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  • 20.09.2019
  • by Dashakar

I Got the Hook Up 2 () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

chris&eva - "yet..." [+4x10]

The other characters are flawed too. I hate William because he did not simply do one or two things wrong, but he did a whole shitton of things that were fucked up. He could have chosen not to have sex with her. He could have told her afterwards when she was under the impression that they were a couple. She was the one who thought she had gotten raped, but he acted like he was the victim in all this.

In s2 she was strong and independent and the minute she started to fall for willhelm she lost her strength and has yet to gain it back. I remember in season 2, whenever noora called william out on his bullshit, he would deny what was obviously true gaslighting he would belittle her valid concerns like when he called her naive after she was upset by his fighting.

Chris Berg- a beautiful, charming girl and a best friend anyone could ask for who is labeled as the funny fat friend for 4 seasons and always kept in the background plus we never get to learn very much about her.

I Got the Hook Up 2 () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Party People. Eva Belibi. . Chris Kennedy Train. Eva & Chris begging Sana to stay and Vilde & Noora saying nothing to issue as her argument against the hookup fundraising which she claimed to be a form.

Basically only around to make others feel good about themselves. Vilde Lien- a girl who is quite obviously painted as a lesbian for seasons but later forced into a relationship with her LGBT arc seemingly still continuing but never followed through. Eva Kviig Mohn- a brave, kind girl who leaves her toxic boyfriend and finds herself and new friends only for her AMAZING character and character development to be completely discarded in later seasons and then randomly shoved back into the same relationship she left behind seasons ago in the last minute with almost no explanation whatsoever.

Stop forcing your sexuality on these characters! Originally posted by dondehaypelo. JavaScript is required to view this site. She lays on the bed, pondering, before she takes her phone where she sees the accepted friend request from Noora. Saturday October 3, Jonas and Eva return from the cabin and are seen getting off the bus.

As they say goodbye, Jonas says he will call her later to which Eva replies a simple 'yeah'. Jonas notices Eva is still distant and goes in for a kiss, then continues to apologize. Jonas tells Eva he wouldn't have invited the guys had he known how important the cabin trip was.

Eva counters by saying she didn't know it was not important to him, but he argues that it's also important for him to spend time with his friends. Something that used to be important to Eva too. Eva says it is important to her, but not as important as Jonas' friends. Jonas says he said Eva could bring her friends and during an uncomfortable silence it becomes clear that it's not an easy subject. Jonas goes on to say something, but Eva finishes his sentence implying he meant to say she needs to get new friends.

Full Cast & Crew

Jonas says it's not what he wanted to say, but Eva states that it's what he's thinking. Jonas admits he doesn't know what the right answer is, and Eva advises him to be completely honest. Agreeing on honesty, Jonas says Eva is the coolest girl he knows, and he calls her pretty, sweet, smart and funny.

Russ bus party, Chris and Eva go to the back of the bus to hook up but are interrupted by a phone call from Isak who was letting Chris know the Yakuza guys had. Eva Kviig Mohn is the main character in Season 1 and a recurring character in To test the theory, Eva decides to hook up with Chris at the riot bus party. Chris and Eva - Shipname: Chriseva Mohnstad, Current Status: Ended, Intimacy Episode 1, Relationship duration: 1x06 (kissed) 2x07 (hook-up) 3x01 - 3x

Jonas says he doesn't know what the problem is, and he smiles at her encouragingly while telling her to get new friends. He finishes by saying anyone who gets to be Eva's friend is really lucky. Eva jokes about how he didn't know what to say, and Jonas claims he nailed his speech.

Eva agrees, and then they kiss. Eva then gets home and finds a note from her mom with some money. Eva then proceeds to open her computer and she goes to message Noora.

She types in several messages, including 'Congratulations on having me as a friend' and 'Hey girl! Whats up' before deleting them.

Christoffer and Eva

She accidentally sends a H and then goes to correct it to "Hi, is what I meant" and explaining the typo. Noora sends her a thumbs up emoji in return. The next Monday Eva is at school and she arrives in Spanish class. She spots Noora sitting by the window, and intends to take the seat next to her until a guy pops up and sits next to Noora instead.

Eva goes to sit on the front desk in the middle of the classroom. After Noora decides she doesn't want to sit next to the guy, she changes seats to sit next to Eva. Noora greets her with 'Hi' and then jokingly corrects to 'H' which makes them both laugh.

The spanish teacher then enters and mentions they will be working on their assignments from fall break, to which Eva asks if they had homework to do during their break. Noora confirms and mutters 'fuck' before the teacher asks her about the assignment.

eva & chris [their story] [1x1 - 4x10]

Eva is flustered so Noora leans in to whisper the answer to her, and Eva responds the answer to the teacher. When the teacher comments on Noora answering for Eva, Noora replies by saying Eva hadn't found her homework yet and that she was just helping. Noora also notes that the teacher asked the question the wrong way, and corrects the teacher. When Eva is somewhat staring at Noora, Noora explains she lived in Madrid. When Noora explains it's the reason why she doesn't have any friends, Eva smiles a bit awkwardly, before Noora asks her what her excuse is.

Eva jokingly replies 'strong body odor'. Vilde thanks Eva for last time at the revue fest. She introduces herself, saying she doesn't remember greeting Eva properly because she was a little out of it. Eva says it was nothing.

When Vilde proceeds to ask Eva if she has a Russ bus already, Vilde gets visibly excited and she tells Eva that it's perfect because they just rented a completely new bus and they really want Eva to join. Eva says she hasn't really started thinking about Russefeiring, to which Vilde clarifies that it is really important to think about it.

Vilde adds in 'I don't know what it's like in Trondheim', implying Eva is from there. Vilde continues her speech saying how Russ isn't just about Russ time but also about being social and unity. At Vilde's request, Chris pitches in explaining to Eva how Russ is to be compared with a sect: once you're in, you can't get out, and she proceds to explain that there is a collective suicide in Tryvann on the 17th of May the National Day in their graduating year, This amuses Eva.

Vilde clarifies Chris is only joking, and asks Eva if she would want to join the bus meeting Friday after school. Eva agrees eventually, and Vilde respons by saying Eva can take her friends friends if she has them. They agree to see eacho ther then, before Chris and Vilde walk on. Once they're gone, Eva asks 'What is it' when Jonas and Isak start laughing. Jonas explains what Chris was doing. She jokes about the poster, and then asks about her plans for Friday.

Before Eva can reply, Vilde walks up to them. Eva introduces Noora and Vilde. When Vilde asks her if she talked to Chris, and Eva replies she hasn't, Vilde states the bus meeting can't go on at Chris' house because her mom is having a wine reception. Vilde explains hers isn't an option either, before asking if they could have it at Eva's.

Eva agrees, but asks how many people would be coming. Vilde tells Eva there will be 3 people, given Noora declined Vilde's request to join. In the moment Chris walks up to them and introduces the three other girls to Sana. EVa and Noora exchange a look when Vilde makes a comment about Sana being Muslim and Muslims not being allowed to join a bus. When Sana inquires to when the meeting will take place, Chris asks who's hosting and Eva replies she is. Eva watches Sana walk off after explaining she will put Eva's adress in her gps.

Eva stands by as Vilde says she doesn't want Sana in their group.

Friday October 8, At the bus meeting Vilde explains her plan to the girls, but Sana soon takes the wheel explaining Vilde's plan is a waste of time. Sana mentions how they're the losers at the school and they should acknowledge that. Sana then explains they need to recruit more girls, and to do that they need to gain credibility. Sana's plan includes asking the girls if they know any '97 guys, to which an abscence of replies suggests that they don't.

Sana explains they need to find out which 97'ers have the best bus, and get themselves invited to them by hooking up with them. Sana specifically mentions the other girls, saying she herself won't hook up.

Sana then asks if any of the girls have boyfriends, and again everyone but Eva replies they don't.

Eva replies she does have a boyfriend and when Sana asks how old he is, Eva explains he is a 99'er like them. When Sana suggests her to dump him, Noora pitches in saying they can't use their sexuality in exchange for credibility.

SKAM | Eva & Chris - No Brainer 'Pretty Little Liars' Break Down Every On- Screen Hookup. 9 Retweets; 56 Likes; TheDrugInMeIsYOU · DT · Jeromy krauss · obama · Joe Scemo ?? · Chris Khaide · Benjammin Fordham · Messias. Chris Lloyd Eva called me at home this morning because the MTT hookup guys were at the building ready to put in a new fax line for the Refugee Clinic.

Sana then explains how it's their Norwegian culture, and that they should try to change it instead of critisize it. Vilde comments how it's a bit much to ask Eva to break up with her boyfriend. Sana replies saying it was just a suggestion, and that Eva can think for herself because she is not a child.

As theg group processes everything, Sana comments how she thinks the meeting went well. Saturday October 10, Eva is in bed with Jonas.

tragedian Eva May Glanville (Mary Kate), university friend David Aberdeen, fancy, later famous in his field Chris Naude, horny South African diplomat on trip to the standin vicar Hugh Patrick (Bill), possible Jamaican hookup, wife in Truro . Radio's Grammy Ticket Hookup Tuned In: Radio By Marc Schiff man Apple Caps NOT TODAY TRILLVILLE, NEVA EVA BIG TYMERS, GANGSTA GIRL MYA. MAMA CHRIS CAGLE, CHICKS DIG IT BRAD PAISLEY, LITTLE MOMENTS. A Sociology of Negative Relations Eva Illouz. Freud, Sigmund. Das Unbehagen in der Garcia, Justin R., Chris Reiber, Sean G. Massey, and Ann M. Merriwether. “Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review.” In Review of General Psychology 16, no.

She tries to wake him up by touching his face and opening his eyes. When he wakes up, she greets him and asks if he slept well. Jonas says he had a nightmare and Eva asks what it was about. He says she was wearing red cloths and that she was drunk and singing "Tonight it's allowed to be a whore". Jonas then complains about Russetiden, saying that he doesn't understand it and that it's capitalist. Eva interrupts him with "blablabla" ad then tells Jonas Sana suggested dumping him.

He asks if she did, and Eva says yes to which Jonas scoffs. He claims Eva wouldn't manage without him for a minute. He repeatedly claims she couldn't, before he leans in to kiss her.

Chris and eva hookup

Then, Eva's mother calls and Eva pushes Jonas out of her bed and out of sight. Eva's mother comes in and suggests Eva they have breakfast together. When she leaves the room, Jonas comes out and leaves.

Monday October 12, Eva is walking onto the schoolyard reading a text from her mom asking about a bad grade she noticed. Then Vilde calls for her, saying she doesn't think Sana fits their bus group. Eva says she's being a bit strict. They are interrupted by Sana and Chris who walk up to them. Penetrator Chris then walks by them and greets Eva, which confuses Sana since Eva claimed she didn't know any '97 guys. Sana explains Chris is on a bus with William, and Vilde gets excited.

When Eva asks who he is, Vilde wonders if she really doesn't know about him. She then explains William is the most handsome and coolest guy in all of third year. Sana points him out across the schoolyard, where he is walking with his friends.

Sana then asks Eva to follow Chris on Instagram. Eva asks why, and Vilde says "So you can get to know him. When Sana says that's becoming a problem, Vilde says they don't have to hook up, just know each other so that the crew gets invited to the parties their bus organizes.

Eva sarcastically says Jonas will agree and respect that. Vilde doesn't understand the sarcasm, and says "Yes! So follow him. Sana then takes Eva's phone and follows Chris, liking all his pictures. Eva takes her phone back and Sana says she should filrt with him if he texts her. Tuesday October 13, Eva, Jonas and Isak are on the bus home. Jonas asks if they'll go to Eva's, but she suggests they go to his.

Jonas informs Isak that Eva doesn't want to tell her mom they're together. When Isak asks why, Jonas says "She's embarrassed of me. She says she just doesn't want them to meet when he's lying in her bed. Eva then texts P-Chris while Jonas talks about having dinner with her mom. Eva agrees and they plan to have dinner on Friday, while still texting Chris. Eva says she's texting Vilde.

Isak wonders why she's on a bus and Eva says she just changed her mind about them. Thursday October 15, Eva joins the girls and tells them they've been invited to the Penetrators' party. Vilde and Chris are amazed, while Sana and Noora are impressed.

When they're planning how to buy the alcohol, Eva says she can take a bottle of wine from her mom. Vilde says she can't take alcohol from her house and then asks if she can share with Eva.

Sana interrupts her, saying she talks too much. Sana leaves then and Vilde complains about her, saying she is a complete psycho.

Friday October 16, The girls walk up to the party. P-Chris greets them by the door, but he only pays attention to Eva. Inside, they notice the girls from Pepsi Max are also there. Vilde goes over to greet them, and Eva asks if they weren't the girls who kicked Vilde out. Then Eva asks Noora not lo leave her becuase she thinks she will either get assaulted by Chris or killed by the Pepsi Max girls. When Noora gets a call, Eva is left alone.

She notices she has 3 missed calls from Jonas, when Chris sits down next to her. He greets her and Chris asks if the girls are party of her crew, explaining what he means asking if they are on a bus together. Party People King Roy Gotti Momo Jason Graffia Dubois Denisha Hardeman Waitress Kayla Njeri Harris Customer Kenneth Harris Customer Austin Heemtra Party People Angela Henderson Yoga Student Carlos Hernandez Detective Diaz Charlie Heydt Chet Samuels Marquire Hirl Lacey Robert Holik Customer Dylan Huang Mai Lee Elizabeth Hubbard Customer Joy Hubbard Dawyne Jean Hurst Party People Joseph Integlia Yoga Student Princess Ja'net Jackpot's Girlfriend Altonio Jackson Kokaine Tiffany Jackson Customer Jeezy Big Mo Paige Jensen Jackpot's Hoe Anthony Johnson Blue Gary 'G.

Thang' Johnson Officer Jordan Matthew Johnson College Student Matthew Johnson College Student Apryl Jones Nikki Jovante Jones Mouse Juhahn Jones Officer Phil Nico Jones Raja Brandon Joseph Doctor David Kang Office Worker Tomoko Karina Office Worker William Kelman Train Jeffrey King Party People Darius Kinney Customer Lundon Knighten Assistant Yoga Instructor Amanda Kott Party People Pannarith Koy Office Worker Krazy Troy Erika Kurihara Big Shawn Kellye Landrum Waitress Andria B Langston Bliss Ashley LaRae Heather Sara Lassner Office Worker Brett Lawrence Coffee Shop Patron Cecilia Ledesma Party People Joshua Leduc Party People Cedrick Ledutt Customer Hae Inn Lee Office Worker Jennifer Lee Party People Kenneth Lester Coffee Shop Patron Sam Levine Party People Sofia Levy Party People Tommy 'Tiny' Lister T-Lay Tekel Lloyd Keke Luenell Pam Dickerson Michelle Lynn Person Outside Store Jasmine Lyons Former Employee Keon Mack Hutch Rebecca Maddy Office Worker Erika Maki Office Worker Angela Maria Elderly Lady Sisily Marin Water Gun Girl credit only Johnny Marques Health Inspector Marlene Marquez Fine Hood Woman Kenny Martin Customer Tiana Masaniai Nurse Stacey Iamonique Mason Customer Chris Massey Customer Christopher Massey Customer Master P Black Deja Mattox Waitress Maurice Lil Gee Casey McCullum Officer Worker Anthony McKinley Stormy Camille McLucas Person Outside Store Roy Megatron Miss Peaches Alain Mesa Tito Sean Michael Restaurant patron Funny Mike Terry Miles Uncle Willy Cymphonique Miller Trish Intylyana Miller Makala Itali Miller Michelle Jisiah Miller Darnise Romeo Miller Johnny Miller Valor Miller Devin Vercy Miller Cashmere Greg Mills Customer B.

Blow Pop P. Town Moe Williams Anastasia Moglan Party People Charyse Monet Tommie Samuel Monroe Jr. Poncho Rick Montoya College Student Heston Mosher Office Worker Natasha Mosley Waitress Michael Moss Vaughn Amber Myers College Student Tanisha Nall Salon Customer Rosemary Napoli Stacey Cord Nash Coffee Shop Patron Angel Navarro Cholo Taylor Nelson Waitress Mario P.

Travis Antonia Nicholas Customer Lex Night Person Outside Store Holand Noel Person Outside Store Dan Nufer Cafe Patron Obi Nwankwo Salon Customer Yulca Oh Office Worker Christina Okolo Yoga Student Daved Olivencia


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