button is lit up. Just click it to toggle on and off.

You can also right-click to choose a different folder directory to save your audio clips to. This is where we adjust the mic input peak level to dBFS. We can do this by adding a Fruity Balance to the top of the mic input Mixer track signal processing chain. Next, click the Record audio button at the top main toolbar, and hit Play.

You can now start recording your vocals! It allows for more control when recording and is better suited for sampling than recording into the Playlist. First, add an Edison to your mic input Mixer track. Make sure it appears above any effects you have added on to the track.

Edison should appear above effects in your signal processing chain. To reorder, hover over a slot and scroll with your mouse wheel. Next, you want to make sure the mic input signal coming into Edison is a maximum of dBFS.

You can achieve this by having your vocalist do a few test runs with proper distance from the mic and the loudness of their voice taken into consideration. Adjust your mic input gain so that the loudest parts of the test run are around dBFS.

Adjust the gain on Fruity Balance as your vocalist is performing while simultaneously monitoring the Wave Candy meter until the loudest parts are around dBFS. Next, hit the Record button in Edison. If you have the trigger set to On Input, Edison will automatically start recording once it senses an input signal.

Click the Record button again to stop recording. Now, your clip is in the Playlist and Channel rack. And that wraps it up for this one.

Can I record with just a mic without an interface…. Can I plug d mic into my laptop directly for recording. Hope that helps! Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding something fully, except this piece of writing gives good understanding even.

But its not recording a lag. Ever come across this? Hey Brandon. It sounds like you have a latency issue. Ideally this will be an ASIO driver from the interface manufacturer. Additionally you can try changing delay compensation settings in the Mixer.

In this post I'll cover the basics about how to set up, and record, from a microphone in FL Studio. It may seem complicated at first. But I promise. r/FL_Studio: The best FL Studio resource on the internet!. Recording voice using FL Studio is slightly different with the program than with other Connect the microphone's cable into the computer's "Line In" port. Press "F9" to bring up the mixer, choose your sound card again as the input source for.

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