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  • 24.08.2019
  • by Kimi

3 Ways to Tie a Spinnerbait - wikiHow

Spring Bass Secrets: Rig Your Spinnerbaits For More Success

One reason using a spinner bait for bass is so popular is that they are effective when fished with a simple, straight retrieve. You can also employ one of the specialised, condition-specific techniques that experienced spinnerbait fishermen have come up with over the years. Bass pro Kevin VanDam designed what is, essentially, a universal spinnerbait. Twin Willow style blades and a super-sharp hook round out the package. Nichols Spinner baits are fitted with hand-painted blades that have been designed to create a unique pulsating vibration. A super-sharp Mustad Needle Point Hook ensures bass make it all the way to the boat every time.

Lighter wire spinnerbaits have more vibration. Which can be good in shallow dirty water. But in deeper applications and long casts, that spinnerbait has more of a tendency to open up on the hookset and the fight, so a thicker wire can often be more advantageous. Some manufactures, like Stanley, actually use a tapered wire to give a bait more durability while maintaining vibration. So it has heavier gauge near the head but lighter near the blades.

The more you open a wire up or spread it apart from the blades and the head, the more you can slow the bait down and get it to vibrate. It also gives the spinnerbait more lift so it will want to come up in the water column.

Closing the wire gives you more speed, and it will be more apt to stay down and not rise to the surface. The makeup of the blade and size of it will have a great impact on how the spinnerbait fishes. A smooth blade has less resistance, where a hammered blade has more flash but more drag.

A colorado offers more vibration and is a good choice for dark or dirty water and colder water where you fish slower. Willow blades have less drag so they can be fished faster and are a better choice for warmer and clearer water.

A spinnerbait, made up of a heavy head, a skirt, and attractive blades, The loop needs to be just big enough for it to latch onto a hook.

Try one with a No. T-Shirts Available! How and When to Fish a Spinnerbait. Lately I have received many requests about spinner-baits questions from how to use them? To when and where do I fish them?

Using Spinnerbaits to Catch Bass

So I thought I would publish an article and try to answer the many questions I have received. In this article I will try to explain how to use a spinner-bait as well as how to gain confidence when you do.

There are many uses for a spinner-bait; it can be used as a fish finder, a deep water bait, a shallow water bait, a bait that covers a lot of area in a short time, you can drop it like a worm or speed it up like a rattle trap.

All these uses allow you to make it one of the most flexible baits in your tackle box.

A Bait that you could just about fish exclusively on a fishing trip and catch a good stringer of bass with day after day. The key to this is to understand what a spinner-bait emulates in the water and how to make it perform like you want it to. If you can imagine a baitfish in the water, erratically swimming along the top, bottom or in the thermo-cline you basically understand what this bait emulates.

Now that we have established this, the next thing is to understand that bass are predators, and they love to strike what appears to be wounded, its kind of like the class room bully, they always pick on the ones that look like they can beat or win. Well a bass acts much the same; if a baitfish appears weak it will strike it in a heartbeat.

So the key is to make this bait appear erratic in the water, act wounded, play hurt, or just plain loud so it aggravates Mr. If you can do this the sky is the limit on ways you can make this bait work, look or act in the water.

But in deeper applications and long casts, that spinnerbait has more of a tendency to open up on the hookset and the fight, so a thicker wire can. A spinner-bait needs to be set up properly to get the effect we have been discussing, you must select a rod long enough to get a long cast a 7 ft. You should plan to sharpen your hooks periodically to keep them sharp for better hook-ups when fishing with spinnerbaits. In addition, there.

So this is why this bait can be so versatile, you can fish it in shallow water by ripping it along the top of grass or structure. And fish it in 10 to 15 ft. You can make it act erratic by stopping, dropping and speeding up your retrieve. You can throw it around or under boathouses or docks.

You can make it noisy by adding a Colorado leaf blade, or adding big blades that hit each other in the water. You can fish it with a single blade a double blade or a combination of a Willow and Colorado blade. Larger lures are harder to cast than smaller spinnerbaits and may require the use of a two-handed rod, both for casting and retrieving comfort as well as accuracy.

Spinnerbait hook up

There are different opinions about using single or tandem blades in deep water. Most people are likely to find a single large Colorado blade very effective, especially in the dark and dirty depths. In addition to producing a lot of vibration, the single Colorado also spins when the lure is on the descent, which can provoke strikes on a falling spinnerbait say one that is dropped off a deep ledgeor when it is retrieved in a short-hopping motion rather than on a steady retrieve.

How and Why to Add a Trailer Hook to Spinnerbaits

Tandem blades often do not do that. Keep in mind when fishing a spinnerbait deep that the size of your line may be an important factor. In shallow water, line diameter is not that critical to spinnerbait success or to effective action, but in deep water, a line with a heavier diameter may not fall as well as one with a smaller diameter, and thus tends to ride up.

Also, using a short-armed spinnerbait has an advantage for blade action as well, again especially on the drop. Therefore, a shorter arm helps with a single-bladed spinnerbait, but a longer arm is better for tandem-blade baits. Speaking of arms, heavy-duty spinnerbaits usually have a closed-loop line tie, whereas lighter duty spinnerbaits, including most models for bass fishing, have an open line tie. The latter is fine if you tie your knot directly to the lure.

While I do not recommend using a snap or snap-swivel with a spinnerbait fished for bass, many anglers use these, and this is problematic with open-line tie spinnerbaits, as the snap or snap-swivel sometimes slips onto the upper arm and fouls the lure up. Incidentally, if you use a spinnerbait for northern pike or muskies, you may be using a snap tied to a wire leader, and then you must use a lure with a closed-loop line tie.

Since heavy spinnerbaits are required for deep water, a fishing rod should be stout enough to make long casts, set the hook when a long length of line is out, and also move a good-sized fish off or out of cover if necessary. In general, baitcasting tackle is best for spinnerbait use, except when using the lightest versions for small fish. A baitcasting reel does not need a lot of line capacity for spinnerbait use, but it should be filled to capacity for the sake of casting efficiency as well as retrieval.

Since it is common to fish a spinnerbait at a moderate-to-fast retrieve, especially in shallow water, reels with a medium or fast retrieval ratio work fine; however, using a high-speed reel can lead to fishing a spinnerbait too fast on those occasions when it is necessary to fish a spinnerbait slowly. For really slow fishing, a slower retrieval ratio is advantageous, as it is difficult to deliberately fish a high-speed reel in a slow mode for long periods.

Where to fish a spinnerbait for bass, what retrieves to use, plus information about When this happens, jam the hook home fast. pike characteristically follow this lure right up to the boat, sometimes striking at boatside. Twin Willow style blades and a super-sharp hook round out the package. The vibration created by a spinnerbait can be picked up by bass from far away. How to Tie a Spinner Bait: A Complete Guide with a Step-by-Step . a fish takes your lure, too much stretch on the hookset is not going to be a.

There are a lot of good spinnerbaits on the market, including many that are made and sold within a localized area, so you shouldn't have to look far to find variety. If you keep a supply of extra blades, barrel swivels, trailer hooks, beads, and skirts save the parts of discarded lures and buy replacement skirts you can modify your spinnerbaits as necessary, and you'll be able to enhance the lure's effectiveness and increase your angling success. Ken Schultz is a fishing expert with over 30 years of experience.

Shallow Retrieving; Visible Strikes.

Start Shallow Retrieve Immediately. Get Close, Bump, and Roll. Best Seasons.

Deep Spinnerbait Use. Line, Bait Arms, and Blades.

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