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  • 03.12.2019
  • by JoJojora

time lapse - Portuguese translation Linguee

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Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "speed dating" Copy. The EESC endorses the Commission's goal of further opening up the telecommunications markets to competition and boosting investment in hi g h - speed n e tw orks including all fixed, mobile and satellite technologies 3 , and its aim of furthering the Internet of the future the Internet of things and the semantic web and optimised spectrum management in the internal market, also in the context of audiovisual service digitisation. May the authorities responsible for prosecuting road traffic offences declare that the vehicle authorisations in accordance with EC type-approval issued by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt Federal Office for Motor Vehicles and the registrations issued by the German registration authorities based on these EC type-approvals are not decisive when establishing t h e speed r e qu irements to be complied with by the driver of such a vehicle type? Although there were no stu di e s dating b a ck to , therefore, the remuneration was nevertheless based on these economic principles, as had subsequently been confirmed by the benchmark study see tables 4 and 5. The EESC points out that the proposal is based on an impact assess me n t dating f r om before the economic crisis and calls on the European Parliament and the Council to request that the impact assessment be updated on the basis, not least, of careful monitoring of emissions following the entry into force of Euro 5. Furthermore, point 4. Bod 4.

Gang m. Speed nt. Schnelle f.

Many translated example sentences containing "speed dating" Czech-English dictionary and search engine for Czech translations. SAVE THE DATE FOR NEXT YEARS GTC EUROPE - OCTOBER Professional speed dating linguee can speed dating linguee increase their speed. Many translated example sentences containing "candidatura" English- Portuguese dictionary and search engine for English translations.

Schnelligkeit f. Fahrgeschwindigkeit f. Fahrt f. Empfindlichkeit f.

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Umdrehungszahl f. Aufnahmegeschwindigkeit f. Bahngeschwindigkeit f.

Many translated example sentences containing "speed dating session" German -English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Many translated example sentences containing "a speed dating" French- English dictionary and search engine for French translations. A Place to Meet People Who Share Your Values. A 17 year old girl asks: My Mom is dating again, and I'm worried that she's trying to replace my Dad. What can I.

Eile f. Fixigkeit f. Lichtempfindlichkeit f. At t h e speed dating sessionp ar ticipants [ B eim Speed-Dating wa re n im Min ut entakt Reflexionen [ During these Open Door Days, students were given information about the Young Waves MBO training programme and offered a guided tour and a chance to attend a kind o f ' speed dating ' session.

We will serve many african delicacies and beside getting to know those. Daneben tragen ein. T h e session i s r eactivated when y o u speed u p a gain.

Speed dating linguee

D i e Aufzeichnung w ird fort ge setzt, sobald Sie wieder beschleunigen. No problem: we're always looking for open-minded.

Fashion-Designer oder junge Leute, die keinen Stadtplan brauchen, um zu wissen, wo in ihrer Stadt was los ist. I have only taken part in t h e Speed Dating o u t of curiosity, just to [ The TWA proposed to discuss the following items at its next session: Short reports on developments in plant variety protection from members and observers; Reports on developments within UPOV; Developments on Molecular Techniques; TGP documents; UPOV Information Databases; Project to consider the publication of variety descriptions; Project for exchanging seed of selected varieties between interested countries; Development of regional sets of example varieties for the Test Guidelines for Rice; Discussion on.

This value is calculated on basis of the previously recorded trai ni n g sessionn ot on basis of ave ra g e speed o r o ther parameters. Dieser Wert wird nicht.

A session o f o ngoing formation an d u p - dating i s o ffered to [ T h e time lapse b e tw een the Council decision and [ The Commission takes note of this recommendation and will. This delegation considers that the Regulation may have a negative impact on the imports of organic products from third. To determine if the shipping center data follow a normal distribution, create a paneled.

T h i s time-lapse r e du ction raises the likelihood [ For the latter, t h e time lapse b e fo re the disturbance [ Interval a n d time-lapse m o vi e - to take [ Where t h e time lapse b e tw een parturition [ Miniature Effect mode is also available in movies, shooting the scene at a. T h e time lapse b e tw een commands is the delay time when [ The residence time 2 is t h e time lapse b e tw een the activating of [ Due to t h e time lapse b e tw een the debit [ Petroleum engineering relies heavily on a range of research.

Playback speed is set to 1. [ ] (real-time) to avoid time-lapse and slow-motion [ ] effects. A velocidade de reproducao. [ ] e marcada em 1. Many translated example sentences containing "speed dating" Portuguese- English dictionary and search engine for Portuguese translations. Many translated example sentences containing "speed date" Polish-English dictionary and search engine for Polish translations.

Miniature Effect is also available in movie mode, adding a different dimension to video footage by shooting. The spray can creates an LED light source and the hacked N captures.

It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote!

You helped to increase the quality of our service. On the right, you can see what was indicated [ Nesta perspectiva, [ From that perspective, we [ All finalists will be given at least four weeks to [ Manteremos [ Leia as ofertas publicadas [ Read through our current [ Then we look forward [ This proposal is key for Cyprus and [ For the purposes of the first subparagraph, Member States shall cooperate among themselves to carry out post-election checks on the [ A curriculu m vitae [ Each of these candidate countries will be judged on [


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