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  • 18.09.2019
  • by Voodoogis

How to connect ecobee thermostats SmartThings Support

ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat Install

The Wi-Fi enabled ecobee Thermostats work with SmartThings to monitor and control your home's climate. The ecobee3 can also use its own remote sensors to monitor motion and temperature in different rooms to bring you comfort where you need it. The ecobee4 brings you the power of the Amazon Dot, built in for easy voice control of your home. You first need to create an account with ecobee in order to connect ecobee Thermostats to SmartThings. Note: The ecobee3 and ecobee4 are compatible with additional room sensors, but the ecobee3 lite and other ecobee thermostats are not.

The most common wires are:.

That makes things easy, but that might not be the case with your thermostat. Double check to make sure everything is labelled correctly before disconnecting any wires. The wires coming out of the wall should look something like this:. If yours looks like this, label them and skip to Step 5.

Ecobee hookup

The most common example of this would be if you only had R, G, Y, and W wires at your thermostat. This step also requires you to crack open your HVAC system and connect something to its main control board.

Do you have an Ecobee Thermostat and only have two wires (a red and a white) and no c wire? Then this article is the easy answer to the. So you got your hands on an ecobee3 smart thermostat, and instead of reading through the installation manual (which is actually pretty good). There are two different smart thermostats that Ecobee sells; the Ecobee4 and the Ecobee3 Lite. This guide uses an Ecobee3, but the.

Relax, it sounds way scarier than it actually is. You should only remove the four wires that run to your thermostat location. Be careful when tightening down the terminals.

Standard 4 wire thermostat connections go in this side. You may have to strip the end of the wire to expose the copper inside before you attach it. You might also have to strip that end of the spare wire, too. If you need to use drywall anchors for your install and you probably willremove the back plate and install them now on your marked locations.

The Wi-Fi enabled ecobee Thermostats work with SmartThings to monitor and control your home's climate. The ecobee3 can also use its own. To install your ecobee3, follow these simple steps and you'll be done before Hire a professional installer to get your ecobee device up and running quickly. Install your ecobee3 with confidence. Follow along our step-by-step guide and videos to complete the self-installation. Check compatibility. First Things First.

With the top screw attached, you can swivel the unit to line up the level bubble between the markings, and then attach the bottom screw. When wired properly with a PEK, your ecobee3 back plate should look something like this:.

How To Install An Ecobee Thermostat With No C-Wire

Your ecobee3 installation guide has diagrams of some of the more advanced wiring options, if needed. I kid!

Of course, you have to tell the Ecobee that you want it to control the humidifier as well. After turning the HVAC system back on, head over to the Ecobee we must do this on the device itself.

Reconfigure equipment. Select Yes. We used 2 wires.

It is a humidifier. Select the right type.

How to install Ecobee4 to a 2 wires system

With the humidifier enabled, we just need to turn it on and configure the desired humidity level. This is the only potentially dangerous step.

So make sure to grab some gloves, along with the duct tape and sheet metal, if you attempt it. Remove the humidistat.

Using the humidistat bracket as a template, trace a sheet metal cutout. Grab your snips, and cut out the new cover, and drill the holes for the screws, or not the duct tape should be fine too.

Screw the plate over the hole.

ecobee smart thermostat. Backplate. Room sensor and stand. Power Extender. Kit (PEK). Drywall plugs. Screws. Install guide (this booklet), room sensor manual .

Seal all the edges. Remove the uneeded wires.

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